Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 235

Chapter 235 - Extreme Squeezing


Shi Fengs disguise looked extremely similar to the real deal. Moreover, the equipment he wore had also changed appearance. He now wore a complete Secret-Silver Set Equipment. On his back, he carried the Fine-Gold ranked Blood Red Longsword and Blood Red Cross Shield. Not to mention the Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild, even the Guild Leader of a first-rate Guild would find it difficult to obtain equipment as dazzling as Shi Fengs.

In addition, Shi Feng had 
completely replicated Lone Tyrants arrogant air, creating a vivid image of the Guild Leader. Right now, even if someone familiar with Lone Tyrant stood before Shi Feng, they could not tell whether he was the real Lone Tyrant or not.

The players that walked past Shi Feng involuntarily found their heads turning towards him; both envy and admiration filled the gazes they sent his way.

The glowing effect of a Fine-Gold Weapon had nearly blinded their eyes.

At this moment, Joking Scholar was still blindly searching the streets for his target, a gloomy expression portrayed on his face. However, when his eyes landed on Lone Tyrant, who was Shi Feng in disguise, his eyes flashed with a glint of excitement.

His equipment! Not even our Guild Leader compares to him! The Guild he belongs to must be very powerful! I hope he is a player from Star-Moon Kingdom. Joking Scholar made a silent prayer as he walked towards Shi Feng.

Hello! I am Joking Scholar of Twilight Echo. May I ask if Your Excellency comes from Star-Moon Kingdom? Joking Scholar asked in anticipation.

Are your eyes a decoration? Of course, I am from Star-Moon Kingdom! If you don't even know who I am, why are you even playing Gods Domain? Shi Feng arrogantly scoffed.

Contrary to expectations, not only did Shi Fengs scolding fail to anger Joking Scholar, 
but it had also made him rejoice. Immediately, Joking Scholar used an identification skill on Shi Feng.

[Lone Tyrant]

Affiliated Guild: Dark Star

reading Shi Fengs basic information, Joking Scholarly immediately started a search through the official forums for information. Very quickly, Joking Scholar uncovered most of the information available about Lone Tyrant, and his mood instantly lifted higher than before.

How careless of me! I did not expect to meet the well-renowned Guild Leader Lone Tyrant of Star-Moon Kingdom! I wonder if Your Excellency would be interested in purchasing some ores? Joking Scholar spoke unhurriedly.

Shi Feng inwardly smiled at Joking Scholars words.

Just as he had guessed, Joking Scholar was in a hurry to get rid of the ores in his hands.

Ores? Are you looking down on our Guild? Shi Feng angrily 

Guild Leader Tyrant has misunderstood me. Of course, I know that Your Excellency does not lack materials. Joking Scholar calmly said, However, what about the other Guilds in Star-Moon Kingdom? If Guild Leader Tyrant can sell a large number of ores to those Guilds at a low price, wouldnt Your Excellency make a huge profit?

At this moment, Shi Feng faked an interested expression.

Guild Leader Tyrant,
 after the recent update of Gods Domain, fighting monsters places a huge toll on a weapons durability. Hence, I believe that every Guild would be very interested in Whetstones. Meanwhile, the main material needed to produce Whetstones is Hard Stones. I just happen to have plenty of Hard Stones with me right now, and I can sell all of them to Your Excellency at a very low price, Joking Scholar hurriedly said.

Cheap Hard Stones? Shi Feng appeared even more interested now, saying,
Speak, then.

I can sell these 
Hard Stones to Your Excellency at a price of 10 Silver Coins a stack. Similarly, I can also sell the other ores I have with me for much cheaper than those found in Star-Moon Kingdom, Joking Scholar offered confidently.

You call 10 Silver Coins per stack 
cheap? Are you trying to toy with me? Do you think I have so much time to waste on you? Shi Feng growled, I will pay, at most, 5 Silver Coins a stack. Otherwise, we do not need to continue this conversation.

Your Excellency, I know how much Hard Stones 
sell for in Star-Moon Kingdom. Normally, each stack can sell for 11 to 12 Silver Coins. By reselling the Hard Stones Your Excellency buys from me, Your Excellency can still make an effortless one to two Silver Coins. Moreover, the amount of Hard Stones I have with me is by no means small. They can allow Your Excellency to make an immense profit. Joking Scholar had done his homework, thoroughly researching the prices of ores in Star-Moon Kingdom. Hence, Joking Scholar felt confident that Lone Tyrant was interested in buying the Hard Stones; Lone Tyrant was simply trying to lower the prices to maximize his profits.

Twelve Silver Coins? Shi Feng disdainfully said, That was the price two days ago. Now that everyones level is higher, the available locations they can farm Hard Stones from has also increased. It is absolutely impossible to sell them at such a high price anymore. Ill repeat myself one more time: 5 Silver Coins a stack. If you dont want to sell, then so be it.

Immediately, Joking Scholar grew flustered at Shi Fengs words. Indeed, he had investigated the ore prices in Star-Moon Kingdom two days ago. Moreover, just as Shi Feng had said, players levels rose constantly. Not only would the drop rate of Hard Stones from monsters increase, but players could also obtain quite a number from mining ores.

Take the Hard Stones Twilight Echo had gathered, for example. Twilight Echo had previously paid around 3 to 4 Silver Coins per stack while gathering the Hard Stones. If they sold them for only 5 Silver Coins a stack to Shi Feng, they wouldnt make a huge profit.

Your Excellency drives a hard bargain. How about this; what do you think about 8 Silver Coins a stack? Joking Scholar probed.

If youre not going to sell them, then forget it! Shi Feng pretended to grow angry.

Although Shi Feng stated that the prices of Hard Stones had fallen, the prices in White River City had not decreased by much. Each stack could still sell for around 11 Silver Coins right now. However, Shi Feng was in no hurry. He knew that Twilight Echo was deeply afraid of keeping the Hard Stones and having their value depreciate as time passed. Such a loss could greatly hamper Twilight Echos growth, letting the other Guilds surpass them.

Your Excellency, please wait a moment. How about 7 Silver Coins per stack? Joking Scholar hurriedly bargained when he noticed Shi Feng about to walk away.

However, his offer failed to 
halt Shi Fengs steps.

Alright, alright; 6 Silver Coins. I cant lower the price any
 further than that. Joking Scholar felt helpless at Shi Fengs unyielding attitude. However, it was simply too difficult to find players from Star-Moon Kingdom in Blackwing City. It was especially true for a Guild Leader like Lone Tyrant. If Joking Scholar could not sell these Hard Stones as quickly as possible, their value would continue to depreciate.

However, reality was cruel. Shi Feng did not halt his steps at all.

Joking Scholar started to panic now. He hurriedly ran to stop Shi Feng, saying in an urgent tone, Your Excellency! Are you really not going to consider it? Six Silver coins is already a very 
low price! You cant find such an offer anywhere else!

Cant find? Shi Feng smiled. Although Star-Moon Kingdom ranked above average 
among kingdoms that produced herbs, regarding mineral production, Star-Moon Kingdom ranked below average. Thus, the mineral supply in Star-Moon Kingdom lacked constantly. However, not every kingdom and empire was in a similar situation to the Star-Moon Kingdom.

Immediately, Shi Feng loudly yelled, Selling Hard Stones for 6 Silver Coins a stack! You definitely cant find a price lower than this!

Shi Fengs actions dumbfounded Joking Scholar.

However, many players on the street sent gazes of contempt towards Shi Feng.

Stop joking around! You call 6 Silver Coins a stack 
cheap? Even 5, Silver 30 Coppers is expensive where I come from! If you want to purchase in bulk, I can sell them to you at 5 Silver Coins a stack!

Ah! I nearly died from laughter just now! 

Many players on the street started laughing at Shi Feng.

However, the one who 
was truly embarrassed was Joking Scholar. At this moment, he felt so ashamed that he could not even raise his head to face Shi Feng. His absolute confidence from before had returned to slap him in the face.

Moreover, someone had already made an offer of 5 Silver Coins per stack. Nothing could 
have a more powerful impact than this.

How about it? Didnt you say that your Hard Stones were the cheapest? Didnt you say that I absolutely couldnt find a 
lower price than yours? Shi Feng snorted as he asked, Why is everyone offering me a lower price, then? Did you really think that I am a fool?

This is a misunderstanding! Really! Joking Scholar hurriedly said, Just like Your Excellency suggested before, how about 5 Silver Coins a stack?

Too late. Ill offer
, at best, 2 Silver Coins now. Before, I had only casually asked around on the street, and already, someone has offered me a price of 5 Silver Coins. If I ask even more people, I might even find a cheaper offer than that. There are plenty of kingdoms rich in ores. Shi Feng smiled contemptuously.

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