Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 302

Chapter 302 - Strong Capital

Shi Feng had used the name of Black Flame when he uploaded his post. Hence, just a few minutes after the post when live, it had already received a massive amount of visitors. The number of replies easily passed ten thousand. Shortly after, the post had been automatically pinned at the top of the forums by the game officials, and there was also an additional bright red War  tag on the post.

This single word was eye-catching.

Meanwhile, due to Shi Fengs post, the originally crestfallen Guild members fighting spirits immediately reignited, and they hungered for Dark Stars death.

Moreover, the video of Dark Stars ambush of Zero Wing had also shocked its viewers. The video allowed everyone to understand that even players could become so powerful. When the Stars of Light descended, the scene seemed as if the world was coming to an end, and within an instant, hundreds of players had been vaporized. Even players outside of the spells damage range were not spared as the wind generated by the spells impact sent them flying.

Seeing the power of this skill, everyone finally understood why Blackie had such a high Level.

While everyone else struggled to kill a single monster, Blackie could simply lure several hundred monsters and kill all of them with a single move. How could anybody hope to compare to such a leveling speed?

After watching this video, countless players started dreaming of the day that they, too, could possess such power.

Such a skill was far more useful than any piece of quality equipment.

Dark Star, just you wait! I will kill everyone who tries to block our way!

Thats right! Brother Black and Sister Dance are waiting for us right now! How can we be so shameful? Arent they just 6,000 monkeys? Even if I have to die ten times over, I will extinguish Dark Star!

The members of Zero Wing all released spirited battle-cries as they glared at the members of Dark Star blocking their path.

As long as Aqua Rose gave the command, they would charge and take action.

However, just as they turned their gazes to Aqua Rose, Zero Wings Vice-Leader, Shi Fengs voice suddenly dominated the Guild channel.

Im sure everyone is clear about what has happened today. Dark Star has declared all-out war against us, and they wish to wipe our names from White River City. Although we, Zero Wing, have just started our journey and the member count of our Guild cannot compare to the other Guilds in White River City, Dark Star has actually started a war with us, thinking that we are easy to bully. What do you all think we should do about this?

Kill them all!

Thats right! Why should we fear fighting back?! Now, lets show those bastards that, if they wish to swallow us whole, 
they should prepare to lose a few teeth!

Since everyone is going to try their best, as the Guild Leader, I cannot be stingy. Before the battle, I sent for someone to retrieve some battle tools stored inside the Guild Warehouse. Everyone should now look for Vice-Leader Aqua Rose for your share. Also, for those who participate in todays battle, you will gain 10 Guild Points for each enemy you kill. Those who manage to accumulate 10 kills will be rewarded one piece of Secret-Silver Equipment; while those who kill 50 will get a piece of Fine-Gold Equipment! If you manage to kill 100, you will even receive a Private Room in the Guild Residence! Even if you die in battle, you will still receive 10 Guild Points as compensation!

The moment Shi Feng finished his monolog, everyones hearts beat fervently, and their eyes glowed with excitement.

Zero Wings administration was very thorough, and one could only use Guild Points to exchange for items from the Guild Warehouse. However, it was extremely difficult for members to earn Guild Points. If converted to Coins, each Guild Point was worth around 30 Copper. Meanwhile, trading them for a Level 10 Bronze Equipment required 30 Guild Points, which would be 9 Silver Coins. Currently, Level 10 Bronze Equipment only sold for around 7 to 8 Silver Coins on the market. To put it simply, it was not a worthwhile exchange. It was also for this reason that another batch of players had withdrawn from the Guild.

In fact, this was something Shi Feng and Aqua Rose had already taken into consideration.
 If the Guild sold equipment cheaper than market price, then many members would try to take advantage of this fact to trade for Guild equipment to resell elsewhere. They could then use the money to buy Guild Points again. Hence, the high prices were set to prevent an outflow of Guild equipment and items.

However, after the emergence of the Guild Residence and the additional benefit of renting Private Rooms, everyone in the Guild no longer had a disfavorable opinion of the Guilds administration. On the contrary, they all felt that the administration was extremely fair.

Private Rooms were something ordinary players dared not even dream of obtaining in other Guilds. After all, the land in White River City and each Guild Residence could only contain a limited number of Private Rooms. Meanwhile, the higher-ups of the Guild would surely occupy these rooms. Ordinary members would never be able to enjoy this benefit. Yet, Zero Wing had defied all expectations and actually opened up a few Private Rooms for ordinary members.

Ordinary members of Zero Wing could actually rent these Private Rooms for a low cost of only two Guild Points per day.

Although the price was slightly higher than staying a night at a Hotel, unlike Hotels, one could accumulate Double EXP buffs from Private Rooms. With this feature, it was definitely worth spending a few extra Copper Coins.

The members present in this battle also heard of the benefits provided by other Guilds. Although other Guilds also provided rewards and compensation to its members for killing and dying in battle, the amount offered was far worse than Shi Fengs.

Ten Guild Points equalled 3 Silver Coins 

There were 3,000 members participating in this battle. If each one of them managed to kill one enemy, the total Guild Points awarded would be the equivalent of 9,000 Silver Coins or 90 Gold. This was a massive sum of money. Moreover, Shi Feng also promised to compensate for each Guild members death. At the very least, he would have to spend over 100 Gold.

If converted to Credits, 100 Gold would be worth over one million.

This situation reaffirmed everyones confidence in Zero Wings financial resources and background. With such great benefits, powerful financial resources, and most importantly, such an amazing Guild Leader, was it possible for such a Guild not to grow powerful?

Even if I have to die, Ill still drag at least ten guys with me!

Humph! Dont you have any ambition? Didnt you hear the Guild Leader say that he would reward those who manage to get 100 kills with their own Private Room?

You have to be capable of actually doing that first

Have you not seen how easily Brother Black and Sister Dance managed it?


The momentum pushing the Guild members to kill their enemies was stronger than ever now. Although the Guild would only rent out not sell, any of the Private Rooms, one could imagine how much a Private Room would cost. It was definitely not something worth a measly 1,000 Guild Points.

Although their chances of actually killing 100 people were slim, there was still a small possibility. Naturally, they would fight for that glimmer of hope.

Everyone, come to me to receive the Frost Grenades. Each person will only get two. Party leaders will get three Frost Grenades and one Tier 0
 Attack or Defense Magic Scroll. Team leaders and vice team leaders will receive five Frost Grenades and one Tier 1 Magic Scroll. After Shi Feng finished his speech, Aqua Rose started distributing the supportive tools to every Guild member.

In order to display Zero Wings might to everyone in Star-Moon Kingdom, Shi Feng bled his pockets dry this time. He retrieved all the 
supportive tools from inside the Guild Warehouse for this battle.

The moment everyone received the supportive tools, everyone felt even more certain of their victory over Dark Star. Just by arming all of them with a single Frost Grenade, they could easily force Dark Stars 6,000 members to eat a huge loss. Adding in the control effect of the Frost Grenades, their chances of defeating these 6,000 players increased by at least 30%.

Vice-Leader Aqua, how should we fight? Well all listen to your commands!

Thats right! With these tools of war, I can easily kill over ten people and earn a ton!

One hundred people, here I come! Lets hope that those bastards dont run away!

Everyone started joking around as they felt confident in defeating Dark Star now.

Since everyone is ready, follow me. Aqua Rose nodded. The next moment, however, she turned around and ran in the opposite direction of the Silverleaf Forest.

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