Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 227

Chapter 227 - Master Black Flame



Everyone who wore a mocking smile a moment before was so shocked that their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when they heard Lady Anna speak to Shi Feng. Their jaws nearly hit the floor. They swallowed the ridiculing words they had prepared as their faces turned extraordinarily pale.

Cream Cocoa was similarly shocked by this scene. However, she accepted this news relatively quickly.

This is too great! I have another chance! Cream Cocoas disappointed expression instantly shifted to excitement as she looked at Shi Feng.

Seeing Lady Annas humble attitude towards Shi Feng, even going as far as to refer to Shi Feng as Your Excellency, Cream Cocoa was sure that Shi Feng was no ordinary character. Since such a great character was willing to give her another chance, the flame of hope within her instantly ignited.

On the other hand, Melancholic Smiles current mood was the exact opposite of Cream Cocoas. At this moment, she looked at Shi Feng with a face filled with astonishment. She then shifted her gaze towards the beautiful Anna. Melancholic Smile discovered 
reverence in Annas mesmerizing bright blue eyes as she gazed at Shi Feng. Clearly, Anna was not acting. Moreover, when Anna noticed Melancholic Smiles gaze on her, she glanced at Melancholic Smile, and the reverence in her eyes instantly transformed into rage.

Melancholic Smile immediately panicked.

Its over Its over Why is my luck so terrible? Previously, I got kicked out of the Guild after offending one of its upper echelons. Now, before I have even set foot in the Starstreak Trading Firm, I have offended one of its great characters Melancholic Smiles thoughts were chaotic, and her heart was distraught. She did not know how she should explain herself to Lady Anna to get out of this mess.

Shi Feng couldnt help but smile when he noticed Annas 
furious glare and Melancholic Smiles flustered expression.

However, when Melancholic Smile noticed Shi Fengs smile, her delicate body couldnt help but tremble, dread filling her heart.

It seems that I can no longer stay in the Starstreak Trading Firm, Melancholic Smile lamented. If she had known about this beforehand, she would not have attempted to speak out of turn, interrupting Shi Fengs happy occasion. In the end, she had dug her own grave.

However, Shi Fengs following words shocked Melancholic Smile.

Anna, dont mind me and continue your evaluations, Shi Feng instructed Anna. He then shifted his sights to Cream Cocoa and Melancholic Smile, softly saying,
I will conduct both of your tests. Everyone else, continue as usual. 

Yes, Your Excellency, Anna respectfully replied.

Compared to a few days ago, Annas current Loyalty had risen from 50 to 70 points. Although it wasnt a particularly high number, it was passable. At the very least, Anna would not cause him any trouble.

Do I still have a chance? Melancholic Smile never thought Shi Feng would give her another chance. After all, she had spoiled Shi Fengs happy occasion. Logically speaking, he should have chased her out of Starstreak instead.

Following which, Shi Feng led both Cream Cocoa and Melancholic Smile up to the fourth floor of the building.

Just who is he?

Isnt he too amazing? He had actually made Lady Anna bow before him. If I could achieve a similar feat, I c
ould die without regrets.

Some of the players 
watched Shi Fengs departing figure with admiration, inwardly guessing Shi Fengs identity.

In the entire White River City, there had yet to be a single player
-owned shop. Even Ouroboros, currently most famous Guild, had not accomplished such a thing. Yet, Shi Feng had succeeded in doing just that. Moreover, he was in the upper echelon of the Starstreak Trading Firm; his position was far above Annas. So, how could this piece of news not be shocking?

Just how powerful of a backer must Shi Feng have to cooperate with the Starstreak Trading Firm?

Meanwhile, when some of the male players saw Shi Feng 
leading away both Cream Cocoa and Melancholic Smile, they inwardly cursed and called him an animal. One was not enough for him? He is practically abusing his authority! Inwardly, these male players felt both envy and disdain for Shi Feng.


Inside a forging room on the fourth floor, Shi Feng prepared five sets of materials to craft Whetstones for each of the two girls.

Looking at the materials placed on the stone table, Melancholic Smiles thoughts slightly lagged. She never thought that Shi Feng would truly give them a test and not have any unscrupulous thoughts towards them.

What is it? Have you not learned how to make Whetstones 
yet? Shi Feng asked curiously when he noticed Melancholic Smiles dazed expression.

Forging Association sold the recipe for Whetstones. Moreover, it was available for only 30 Copper Coins. Logically speaking, every player who aspired to become a forger should have learned the recipe, not to mention players who had managed to enter White River City.

Ah, thats not it! I know how to make them! Melancholic Smile hurriedly shook her head, a faint blush appearing on her cheeks. She felt ashamed of herself for completely misunderstanding Shi Fengs intentions.

On the other hand, Cream Cocoa had a much purer mind than Melancholic Smile. She 
had not overthought things like the Cleric had. However, she was still extremely nervous at the thought of having to make a Whetstone in front of Shi Feng. She felt deeply afraid that she would fail the test.

Shi Feng had given each of them five sets of materials, and his requirement was for them to achieve at least two successful attempts. However, during her time at the Assassins Alliance, Cream Cocoa could only make one or two Whetstones out of ten sets of materials.

Before you start, Ill give you two a demonstration, Shi Feng retrieved a set of materials from his 
inventory. With a wave of his hand, he started producing the Whetstone.

You are a forger as well? Cream Cocoa and Melancholic Smile asked in astonishment.

Ah, how forgetful of me. I still havent introduced myself. As Shi Feng had kept both his name and level hidden, others 
could not discover who he was. I am Black Flame, a forger.

You are the Chief Forger of Star-Moon Kingdom

You are Master Black Flame, the one that developed the Glimmer Chestplate

Cream Cocoa and Melancholic Smile immediately grew flustered. They
 would never have believed that they would meet the legendary Master Black Flame. After all, he was the person responsible for elevating the status of forgers, turning it into the most popular Lifestyle class in Star-Moon Kingdom. Simultaneously, he had also given the various large Guilds a reason to support and nurture their forgers. One could say that Master Black Flame had done every forger within Star-Moon Kingdom a favor.

What was even more unbelievable was the fact that Black Flame was actually the ordinary and detached-looking man before them. In their eyes, Black Flame should have either been a handsome young man or a strange old man. However, Black Flame did not match either description.

Although Black Flame looked different from what they had imagined, that did not stop their growing excitement. 
If this man before them was the famous Black Flame, that would explain why Lady Anna showed so much respect. It also explained how the Starstreak Trading Firm could possess items such as the Advanced Whetstones. 

Noticing Cream Cocoas and Melancholic Smiles excited and hungry gazes, cold sweat dripped down Shi Fengs forehead. He coughed dryly and said sternly, I will only demonstrate this once. If you cannot complete two Whetstones, you can show yourselves out. I wont accept you into the firm.

The two girls instantly calmed after being admonished by Shi Feng. Afraid that they would miss out on something, 
they both heightened their concentration as they watched Shi Fengs hands.

Shi Fengs actions rendered them speechless.

Shi Fengs production speed was simply too fast. Moreover, his actions were as smooth and natural as flowing water; one would easily find themselves mesmerized. Before they could react, Shi Feng had already finished producing a Whetstone.

Alright, it is your turn now, Shi Feng smiled
 calmly as he pointed the two towards the materials on the stone table.

He was already an Advanced Forging Apprentice. Even if he did not utilize the Book of Forging, he still had an 80% success rate when producing Whetstones. However, even if he succeed
ed in making one, he would not receive any additional Proficiency Points. He had only done so to test the two girls potential. After all, they were both future Master Forgers. If they could not gain any inspiration after watching him work, it proved that they had only become a Master Forger due to luck.

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