Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 33

Chapter 33 - Changing from Arrogance to Humility (1)

Xiao Yueers appearance shocked everyone present.

Every player present knew who Xiao Yueer was. After all, she was the Goddess party mate. Coupled with Xiao Yueers beauty and purity, she was firmly implanted in everyones memories.

However, why would such a pure maiden invite a noob? Furthermore, what was harder to imagine was the person who invited the noob was not Xiao Yueer, but the Goddess, Gentle Snow.

Who was Gentle Snow?

She was the publicly acknowledged Snow Goddess in the virtual gaming world. There were countless Mr. Perfects who wanted to approach her. There was even a trust fund baby who had offered ten million Credits just to have a meal with Gentle Snow; however, that person did not even receive a word from her.

Scram!That trust fund baby was naturally enraged. Thus, he sought to get revenge and turn Gentle Snow into his possession. Yet, a few days later, this trust fund baby was dumbfounded. His father, a self-made wealthy man, suddenly became a poor pauper. All of his fathers properties had, within a night, become someone elses possession. When the trust fund babys father found the cause, he nearly beat his son to death. From then onwards, everyone finally knew the dreadfulness of Gentle Snow. However, Gentle Snows fans had further increased in number after this incident. Gentle Snow was like a true Goddess from the legends, divine and inviolable.

Such a Goddess had actively invited such a noob. How could it not shock people?

Currently, everyone was no longer in the mood for laughter. There was only envy and displeasure. What virtue and ability did a noob have to be invited to chat with the Goddess?

Damn, this noob must have some dog-shit luck! Why him?! Im so handsome, yet the Goddess wont even speak a word to me."

I, Jade Windtree, am an expert in Gods Domain, but why wont the Goddess come have a chat with me? Could it be that I am too handsome? Or does the Goddess prefer a wilder type?

The Goddess must want to understand the situation inside the Hell Mode Dungeon. Thats why she looked for him. I never imagined even noobs would have such benefits. If I had known earlier, I would have also entered Hell Mode once.

Everyone started their own discussions. They glared at Shi Feng, having thoughts of disdain and envy towards him. They could not help but want to kill him right that instant.

Boss Waving Slowly, I didnt hear wrong, right? That noob actually received an invite from the Goddess. I must have heard wrong Wordless Summer Night pinched his thick cheeks, saying with a foolish expression.

It should be right. However, the Goddess must have something she wishes to ask. He was only lucky; thats all, The prideful Waving Slowly deemed Shi Feng being able to chat with the Goddess was all just due to his luck.Battle To The End nodded his head to the side, agreeing to Waving Slowly But Surelys opinion.

Gentle Snow was an existence they had looked up to. They were people of completely different worlds. Not to mention having a chat with her, they had already felt incredibly lucky just by being in the Deathly Forest with Gentle Snow.

Just when everyone thought Shi Feng would smugly agree to the invitation, Shi Feng had instead given a contradictory answer.

Not interested. Im in a rush for time, Shi Feng turned around and left immediately after responding. He did not care about Xiao Yueer in front of him at all, and he cared even less about Gentle Snows invitation.

Now that the Forging Design was in his hands, he only lacked ore. The quicker the Garrison Armor made its appearance, the greater Shi Fengs income would be. If he missed out on this great chance, he would lose a large sum of Coins. 

Blackie had been extremely excited when he thought he would be able to get close to the Goddess. Shi Fengs answer, however, nearly drove him to madness. There must be a mispositioned nerve inside Shi Fengs brain to reject the invitation.

It was not just Blackie who was dumbfounded; even Xiao Yueer was shocked motionless. It was the first time she met a man who actually rejected Sister Snows invitation. Many men begged for such an invitation, yet all of them remained empty-handed. Could this man be a fool?

Lets go. What are you daydreaming about? He turned and asked his motionless party members when Shi Feng discovered nobody following him.

Brother Feng, thats an invitation from the Snow Goddess. Wont you think about it some more? Blackie requested. His mind was bordering insanity right now. At the same time, his heart continually prayed for Shi Feng to agree quickly. Such a great chance would be impossible to come by in the future.

Ive already said I dont have the time, Shi Feng responded with a smile. Shi Feng became speechless when he looked at Blackies prayerful eyes. No matter what, Blackies reverence for the Snow Goddess would not change one little bit. 

Currently, Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru walked over. Clad in a silvery-white plate armor, Gentle Snow was undoubtedly the focus of the entire Deathly Forest. Everyones eyes were glued to her perfectly curved body, their mouths drooling.

Nobody had imagined Gentle Snow would personally make an appearance.

Everyones envy and hatred for Shi Feng grew even more.

You can be at ease. I will not waste too much of your time. This piece of Bronze Equipment can be your compensation, Gentle Snow carefully watched Shi Feng. She discovered Shi Feng was indeed different from other people. Although Shi Feng had a typical appearance, his body gave off a calm and steady feeling. There was also a faint murderous aura radiating from his body. Such temperament could only be honed after experiencing countless life-or-death battles.

Snow? Zhao Yueru was shocked. She never thought Gentle Snow would think so highly of Shi Feng. Her beautiful eyes unwillingly turned towards Shi Feng. Her brows slightly creased, and she said in a contemptible tone, I dont think this fellow is worth a piece of Bronze Equipment; a piece of Gray Equipment at best.

They had already been respectful by inviting Shi Feng over for a chat. However, not only did Shi Feng not appreciate their kindness, he even rejected them immediately. If someone else received such an invite, they would have long since come running over to fawn over them. It was the first time Zhao Yueru met such an unattractive man who took such an action. She firmly believed Shi Feng had some scheme in his mind and there was nothing good about him.

No need for the Bronze Equipment. I have those things, myself, Shi Feng waved his hand, saying in an uncaring tone. He never tried to flatter the witch, to begin with, but he never imagined she would speak of him in such a way. However, he was not a poor ghost; he did not need any charity.Zhao Yuerus beautiful eyes measured up Shi Feng. She couldnt help but let loose a faint laughter, playfully saying, Such an unyielding spirit. You clearly want it, yet youre refusing to admit it. Snow, this fellow is really insincere!

Yueru, Gentle Snow impatiently sent Zhao Yueru a glance, hinting her not to overdo it. To begin with, they were the ones who took the initiative to send the invite. It would not be proper to look down on others now.

Zhao Yueru pouted. She shot a glance towards Shi Feng, puffing out her prideful twin peaks as she helplessly turned her head away. She did not think a poor fellow like Shi Feng would have anything they wanted.

Sorry, please receive this piece of equipment as an apology,Gentle Snow took out a Level 0 Bronze Belt meant for a Swordsmen and traded it to Shi Feng. She wanted to put an end to this matter.

Shi Feng did not reject the offer after seeing Gentle Snows sincerity. If he rejected it, it would only show how petty of a man he was. At the same time, he would cause Gentle Snow to think he did not wish to reconcile. He couldnt just keep on refusing the kindness of others. Besides, he was indeed missing a Bronze Belt. Hehe, and here I thought you had some great ability. In the end, you still need it, Zhao Yueru said in disdain. She inwardly felt unfortunate to lose a piece of Bronze Equipment.

They obtained this piece of equipment after killing a Rare Elite with much difficulty. It was an absolute waste now that their efforts were benefiting Shi Feng.

Shi Feng slightly wrinkled his brows. Not even a man would be able to stand being mocked and ridiculed in such a way, not to mention a reincarnated person like Shi Feng.

Since Miss Snow gave me a piece of Bronze Equipment, it is only proper for me to reciprocate in kind. Let this item be the return gift.

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