Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 267

Chapter 267 - Legendary Power


This wont do. The damage were dealing is still too low. If this keeps up, we will definitely be the ones to die. After several exchanges with Dark Knight Gaia, Shi Feng had already deduced the most likely ending of this raid. His mind immediately started churning for a solution to this problem.

When Dark Knight Gaias HP fell to 70%, everyone 
else detected that something was wrong.

The spear Gaia brandished was like a python, containing both power and agility. Gaia had a more relaxed time responding to everyones attacks now, successfully blocking and rendering many of the attacks sent at him ineffective. Currently, Gaia was like the reincarnation of the spear god.  

Dark Knight Gaia abruptly swept his spear in a circle, sending Shi Feng and the others, who were attacking his back, flying. Shi Feng reacted quickly and used Parry without hesitation, preventing any harm from 
reaching him. Unfortunately, everyone else in the team was not as quick to react. As a result, each of them received over -2,000 damage from the attack, suddenly increasing the burden placed on the healers.

Meanwhile, the main target of Dark Knight Gaias attack, Cola, had to retreat a handful of steps before stabilizing his body. A frightening damage of -4,300 also appeared above his head.

Guild Leader, the Boss is getting more powerful the longer we fight! I dont think I will last long if this situation continues! At this moment, the Guardian Knight, Cola, was no longer as calm and composed as he was before.

Currently, the Dark Knight Gaia would deal around -3,000 damage each time he attacked Cola. If the Boss triggered a critical hit or used a skill, he would deal over -4,000 damage. Even if Cola had over 7,000 HP, the pressure placed on him was huge. His HP constantly hovered 
around the safety threshold, which was a very dangerous situation.

This was exactly where the Dark Knight Gaia excelled. The longer he 
foughtthe braver he got.

On the surface, Dark Knight Gaia did not
 seem to use any major skills. However, in reality, he had been using them constantly.

Blood Rage. With this skill, the longer Dark Knight Gaia battled, the higher his damage would become. His Attack Speed would 
also rise as time passed. Just this skill alone was already sufficient to make any team that dared challenge him kneel and accept defeat.

In addition, Dark Knight Gaia also possessed an AOE skill, Blood Domain. The skill had an effective area of 100 yards. When used, a Blood Demon would spawn behind all enemies within 
this range. These Blood Fiends each had 10,000 HP. Contrary to expectations, these Blood Fiends would not attack players. Instead, if these Blood Fiends came within 3 yards of their locked target, they would self-destruct. The resulting explosion had an effective radius of 20 yards, and in Hell Mode, the explosion would deal -2,000 damage.

However, due to Shi Fengs quest, the current Boss the team faced was an enhanced version of the Hell Mode Dark Knight Gaia. Hence, Shi Feng did not know how much damage the Blood Fiends would deal if they exploded; it was 
bound to be more than -2,000 damage.

If they could not deal with these Blood Fiends quickly, le
aving the monsters to self-destruct without control, the end result would, without a doubt, be a team-wipe. Yet, if everyone were to run around the hall while having the Blood Fiends chase after them, it would disrupt the teams formation; any mistake made during this confusion would easily lead to a team-wipe. Hence, the moment these Blood Fiends appeared, they needed to deal with them within the shortest amount of time possible.

Just depending on the Blessing of Holy Light wont be enough to deal with this Boss. If we cant increase our damage output, we will die sooner or later. Shi Feng took a look at the Mana levels of the four healers and discovered that all of them only had around half remaining. However, Dark Knight Gaia still had 65% of his HP left. If this situation continued, they wouldnt be able to last until the end. Not to mention, Dark Knight Gaia hadnt used Blood Domain yet. At that time, the burden on the healers would definitely be huge.

Brother Feng, well definitely be team-wiped if this continues! Should I use Stars of Light now? Blackie secretly sent a private message to Shi Feng.

Stars of Light was the most powerful skill of the Epic ranked staff, Maviss Guard. Its might surpassed even that of a Tier 2 spell. It was a spell that could devastate both heaven and earth. Unfortunately, this powerful spell had a Cooldown time of half an hour. Hence, it was a trump card that could only be used once in a Boss battle.

As a result, whenever Blackie was in a party together with Shi Feng, he would always seek Shi Fengs advice, letting Shi Feng decide when he should use the skill.

No, its still too early for it. Shi Feng had long since planned for Blackie to use Stars of Light when Gaia used Blood Domain. The might of the skill would instantly evaporate the Blood Fiends that spawn.

Yet, if they did not use the skill now, they might not even survive to see Dark Knight Gaia use Blood Domain.

With two difficult options at hand, Shi Feng was at a loss which to pick.

In the end, we still arent strong enough. Shi Feng smiled bitterly. Even though their team was already so powerful, it was still not enough to clear this quest. Shi Feng truly did not know how those players in the past had managed to complete this quest.

However, it was also a fact that the players had already completed their Tier 1 class promotion when they completed this quest. With a team of Tier 1 players with top-tier Level 20 equipment and weapons, it would be a 
simple walk in the park for them to conquer the enhanced Hell Mode of the Demons Castle.

Also, even if nobody in the team had reached Level 20, if everyones weapons and equipment were of Dark-Gold rank or above, Dark Knight Gaia would still have no choice but to submit to them.

To put it bluntly, they were lacking in preparations.

As expected, our current equipment is still too weak. Shi Feng could not help but lament as he watched the Boss getting stronger as time passed.

Suddenly, however, a flash of realization came to Shi Feng.

Thats right! If its equipment, dont I have the Fragmented Legendary item? Shi Feng thought of the ring that had been left asleep inside his bag.

The Heavenly Dragons Breath. As a Fragmented Legendary item, it possessed the strength to change a players Tier. Yes, Tier, not Level.

Previously, Shi Feng had never managed to reach the requirements of the Fragmented Legendary item. Now, however, he had already achieved it.

[Heavenly Dragons Breath] (Ring, Fragmented Legendary Rank)

Equipment Requirement: Strength 200, Agility 200, Intelligence 120

Strength +40%, Agility +40%, Intelligence +30%, Endurance +30%

Movement Speed +20%

Attack Speed +30%

Ignore Levels +10

All item level requirements reduced by 10 Levels.

Additional Skill 1: Dragons Authority. Suppress all enemies in the surroundings with the might of the Heavenly Dragon, inflicting the Fear status onto enemies within a 30-yard distance, reducing their Attack Power by 20%, Attack Speed by 20%, and Movement Speed by 20% for 1 minute.

Cooldown: 3 minutes

Additional Skill 2: Dragon Breath. Inflicts 6X damage in a 30*5 yard line in front of you. There is a 20% chance to induce the Fainted state for 2 seconds.

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Additional Skill 3: Heavenly Dragons Power. Allows the user to temporarily possess the power of the Heavenly Dragon, increasing HP by 300%, Strength by 100%, and Defense by 300%, and grants immunity to all controlling effects for 2 minutes.

Cooldown: 3 hours

The Dragon Slayer Mekaseru once owned the Heavenly Dragons Breath. It was originally a Legendary Ranked Item possessing the suppressed strength of the dragon tribe. Due to damage resulting from a war between Gods, its might has greatly decreased. However, the Heavenly Dragons Breath possesses an incomparably strong magic power and possesses the potential to restore itself. Its past glory may be restored with three Magic Stars and one Dragons Heart. Current restoration (0/4).

[Blessing of Holy Light]

Increases all Attributes by 200 points.

This blessing had allowed Shi Feng to instantly surpass the daunting requirement of having 120 Intelligence.

Without wasting any
 more time, Shi Feng immediately retrieved the Heavenly Dragons Breath from his bag.

The instant he wore the ring, he immediately felt
 it transmit a boundless power into his body. Not even the Blessing of Holy Light could compare to this power.

Good. The raid officially starts, now!

Shi Feng looked at the silver dragon-shaped ring on his finger, a smile on his face. Whether it was his past life or his present life, this was the very first time he was feeling the strength of a Legendary item, even if it was only a fragment. He then shifted his gaze towards Dark Knight Gaia, his eyes abruptly focusing.

Dragons Authority!

Instantly, everyone felt Shi Fengs transformation. They could feel the might of an ancient dragon coming off him, and even their souls quivered in the face of this power.

Meanwhile, as if stuck in a deep quagmire, Dark Knight Gaias movements turned sluggish. Gaias Attack Power was greatly reduced as well, letting Cola gain a breather. Cola no longer felt overwhelmed by Gaias attacks, and he could even dodge the Bosss attacks now.

It wasnt just limited to Cola. Everyone else started attacking with greater efficiency as well.

Originally, they were on the verge of being team-wiped. Yet, the situation suddenly had a huge change. It was simply unbelievable.

What happened? Aqua Rose was shocked.

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