Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 216

Chapter 216 - Surpassing Imagination

Beastman Munition Factory.

Boss, weve already team-wiped four times now and have lost 20% of our experience. If we are to continue to die, at this rate, 
we might not even be a high enough level to enter the Dungeons entrance. Why dont we give up?

Alright, then. Everyone, get some rest. Afterwards, well head to a 10-man Dungeon to upgrade our equipment.

Lone Tyrant currently wore a gloomy expression on his face. They had tried all sorts of methods to raid the High Chieftain ranked Boss, Karur, yet, ultimately, they still failed due to a lack of damage. Before, he had even made a solemn vow to kill Karur. Now that he thought about it, he felt that his decision had been slightly rash. Fortunately, the players from the Assassins Alliance had absolutely no chances of clearing the Dungeon. Otherwise, he would be utterly humiliated.

Just as the members of Dark Star were resting...

Suddenly, two system notifications relating to the Assassins Alliance rang out beside everyones ears.

In the beginning, the members of Dark Star thought that they had heard wrong. Hence, they quickly called up the announcement interface. The extraordinarily large and clear words proved them wrong. The Assassins Alliance had indeed obtained the First Clear of the Hard Mode Beastman Munition Factory.

Immediately, the atmosphere surrounding the members of Dark Star sunk.

Why was there such a large difference between their two teams? Werent they supposed to be stronger than the Assassins Alliance?

How could the Assassins Alliance have already obtained the First Clear, while they were still stuck at the first Boss?

Lone Tyrant felt like he had just been given two tight slaps to his face when he looked at these notifications; his cheeks felt as if they were on fire.

He felt even worse when he recalled Shi Fengs words from before.

If the nobodies that youve looked down on suddenly obtain the First Clear of the Hard Mode Beast Munition Factory a step ahead of you, then what would you all amount to?

At this moment, those words were like sharp swords, continuously slashing at Lone Tyrants pride.

Lone Tyrant truly never imagined that such a situation would occur.

However, Lone Tyrant was no fool. He did not believe the Assassins Alliance had relied on only themselves to clear the Dungeon. The only possible way they could do so was with to Shi Fengs help.

Just where did this mysterious person come from?

In reality, Dark Star wasnt the only one to have been shocked by this piece of news. When the announcement spread throughout the entire White River City region, it had grabbed the attention of many other Guilds.

The Assassins Alliances position in White River City was self-evident from the fact that their development speed had surpassed even that of a first-rate Guild. However, Dark Stars fame had recently suppressed Assassins Alliance, adding to the fact that they had not produced any significant results from the Team Dungeons, their status in White River City had become slightly awkward.

Now that they had obtained the First Clear of the Beastman Munition Factory, their fame instantly soared. This allowed the Assassins Alliance to regain their rightful reputation. From now on, their development speed would definitely be faster than before.


White River Citys Adventurers Association.

Brother Zhang! Brother Zhang! The Assassins Alliance has obtained the First Clear of the Hard Mode Beastman Munition Factory! Ling Feilong suddenly rushed into Shadows Guild Hall, announcing the news with a face filled with excitement.

In Gods Domain, as long as Guilds registered themselves at the Adventurers Association, they would be provided a free lounge for their own personal use in the various large cities. Guilds could carry out meetings and rest in this room, and they could also receive quests from the Adventurers Association.

Why are you shouting? Who doesnt know of this matter? Zhou Yuhu, who was resting in the corner of the room, rolled his eyes at Ling Feilong.

Of course, I know of this. However, there is another hidden truth to this matter. Ling Feilong shot a glance at Zhou Yuhu, before shifting his gaze towards the person sitting in the Guild Leaders seat, Zhang Luowei.

A hidden truth?

Speak. Ling Feilongs words caused Zhang Luowei, who had previously been indifferent towards this matter, to grow interested.

Ling Feilongs previous report about his efforts to recruit Ye Feng had nearly caused Zhang Luowei to lash out in anger.

Shi Feng had actually demanded to become the Guild Leader of Shadow. Did Ye Feng even place 
him in his eyes?

Moreover, he had asked for 60% of the Guilds shares. What did he take them for?

Did he really think they were fools?

Meanwhile, the most shocking thing was that Ling Feilong had actually suggested that Zhang Luowei accept Shi Fengs conditions.

Hence, Zhang Luowei now looked down on Ling Feilong, resulting in Ling Feilong receiving cold treatment within the Guild.

Brother Zhang, look at the Assassins Alliances First Clear name list! Ye Feng is among the names! Ling Feilong called out his system interface, pointing at the Assassins Alliances First Clear name list as he spoke excitedly.

So? Zhou Yuhu laughed disdainfully. If they really allowed Ye Feng to join Shadow, he would no longer need to remain in the Guild.

The Assassins Alliance is a through and through second-rate Guild. They were clearly on an expedition to clear the Beastman Munition Factory, yet, why would they suddenly let an outsider join their team? Previously, for a long time, the Assassins Alliance could not even obtain a single First Clear of a Level 10 Team Dungeon. However, they are now the first ones to obtain the First Clear of a 20-man Hard Mode Team Dungeon. 
Why is that?

This matter definitely has something to do with Ye Feng. Ye Fengs relationship with the Assassins Alliance is anything but shallow. Originally, the Assassins Alliance was only a normal second-rate Guild. However, after entering White River City, their development speed suddenly soared like crazy. They have even surpassed many first-rate Guilds. 
Again, why?

Ye Feng was the first person to enter White River City, and the White River City Guidebook is also selling like hotcakes now. There is a very high likelihood that Ye Feng sold the guidebook to the Assassins Alliance in advance, allowing them to make ample preparations beforehand. Hence, after they entered White River City, they developed with flying speeds.

Right now, Ye Feng has even helped the Assassins Alliance obtain a First Clear. Regarding fame or background, the Assassins Alliance now stands at the very top of White River City; they have even surpassed many first-rate Guilds. This is a clear proof of Ye Fengs capabilities. If Ye Feng joins Shadow, within a month, 
we can stand our own ground in White River City.

Ling Feilong had made a thorough investigation of Ye Feng, and the more information he uncovered about Ye Feng, the more frightened he became. Ye Fengs accomplishments far surpassed his imagination. This was also the reason Ling Feilong became even more determined 
to hug a golden leg like Shi Feng.

At that time, what would Zhang Luowei amount to?

What would Lan Hailong amount to?

Dont even think about it! In the future, if you ever dare to mention Ye Fengs name to me again or tell Lan Hailong about this matter, you better be prepared for the consequences! Zhang Luoweis 
countenance suddenly turned livid. With a tone filled with killing intent, he said, Ye Feng is just a clown, jumping about on the stage. The Assassins Alliance is an apex second-rate Guild with an immense background. Their Guild Leader, Cruel Sword, is even a long-established expert. He has personally nurtured the Assassins Alliance to its current status, so it is not unusual for him to produce such results. To begin with, what sort of impact could that Ye Feng even have?

In my opinion, that Ye Feng would, at best, take on the role of a bystander.

Being reprimanded by Zhang Luowei in such a way, Ling Feilong immediately revealed a fearful expression. Hurriedly nodding his head, he said, Yes, I understand, Brother Zhang. I definitely wont mention this again in the future.

Inwardly, however, Ling Feilong smiled brightly.

He was even more assured of Ye Fengs might now. After all, if Zhang Luowei did not feel greatly threatened by
 Ye Feng, why would he be so angry at the mention this expert?

In fact, Ling Feilong had long since told Lan Hailong about this matter, and Lan Hailong had instructed him to contact Shi Feng secretly once more.

Once he attained certain achievements in Gods Domain, would he still be afraid of not being able to earn money?

With wealth, would he still need to be afraid that Zhao Ruoxi wouldnt welcome his embrace of her own volition? Her family might very well obediently hand her over to him.


Just as everyone discussed the Assassins Alliances First Clear, Shi Feng had already swapped out his old equipment for the four pieces of the Wind Extinguisher Set Equipment and had arrived at the Library of White River City.

Compared to the dilapidated house used as a Library in Red Leaf Town, the Library at White River City was a true library. Not only did it possess a majestic atmosphere, but its appearance was also splendid and magnificent. It was like a 
Babylonian shrine, and it was situated right in the heart of the city.

The people 
going through the entrance of the Library were mostly nobles of White River City and mage-class NPCs. There were even some who possessed Tier 2 classes. Hence, the Library was not a place where the common folk could simply visit.

Meanwhile, Sharlyn, the Tier 3 Divine Official whom Shi Feng searched for, currently recuperated within this wealth of knowledge.

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