Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 329

Chapter 329 - You Dont Have a Choice

Shi Feng could not stop his smile when he heard Aqua Roses words.

In actuality, it would be a simple task for Shi Feng to let Zero Wing fully occupy the top 100 spots on the White River City Ranking List. The only reason he had not done so yet was that he was afraid of attracting too much attention and the publics 

After all, Zero Wing was currently only a small Guild. If a small Guild like theirs overstepped their bounds, every Guild in White River City would most likely team up and retaliate against them.

, Zero Wing was no longer a weak Guild. Even if Zero Wing pulled such a huge stunt, it would only shock the other Guilds; they would not feel insulted or humiliated.

Hence, Shi Feng made no attempt to stop his Guild members actions.

The Ranking List was the only glory for Lone Tyrant. Even if he had to exceed 
the Level 20 limit for the First Clear of the Three Great Dungeons, he still had to maintain his position within the top ten of the Ranking List. Lone Tyrants obsession with the Ranking List was apparent.

Gentle Snow, on the other hand, was different. To secure the First Clear of the Three Great Dungeons, Gentle Snow had frozen her experience bar at 99.99% of Level 20. She paid absolutely no attention to the Ranking List at all.

After all, her title of Snow Goddess had originated not from her high Level, but her 
strength instead.

However, Lone Tyrant was not like Gentle Snow. He had relied solely on the Ranking List to gain the fame he currently possessed. It was why he worked desperately hard to maintain his spot within the top ten of the Ranking List.

Although Shi Feng had killed Lone Tyrant once already, robbing him of a level, he had managed to recover the lost EXP quickly. After all, he had large groups of players to help him level up. Currently, he had once again reached Level 21, though he still required large amounts of EXP to reach Level 22.


While Aqua Rose and the others swiftly leveled from killing the NPCs of the Blood Hand Association, 
the Cleric, Snow Goose resurrected Absolute Heaven.

At this moment, Absolute Heaven was overcome with 
disappointment. Not only had he lost most of the items he had on him, but he had also fallen to Level 16. He no longer possessed the high spirits he had before.

Ive won this bet of ours. Do you have anything to say? Shi Feng asked lightly as he looked at the crestfallen Absolute Heaven.

Absolute Heaven glared at Shi Feng, clearly irritated, before turning his head away, tacitly agreeing to Shi Fengs words.

Hehe, it seems that someone is pouting after losing. What an unmanly person, Snow Goose softly muttered contemptuously after discerning the general situation.

Absolute Heaven was suddenly livid upon hearing her comment. When all was said and done, he was still a top-tier Assassin. Although he was not a well-known expert, he was still a man of his word. Now that a female player ridiculed him, how could he possibly be happy? Reluctantly, Absolute Heaven muttered in a low tone, I I lost. Say it, then. What do you want me to do?

What is up with your attitude? Youve clearly lost, yet, you still sound like an aggrieved woman. Youre making it seem as if our Guild Leader is a bully, Snow Goose added.


Absolute Heavens complexion alternated between flushed red and pale white, his blood boiling. He very nearly vomited blood out of anger. Never in his life had he been so greatly humiliated before. However, with Shi Feng standing beside her, Absolute Heaven simply could not do anything to this infuriating girl. Before he died, he had not been a match for Shi Feng. Now that he had fallen to Level 16 and lost most of his items, it was impossible for him to escape Shi Fengs grasp.

At this moment, Shi Feng spoke, Alright, Snow Goose. Absolute Heaven is a top-tier expert Assassin. If you continue speaking of him this way, his little heart might not handle it. No matter what, you should at least show him some respect.

Oh! Snow Goose smiled and nodded.

Absolute Heaven nearly fainted from anger.

Seeing Absolute Heavens ashen complexion, Shi Feng smiled faintly and said, Since youve acknowledged your loss, Ill make it simple. I dont need you to do anything difficult. Just help me collect all the information relating to Underworld in Gods Domain.

Youre insane! Thats Underworld youre talking about!
 If they find out that I leaked important information, they will hunt me down! Absolute Heaven never thought that Shi Feng would actually aim for such a thing.

Oh? I didnt think you would really have such information. The Assassins reaction surprised Shi Feng. His demand had only been casual. After all, Absolute Heaven was only an outer member of Underworld. How could he possibly possess all the important information relating to the organization? 
Logically, only those belonging to Underworlds middle management or above should possess the information he was looking for.

Absolute Heaven was momentarily stunned. Immediately after, he bellowed, Black Flame, you deceived me!

Absolute Heaven had always thought of joining Underworlds core upper management. Hence, he had collected plenty of information regarding Underworld so that he would have an easier time climbing the ranks of the organization. After becoming an outer member, he had met with Feng Xuanyang through South Wolfs introduction. Feng Xuanyang even gave him one of the reserved spots for becoming an Underworld Guard after learning of his skill. With his new status as an Underworld Guard reservist, Absolute Heaven managed to obtain even more information about Underworld in Gods Domain.

Yet, Shi Feng had played him so easily.

Since you have the information, hand it over to me. Shi Feng was extremely interested in discovering Underworlds situation in Gods Domain. After all, he had provoked Feng Xuanyang. Who knew what Underworld would try in the future? Without knowing anything about his enemy, Shi Feng could not take appropriate measures. However, if he possessed inside information about the 
organization, the situation would be greatly different.

One who knows his own strength and that of the enemy is invincible in battle. If Shi Feng had not possessed his advantage of being a reincarnated person, Dark Star, the Guild controlled by Underworld, would have long since eliminated both him and his Guild. Hence, Shi Feng had to take preventive measures against Underworld.

Only, Shi Feng had not expected this boon to arrive so quickly.

Originally, Shi Feng had only intended to toy with Absolute Heaven for a little bit before changing his condition. His actual goal was to have Absolute Heaven report Underworlds movements within the White River City region. Now, however, things had become far simpler. He could obtain all information regarding Underworld in Gods Domain directly.

No. I absolutely will not agree to this. Underworld far surpasses your imagination. You have no idea what you are going up against. I urge you to change your request. This is not just about me. You, too, would be better off without knowing anything. Why create trouble for yourself? Absolute Heaven said resolutely.

It turns out that even a top-tier expert will renege on his word. It seems that I have misjudged you, Shi Feng sighed.

Guild Leader, I could tell that he was a scoundrel that would break his promises with a single glance. Whats the point of wasting your time arguing with him? Lets just do away with him. Kill him every time he revives. After we kill him to Level 0, lets see how he can survive in Underworld, Snow Goose suggested, sporting a cheeky grin.

You! Snow Gooses suggestion left the Assassin utterly speechless.

Kill him every time he revived? Was this girl really a Cleric? Could she be a demon disguised as a human instead

Snow Goose, how could you speak like that? As a girl, you should act gently and reserved. Kill him every time he revives? Thats simply too cruel. What will you do if you terrify him? Shi Feng could not help but reprimand the cheeky little girl. At most, well upload the video recording the previous fight and our dialogue to the forums. It will be fine as long as we reveal this to everyone.

Youre right, Guild Leader! Snow Goose applauded cheerfully.

As long as the video of the battle went viral, not only would everyone know that Absolute Heaven was a man who
 broke his promises, but the hidden organization named Underworld would also be exposed to the public eye. Even if Absolute Heaven did not reveal any secrets, Underworld would hunt him down for what little he had already said.

Black Flame! Raging flames burned in Absolute Heavens eyes as he looked at Shi Feng. He only wished that he could murder the smiling demon before him right now.

Just hand it over.  Shi Feng calmly smiled. I have already sealed off all paths of retreat.

You dont have a choice.

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