Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 214

Chapter 214 - Dungeon Cleared

After Morlock died, he dropped a total of four pieces of Mysterious-Iron Equipment. Everyone received a share of 34 Copper Coins and a large amount of EXP. Meanwhile, Shi Feng obtained a pair of Wind Extinguisher Leg Guards, increasing his collection of the Wind Extinguisher Set Equipment to two pieces.

Everyone on the team looked at each other with a smile after they had killed Morlock, a High Chieftain ranked Boss, with such ease. They all felt blissful from the fact that Shi Feng had joined their team.

Right now, no one on the team felt the same panic they had when they first entered the Dungeon. They could joke around with each other and had even become pals with Shi Feng. Occasionally, they would even ask Shi Feng to teach them a few battle techniques.

While Shi Feng gave out casual pointers, the team members admiration for Shi Feng gradually grew.

Under Shi Fengs casual guidance, many players in the team exhibited noticeable improvement.

Soon after, everyone arrived at the final 
throne room. Here, they met the final Boss, the Dark Warlock Salou.

[Dark Warlock Salou] (High Chieftain Rank)

Level 12

HP 500,000/500,000


Elsewhere, while Shi Feng and the others had arrived before the final Boss, Dark Stars Lone Tyrant still tangled with the first Boss of the Beastman Munition Factory, Karur. 

As of this moment, Lone Tyrant and his team had already experienced three team-wipes. Moreover, Karurs Avatar Slash had caused all three. They had not improved one little bit since their first battle.

Lone Tyrant grew hysterical at this situation. He did not know why a 20-man Dungeon would have such a huge increase in difficulty compared to a 10-man Dungeon.

After pondering for a long time, Lone Tyrant discovered the reason for their failures.

This Boss needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. However, our overall damage simply isnt enough to finish him. Unless the teams equipment is further upgraded, the possibility of clearing this Dungeon doesnt exist. Do we really have to go and upgrade our equipment before trying againLone Tyrant wore a hesitant expression as he glared at Karur.

Due to 
his previous boasting, he was now stuck between a rock and a hard place. However, Lone Tyrant suddenly came to a realization. If the damage of his own team were insufficient to deal with Karur, then the Assassins Alliance, who had poorer quality equipment, would have even less of a chance of killing Karur. At this moment, the team from the Assassins Alliance must certainly be stuck at the first Boss as well. When Lone Tyrant thought about this, his mood immediately lifted. He decided to reflect on their raiding strategy, giving the Boss another try.


Meanwhile, in the magnificent throne room of the Beastman Munition Factory

The Assassins Alliance had already 
investigated the Dark Warlock Salous skills.

Aside from Dark Arrow being Salous most basic attack, Salou was immune to all controlling effects. Salou also possessed two killing moves. One of them was a skill called 
Shadow Wound. When cast, the Boss would fire 12 Dark Arrows. Each Dark Arrow would cause -800 damage and inflict a Fear effect that lasted 6 seconds.

The other was a skill called Summon Flame Giant. The Flame Giant was a Level 12 Special Elite
 with 50,000 HP. Each Flame Giant that Salou summoned possessed Self-immolation effect that dealt -300 flame damage to all targets within a 10-yard range every second

The Flame Giant was also the 
largest hurdle to overcome when raiding the Dark Warlock Salou, as the self-immolation was an AoE DoT[1]. If any players other than MTs received -300 flame damage every second, they would last four to five seconds at most. Meanwhile, Salou would summon an additional Flame Giant every one to two minutes. Factoring in the fear effect from Shadow Wound, many players in the team would die under the combination of these two skills.

Even if this combination did not immediately kill them, with three Flame Giants running about, they would similarly end in destruction. Three Flame Giants would mean -900 total damage per second. Even Shi Feng could not last 3 seconds under this damage, much less the other players in the team.

However, if they focus
ed their attacks on the Flame Giants summoned instead, they would waste precious time. As a result, Salou would fully recover his HP due to his battle recovery. A battle of attrition like this would only end with the healers exhausting their mana and a team-wipe.

Meanwhile, after sending a group of half a dozen players to test the waters, everyone 
learned Dark Warlock Salous true strength. As a result, their hearts sunk, and their confidence wavered.

Ignoring the fact that each of Salous Dark Arrows could cause -800 damage to their MTs and -1,000 damage to everyone else, the Flame Giants
 alone were extremely difficult to deal with. After all, none of the melee players could go near a Flame Giant, and even if only the MTs tanked it, the healers still wouldnt be able to cope with the high damage. Not to mention, there was also Salous AoE skill, Shadow Wound, that would suddenly cause -800 damage.

The Flame Giant itself could cause over -300 damage to the MT with its attacks. Coupling that 
with the Flame Giants self-immolation effect, its prowess could rival that of a Boss. If they suddenly received an attack from Salous Shadow Wound in addition to the Flame Giants attacks, even their MTs might instantly die. Moreover, if they did not kill the first Flame Giant within one to two minutes of its summoning, Salou would summon the second Flame Giant. Under the simultaneous attacks of two Flame Giants, their MTs wouldnt have a chance.

With their current equipment and levels, it was impossible for them to face Dark Warlock Salou head-on in battle.

Thinking up to this point, everyones moods grew somber.

Isnt this only Hard Mode? Why is the difficulty so high? What would happen if this were Hell Mode? Stabbing Heart was similarly 
bitter after seeing Dark Warlock Salous capabilities.

The Guild Leader of the Assassins Alliance, Cruel Sword, wrinkled his brows, 
falling into deep thought.

Salous raiding difficulty was clearly much higher than the previous two Bosses. 
As expected of a final Boss, it wont be easy to clear this hurdle. At the very least, Cruel Sword did not have any good methods to raid Salou.

While everyone was discouraged 

Why dont we give it a try first? Its not like were completely helpless right now, Shi Feng suddenly said in the team chat.

Shi Fengs words were like a ray of hope.

Brother Ye Feng, can we really raid this Boss? Mu Qing blinked her 
mesmerizing eyes, her delicate body sticking close to Shi Feng as she asked.

It should be 
possible. We can only find out if we try it, right? Shi Feng merely shrugged as he spoke, his calm appearance giving Mu Qing a slight surprise.

Following which, Shi Feng gave a brief overview 
of his raiding plan.

Shi Fengs pl
an was simple. He, alone, would kite the summoned Flame Giants, while the other members of the team would focus their attacks on the Boss. In this situation, three of the four healers on the team would be responsible for healing the MTs, while the last healer would be responsible for keeping Shi Feng alive. However, this plan was very risky. Its success relied heavily on Shi Fengs ability to kite the Flame Giants. As the throne room did not provide a wide area for movement, Shi Feng needed to be mindful of his positioning. Any mistakes could lead to a team-wipe.

However, nobody rejected Shi Fengs proposal. They did not even have the slightest opinion 
about Shi Fengs plan. They had long since been convinced of Shi Fengs strength. Since Shi Feng shared his plan, he must be very confident about it. Thus, they believed that Shi Feng could really pull it off.

Water Lake, youll activate Darkness Aura. White Feather, youll activate Crusader Aura. 
Lets start the raid, then, Shi Feng said.

A Guardian Knights Darkness Aura could provide an additional 5 points Dark Resistance to allies, decreasing the darkness damage they received. Meanwhile, the Crusader Aura could increase allies Movement Speed by 10%, letting everyone have an easier time evading the Flame Giants. With these two auras, 
the team would have a much easier time raiding the Boss.

Water Lake was the first to dash at Salou. While Salou was still in the process of casting a spell, Water Lake smashed Shield of Vengeance 
into Salous face, causing -181 damage. Water Lake then followed up with Righteous Punishment, dealing -201 damage.

However, neither of these attacks had interrupted or delayed Salous chanting, 
and shortly after, a streak of dark light skewered Water Lake through the chest, causing -800 damage to him. A moment later, three Healing Lights landed on Water Lakes body, recovering over 700 HP of his HP.

After Water Lake solidified his 
grasp on Salous aggro, Shi Feng instructed the other players to initiate their attacks.

After a moment, Salou pointed his staff towards the sky. A large
, azure-green fireball descended from the sky, crashing into the throne room. Immediately, Shi Feng tossed out the Blazing Meteor at the azure-green Flame Giant, causing -621 damage and instantly becoming its main target.

Seeing the Flame Giant charging at him, Shi Feng 
spun around and fled, luring the Flame Giant away from the rest of the team. He then started circling around the hall with the Flame Giant right behind him.

As Salous HP continued decreasing, the Flame Giants he summoned also grew stronger. Unfortunately, 
Shi Feng lured away all of the Flame Giants Salou summoned, spoiling his fun.

After more than ten minutes, Salou released a resentful bellow. His body fell to the throne as he passed away.

TL Notes:

[1]DoT: Damage-over-Time.

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