Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 255

Chapter 255 - There is Only One Protagonist


Zhao Jianhuas deep voice suddenly caused the splendorous and lively venue to go silent.

Everyone present knew that, once Xu Wenqing made a decision, nobody was allowed to interfere with it. However, Zhao Jianhua actually stepped in and tried to interrupt Xu Wenqing. Suddenly, the atmosphere within the event hall turned extraordinarily intense, 
like a minefield where a single misstep could trigger a massive explosion.

In reply to Zhao Jianhuas interruption, Xu Wenqing did not speak any words. Instead, he merely stretched out his hand, halting the two bodyguards from dragging Ling Feilong away. He then returned his focus to Zhao Jianhua, his eyes carrying a questioning look. He wanted to know just what sort of reason Zhao Jianhua had for going against his decision.

Zhao Jianhua was one of the main sponsors for the Jin Hai Fellowship Party. He was also one of the directors of the Zhao Group, a major corporation in Jin Hai City. Hence, Xu Wenqing could not simply ignore Zhao Jianhuas opinion.

Elder Xu, I am the one who allowed Ling Feilong to prevent Shi Feng from entering this place. Moreover, I feel that I did not make any mistake in this decision. Please dont make things difficult for Feilong. Zhao Jianhua then added with a laugh, As for the reason why I didnt allow Shi Feng to enter, it was simply because I did not want him to continue associating with Ruoxi. Please understand my decision, Elder Xu.

Second Uncle, Ive already said that our relationship isnt what you imagined it to be! Zhao Ruoxi argued immediately, her crescent brows slightly wrinkled.

Listening to the niece and uncle pair bickering with each other, Xu Wenqing, with his many years of experience, instantly figured out 
the crux of the matter. Suddenly, he laughed and said, It is indeed good to be young. Since it is a matter between young people, then I will not intervene.

Ling Feilong immediately let out a sigh of relief when he heard Xu Wenqings words. If he were truly chased out of the Fellowship Party, then his reputation would be in tatters. Fortunately, he had Zhao Jianhua on his side. Ling Feilong 
gave Shi Feng a look that seemed to say So what if you received praise from Elder Xu? Arent I still completely fine right now?

Shi Feng merely shrugged at Ling Feilongs provocation, paying him no mind at all. Right now, his sole goal for coming upstairs was to look for the Five Demon Generals. Ling Feilong could do whatever he wanted for all Shi Feng cared. However, if Ling Feilong dared to actively seek trouble with him again, then he couldnt be blamed for respond
ing in kind.

At this moment, the elegant and handsome-looking Lan Hailong sent a glance at Zhang Luowei, who currently stood beside him.

Fellow student Shi Feng, please wait a moment. Zhang Luowei stepped forward, hurrying to Shi Feng as he shouted, I have been looking forward to meeting with Zero Wing for a long time now. I never would have thought I would get the chance to do so at this Fellowship Party. I hear that Zero Wing has plenty of experts, and each and every one of them has extraordinary skills. Fellow student Shi Feng, as a middle manager of Zero Wing, I believe that you must definitely be skilled. Hence, I wish to seek some pointers from you. We can also take it as an entertainment for this Fellowship Party. I wonder, what is fellow student Shi Fengs opinion on this matter?

Hearing Zhang Luoweis suggestion, glints flashed through 
Xu Wenqings, Zhao Jianhuas, Chen Wus, and everyone elses eyes. They felt that it was a good suggestion. However, they still chose to remain silent as this was a matter for the younger generation; it wouldnt be good for old folks like them to intervene.

Among those who showed interest in Zhang Luoweis suggestion, Zhao Jianhua was the most eager for it to take place. Zhao Jianhua knew very well how amazing Zhang Luowei was. After all, even a martial arts master like Chen Wu looked favorably upon Zhang Luowei. Within a few years, Zhang Luowei would definitely become the fighting champion of Jin Hai City. Meanwhile, if Shi Feng embarrassed himself in front of Ruoxi right now, at the very minimum, he could make Zhao Ruoxi understand how ordinary Shi Feng actually was. Once she knew that they were people of two different worlds, she might even decide to give up on her relationship with Shi Feng.

Is this going to be a martial arts competition?!

Excellent! To think that Ill get the chance to witness Jin Hai Universitys champion fighter exchanging moves with an expert from Zero Wing; the money I paid to join this Fellowship Party is totally worth it!

Anticipation started filling the eyes of everyone present within the event venue.

Hahaha! Fellow student Shi Feng, see how everyone is looking forward to an exchange between you and Luowei! It wouldnt be good to disappoint everyone
, right? You can rest assured, though, since this is only an exchange of pointers, we wont go too far in this competition. We are only doing this to liven things up at this party, Lan Hailong chimed in with a laugh. He continued, I am also a board member of Shadow, and in regard to a Guild as powerful as Zero Wing, I had always wanted to learn a thing or two from you all. I wish to take a look at the gap between us so that I can turn Shadow into a Guild that would not lose out to Zero Wing. I hope fellow student Shi Feng will not refuse this competition.

The shrewd 
Lan Hailong was very good with his words. He had made the simple competition between Zhang Luowei and Shi Feng sound as if it were a competition between Shadow and Zero Wing. Lan Hailong was clearly intending to use Zero Wing to raise Shadows status.

Originally, the protagonist for the Fellowship Party should have been Shadow Guild. However, that role had been hijacked
 by Shi Feng midway, and now, Zero Wing had become the protagonist of the event. Moreover, Shi Feng had also managed to recruit plenty of new members with good potential. Lan Hailong and Zhang Luowei naturally couldnt stomach such a scene occurring right before their eyes. Hence, they thought of using Shi Feng as a stepping stone. That way, Shadows fame at this event would instantly surpass Zero Wing.

Moreover, Lan Hailongs plans werent limited to just this 
one point. He also intended to publicize Shi Fengs loss, allowing everyone, both inside and outside of Gods Domain, to know that an expert from Zero Wing had lost badly to a player from Shadow. At that time, Shadows reputation would not lose out to Zero Wing by one little bit.

As for Shi Feng himself, he would definitely be expelled from Zero Wing after turning the Guild into a laughing stock. This could be considered Lan Hailongs revenge on Shi Feng for stealing Shadows limelight at this event.

Also, now that the event had become so lively, with so many people cheering and calling out Shi Fengs name, Shi Feng would not have an easy time declining the competition request.

How could you say such a thing? Zhao Ruoxi asked, dissatisfaction in her tone. Shi Feng is a gaming expert, not some fighting expert. What point would there be for the two of them to have a match with each other?

Immediately, many people among the audience came to a realization. Although Shi Feng was amazing inside a game, that did not mean he would be equally amazing at fighting in real life. Even if Zhang Luowei defeated him, that did not prove that Zhang Luowei was strong inside the game.

Fellow student Zhao Ruoxi, you must be joking. Gods Domain is a virtual reality game, and every aspect of the game is extremely realistic; I believe that anyone 
who has experienced combat in Gods Domain would know this. Although being good at fighting in real life does not necessarily make someone good at the game, the same cannot be said for the opposite. If one is good at the game, then it shows that they are equally skilled at fighting in real life. In fact, I know just how amazing fellow student Shi Feng is. After all, he was able to defeat Zhou Yuhu, the student who placed third in Jin Hai Universitys fighting competition. With such strength, it would be a pity for the two of them to not compete against each other. Lan Hailong smiled calmly. Contrary to his words, he had absolute confidence in Zhang Luowei obtaining victory. As for Shi Feng, although he was relatively powerful himself, he was definitely not a match for Zhang Luowei. The reason being, Zhang Luowei had already reached the standards of a professional. He was on an entirely different level when compared to Zhou Yuhu.

What?! That Zhou Yuhu was actually defeated by Shi Feng? No wonder he managed to become a middle manager of Zero Wing. As expected, Zero Wing is powerful!

Many of those present in the event hall was shocked by this revelation, their anticipation towards the competition between Shi Feng and Zhang Luowei growing even more intense.

It seems that I really cant underestimate young people. To think that he would choose to keep himself hidden despite possessing such skills. It is truly rare for a youngster like him 
to have such a humble heart, Xu Wenqing commented, his evaluation of Shi Feng rising even higher now. With such a temperament, his future achievements would definitely be extraordinary. Chief Zhao, dont you think your requirements are a little too high? You should just let the younger folk handle themselves; it wouldnt be right for us older generations to constantly stick a hand into their matters.

It cant be true, right? He managed to defeat Zhou Yuhu with a small body like that? Zhao Jianhua looked at Shi Feng suspiciously. He had a good grasp on the standards of the fighting competition held in Jin Hai University. It was also the reason why he admired Ling Feilongs achievement of obtaining ninth place in the competition.

Alright, then. Since everyone is looking forward to it so much, how could I bear to refuse? Shi Feng laughed.

Lan Hailong was still as good with words as he had been in the past.

Shi Feng had a very clear understanding of Lan Hailong. Lan Hailong was also the cause for his decade of hard work going to waste. Shi Feng remembered this point very clearly. Originally, Shi Feng had not intended to seek trouble with Lan Hailong in this life. After all, those matters had all occurred in his previous life. 
Hence, Shi Feng decided that, as long as Lan Hailong did not provoke him in this life, he couldnt care less what Lan Hailong did. Yet, Lan Hailong just had to come looking for trouble. Since it was so, Shi Feng would not remain courteous with Lan Hailong. It was also a good chance for him to rid himself of past grudges.

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