Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 318

Chapter 318 - Blood Hand

Shi Fengs return immediately attracted the attention of the various powers in White River City.

When these powers learned about Shi Fengs return, in addition, his blood-red colored name, they knew that Dark Stars encirclement had failed.

Dark Star had dispatched over 10,000 members during this encounter. Yet, they still failed to annihilate Zero Wings core members. This conclusion had greatly boosted Zero Wings fame. Moreover, Lone Tyrants death at Shi Fengs hands had also been a huge blow to Dark Stars reputation.

Excluding World Dominators, which had already been eliminated from the competition for the dominance over White River City, Dark Stars current reputation ranked at the very bottom of the top six Guilds of White River City. As a result, many players who had originally intended to join Dark Star now had their sights on Zero Wing instead.

As things stood, it was only a matter of time before Zero Wing surpassed Dark Star.

After escaping the attention of the passionate players surrounding him, Shi Feng immediately draped a Black Cloak over his shoulders, covering his face and hiding his name. He then hurried towards the Adventurers Association of White River City.

On the way, Shi Feng contacted Aqua Rose and had her bring around 60 core members to the Adventurers Association to meet up with him.

Twenty minutes later, Aqua Rose showed up at the entrance of the Adventurers Association with the requested Guildmates.

Every one of these core members wore equipment that was Mysterious-Iron rank and above. Among them, many possessed Secret-Silver Equipment. The group looked dazzling when they stood in front of the entrance, invoking the envy and admiration of many passing players.

Although Dark Stars ambush and the battle with World Dominators had significantly damaged Zero Wing, fortunately, the Guild possessed a relatively large stock of Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Equipment to compensate for the loss. Only, some time was required to regain the lost Levels.

Meanwhile, Aqua Roses group consisted of players that had been busy raiding Dungeons while the Guild War had taken place. They had not been able to make it in time to help.

Big Sis Aqua, why do you think the Guild Leader called us here? a female Cleric called Snow Goose asked curiously.

Isnt it obvious? Dark Star caused us trouble, picking a fight. Our Guild Leader obviously wants us here to plan our payback, a Berserker said, laughing.

Thats great! The Dungeon we raided before was too far away, so we couldnt join in the Guild War. Now, Ill get to teach those bastards from Dark Star a lesson! Snow Goose giggled as she waved her delicate fist around.

Watching this scene, Aqua Rose could not help but laugh, saying, Snow Goose, arent you a little too aggressive? Although the Guild Leader hasnt expressed his plans for us yet, I feel that he called us here for something else. Otherwise, if we start a war against Dark Star with the few numbers we have here, we wont even fill in the gaps between their teeth. Stop guessing blindly. In any case, well know what he wants us to do soon enough.

Hearing that their Guild Leader had called them here for something else, Snow Gooses mood dampened slightly. The others also revealed disappointed expressions.

Shi Feng finally arrived after Aqua Rose and the others had waited at the Adventurers Associations entrance for a short while.

Guild Leader, why are you still wearing a cloak? Are we not allowed to expose ourselves in this operation? Should we leave and sneak back over here? Aqua Rose could not help her confusion when she saw Shi Feng hiding his face. At this moment, Shi Feng looked like a wanted criminal who was afraid of being discovered.

I hadnt intended to use it. However, being too famous doesnt help me either. If I removed my cloak, I dont think I will get further than the front door of the Adventurers Association, Shi Feng said, laughing bitterly. Forget about it. Invite me to the team and lets get down to business.

From Shi Fengs brief explanation, Aqua Rose imagined the comical scene of a horde of players mobbing Shi Feng. Involuntarily, Aqua Roses lips hooked up into a bright smile. 
The dignified Guild Leader of Zero Wing had been fearless even against an army of thousands. Yet, now, he was actually afraid of his fans enthusiasm.

After Aqua Rose invited Shi Feng to the team, she passed the team leader position to Shi Feng.

After becoming the leader of the team, Shi Feng immediately examined everyones Level, and he could not help but feel proud at what he saw.

A majority of the team was Level 19, while a small portion had already reached Level 20. This was unimaginable in any other Guild. As the various large Guilds competed over the First Clear of the Three Great Dungeons, naturally, they would not hurry to level up.

In truth, the Guilds actions were similar to putting the cart before the horse. Although obtaining the First Clear of the Three Great Dungeons was important, Gods Domain worked differently from other MMOs. If players paid too much attention to their gains and losses during the early stages of the game, they could easily miss other opportunities.

Take the promotion to become a Tier 1 class for example. Level 20 Dungeons specifically catered to Tier 1 classes. The only reason Fire Dance and the others had managed to clear Level 20 Dungeons was mainly due to the excellent equipment they possessed. Otherwise, it would have been extremely difficult to achieve such a feat.

Not to mention, there were still the 50-man and 100-man Level 20 large-scale Team Dungeons.

Hence, the earlier they completed their Tier 1 promotion, the better their chances were of obtaining the First Clear of the 100-man Team Dungeon.

The only benefit of obtaining the First Clear of the Level 10 Three Great Dungeons was fame among players. By obtaining the First Clear of a Level 20, 100-man Team Dungeon, however, not only could they increase their fame, but they could also encounter a great opportunity.

Lets head to the second floor, Shi Feng said in the team chat.


Normally, nobody visited the second floor of the Adventurers Association.

This place did not receive individual Guild players. Instead, this place was exclusive to Guild teams.

Sister Aqua, why do you think the Guild Leader has led us here? Snow Goose asked curiously.

I dont know. Aqua Rose shook her head. She, too, could not
 see through their Guild Leader, Shi Feng. However, it was precisely because of this that she had chosen to join Zero Wing. She then continued, However, this is where Guilds come to take on large-scale quests. I wonder what kind of great quest the Guild Leader plans to accept?

At this time, Shi Feng sat in front of the VIP counter. With a smile, the beautiful receptionist behind the counter asked, Lord Viscount, how may I be of service today?

I wish to take on a Guild Crusade Quest, Shi Feng requested.

Okay. However, as the Zero Wing guild is only a 3-star Guild, there are only four locations available for a crusade. May I know which location Lord Viscount desires?

The receptionist listed the four locations. They were rather remote towns, barren wastelands. However, dark forces occupied each location. Without two to three thousand Level 30 Tier 1 players, one should not even consider capturing it.

Of course, this was only in the case for attacking normally. If it were a crusade, however, the difficulty of capturing the town would significantly decrease. Even so, it was still extremely difficult. If one attempted to capture these towns with only 100 players around Level 20, it would be suicide.

Creek Town, then. Shi Feng was very familiar with the Crusade Quests available in White River City. He chose Creek Town, which was occupied by the Blood Hand Association, without hesitation.

Among the many dark forces 
in the White River City region, the Blood Hand Association was one of the weakest and smallest powers; it ranked at the very bottom. Taking on any of the other three locations, each of which was controlled by lower-middle class dark forces, would be nothing more than suicide for Shi Feng and his team. They would have no chances of successfully capturing the town at all.

Okay. A 1-star Crusade Quest will require a deposit of 30 Gold Coins. If the quest is not completed within five days, then the deposit will not be refunded.

Snow Goose, who currently stood behind Shi Feng, widened her delicate mouth in shock when she heard the requirement of a 30 Gold deposit.

Just what kind of quest was this? To think that they actually needed to pay a deposit before accepting the quest. Moreover, the deposit was even 30 Gold Coins!

Big Sis Aqua, what kind of quest is that? It actually needs 30 Gold Coins! Even if I sold myself, I still wouldnt earn so much money! Snow Goose said, stunned.

Snow Gooses words left everyone speechless.

Shi Feng, on the other hand, merely revealed a calm smile as he paid the 30 Gold Coins deposit gladly. He then said in the team chat, This is a Guild Crusade Quest. Unless one becomes a true noble of White River City, they cant even accept such a quest. Moreover, 30 Gold Coins is actually very cheap.


Everyone was truly speechless this time. At this stage of the game, 30 Gold Coins was practically the maximum a third-rate Guild would possess. If they could not complete this Crusade Quest, those 30 Gold Coins would be gone forever. 

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