Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2516

Chapter 2516 Legend Of The Dark Den

As Shi Feng jumped into the air, the phantom of a gigantic greatsword encompassed his Sacred Sword. Shi Feng swung the ghostly weapon at the descending Demon Kings Hand, stupefying the spectating players who had begun to despair.

Is he really trying to block the Demon Kings Hand?! Graceful Monarch was shocked as she watched Shi Feng leap into the air.

The Demon Kings Hand had Tier 5 power. Not even the Extreme Light Shelters defensive magic array could stop that attack. At this stage of the game, this spell was unstoppable.

It was why everyone had been overwhelmed with hopelessness the moment Troubled Times had used the Demon Kings Hand.

Graceful Monarch had never expected Shi Feng to confront the Demon Kings Hand instead of fleeing. The man was simply ludicrous.

The only thing anyone could do was shake their head as they watched.

No player could hope to block the Demon Kings Hand attack; players could only flee for their lives. The moment the Demon Kings Hand appeared, however, space within several thousand yards froze. Without a high-tiered Magic Scroll, which could break through frozen space, players could only rely on their own two feet to escape.

Of course, trying to cross several thousand yards on foot in a few short seconds was a joke.

So what if you can suppress the Sentinel Shelter? Against the Demon Kings Hand, youre nothing more than a pest! Troubled Times, shrouded in a black barrier, sneered as Shi Feng tried to attack the colossal, pitch-black hand. Youll die alongside the Sentinel Shelters people!

The Demon Kings Hand was his greatest trump card. He hadnt wanted to use it, but he could just let Zero Wing get away with annihilating his team.

There was only one way to stop the Demon Kings Hand; one would have to kill the user before they shattered the black crystal. Once the crystal shattered, not only would the energy within summon the Demon Kings Hand, but it would also surround the user in a protective barrier, keeping the user safe from the wrath of the Demon Kings Hand.

By the time Troubled Times finished his statement, the phantom greatsword had collided with the descending, black hand.

The Demon Kings Hand was the size of a mountain, and although the phantom greatsword was quite large, it was little more than a toothpick against the colossal palm. It was utterly insignificant. Boom!

The instant the two attacks met, the sky shattered, and a massive spatial tear stretched for several hundred yards. The sound of an explosion echoed throughout the map, and the intense shockwave shoved back the players below, making the stumble.

Once the shockwave had passed, the watching players looked up and realized that the gigantic hand had come to a grinding halt as if it had encountered an invisible wall.

Suddenly, a figure shot down from the sky, crashing into the ground like a meteor with enough momentum that the impact created a crater that was several meters deep and over two dozen meters wide.

Everyone froze in shock.

They only snapped out of their dazes after four seconds had passed.

He did it?!

He actually blocked it!

But thats the Demon Kings Hand! Its as powerful as a Tier 5 attack! Is he even human?!

The Extreme Light Shelters players cried out in shock. For a moment, they even forgot to celebrate the fact that they had just survived the Demon Kings Hand attack.

So, that is Zero Wings Guild Leader. Astonishment flashed in Purple Rakshasas eyes as she stared at the pitch-black hand as it gradually faded out of existence.

Shi Feng was simply too strong!

She had met plenty of experts after leaving the Dark Den, but none were a match for Shi Feng. His strength was beyond words.

The Demon Kings Hand was every Dark Den players nightmare. When facing the attack, players could only wait for death to claim them. There was nothing else they could do.

And yet, Shi Feng had just stopped the Demon Kings Hand.

No one would believe her if she told them about this incident, but she had seen it with her own eyes

Is he really Black Flame? Illusory Words was just as flabbergasted. She could hardly believe what she had just witnessed.

They were talking about a Tier 5 attack!

Not even one of the outside worlds Guild Cities would survive such an attack, much less a stronghold like the Extreme Light Shelter. If the Demon Kings Hand had been successful, nothing wouldve remained of the citys defensive magic array and walls.

However, Shi Feng had blocked the attack and saved them all.

Only the Five Great Super Guilds true monsters were likely capable of accomplishing such a feat.

Impossible! How can anybody block that thing?! Troubled Times was dazed as he watched the Demon Kings Hand dissipate. His mind instinctively refused to accept the situation.

A Tier 5 Demon Kings attack could even vaporize Tier 4 players, much less Tier 3 experts. It shouldnt be possible for current players to block the attack.

But no matter how hard the Berserker rubbed his eyes, he couldnt change the fact that the gigantic, pitch-black hand was fading away. It was obvious that the hand had exhausted the energy that had summoned it, and it couldnt sustain itself on this plane of existence.

While everyone struggled with their shock and elation over the Demon Kings Hands disappearance, a figure pulled itself from the massive crater in the middle of the battlefield. It was none other than Shi Feng, who had intercepted the attack.

He was clearly in a miserable state. Not only was he heavily injured, but he also had less than 10% of his HP remaining. The Sacred Sword in his hand trembled violently as if crying in agony.

Hes not dead?

He survived?!

How high are his Defense and HP?

Everyones jaw dropped when they noticed Shi Feng emerge from the crater.

The fact that the Swordsman had stopped the Demon Kings Hand was already unbelievable, yet now, they learned that he had actually survived the endeavor.

He had just taken on a Tier 5 attack, which was even powerful enough to severely injure Tier 4 Mythic monsters if they took it head-on. Current players should have no hope of surviving such a blow.

Guild Leader!

When Blue Frost and his comrades saw Shi Feng, they were elated, and pride shown in their eyes.

They had just witnessed a legend in the making!

And their Guild, Zero Wing, was responsible for it!

Both Shi Feng and Zero Wing would become legendary names throughout the Dark Den as word of this spread.




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