Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 330

Chapter 330 - Shock

Shi Fengs words left Absolute Heaven speechless.

At this moment, Absolute Heaven finally understood why Shi Feng would insist on making a bet with him. Shi Feng was clearly capable of killing him with a single hit. Yet, Shi Feng had given him hope of retaliation for this very moment

A terrible thought suddenly emerged in Absolute Heavens mind.

Had Shi Feng planned to deal with Underworld all this time?

Before joining Underworld, Absolute Heaven had known that Underworlds background was unfathomably deep. It was an existence that he could not afford to provoke. After joining the organization, that thought had only strengthened; he absolutely could not make an enemy of Underworld.

Yet, now, Shi Feng dared to consider challenging Underworld. He simply did not know how to differentiate between life and death.

It would have been fine if only Shi Feng did not know how to differentiate between life and death. Yet, Shi Feng intended to drag him down as well! Moreover, the Swordsman left him with no other options. Shi Feng was eviler than a demon.

When Absolute Heaven saw that Shi Fengs finger was about to click the Upload Video button, he lowered his head and helplessly said, Fine! However, I have a condition. No one can know that I gave you this information!

You can rest assured on this point. Since I have asked you to do such a thing for me, I will not make things difficult for you. I wont let anyone but myself look at the information relating to Underworld, Shi Feng assured and nodded.

Absolute Heavens worries were unfounded. After all, Shi Feng was also worried about this situation becoming public, which would, in turn, allow Underworld to take precautionary actions.

Ill send you the files tomorrow after I have compiled them, Absolute Heaven said before turning to leave.

However, Shi Feng was a step ahead and blocked his retreat.

What? Worried that Ill deceive you? You currently have information to use against me. What tricks could I possibly play on you? Absolute Heaven laughed bitterly.

Youre overthinking things. Im just returning the items you dropped when you died. As for your levels, with your strength, you should recover quickly. Shi Feng then took out the items he had looted from Absolute Heaven and returned them to their original owner.

After some hesitation, Absolute Heaven finally decided to receive the items 
before leaving.

Guild Leader, are we really going to start a war with that mysterious organization named Underworld? Snow Goose asked.

Based on Absolute Heavens words, Snow Goose could discern just how terrifying Underworld was. Even a top-tier expert like Absolute Heaven was afraid when talking about it. Furthermore, a powerful Guild like Dark Star was just a puppet of Underworld. With Zero Wings current strength, wouldnt acting against Underworld be akin to smashing an egg against a rock?

What? Afraid? Shi Feng chuckled.

Of course not! 
Our Zero Wing is invincible! How could we possibly lose to Underworld? Snow Gooses eyes glowed as her fighting spirit soared.

She had left Twilight Echo with Aqua Rose to create their own legacy in Gods Domain. How could they give up so easily because of a single Underworld?


Time passed, little by little. At this moment, Aqua Rose and the others were still battling against the Blood Hand Association NPCs
. Even though it was night in Gods Domain, spells of war illuminated the sky around Creek Town so brilliantly that it appeared to be day. 

Although these NPCs provided no loot, the EXP they gave was bountiful. The members of Zero Wing were only able to kill these Blood Hand Association NPCs with such ease due to the assistance of the Level 50 Tier 1 guards. In the future, it would not be so easy for them to come across such a valuable opportunity

As more Blood Hand Association NPCs died, the Zero Wing Guild members
 watched their levels soar.

The Ranking List of White River City also underwent dramatic changes.

Players from Zero Wing continuously appeared within the top 100 of the Ranking List.

The change had not been obvious at the beginning, as only a few members had entered the 90s. However, as time passed, the EXP growth of Zero Wing never stopped.

The Guild members who originally ranked within the 90s jumped into the 80s; then jumped again from the 80s to the 70s, their positions ever rising.

However, this was still not the most shocking incident.

What really shocked people was the fact that the Zero Wing members occupied every rank between 70 and 100. They had forced all others out of the top 100 ranks

Is this real or fake? Arent the members of Zero Wing too impressive? It was already amazing that they managed to occupy the top eight positions before. Now, they fully occupy the 70th to the 100th positions.

What did these people eat to become so fierce?

As expected of the Guild that I fancy!

If this continues, Zero Wing will sooner or later occupy all 100 spots on the White River City Ranking List.

That shouldnt be possible, right? After all, there is still Lone Tyrant who ranks 10th. Although Black Flame had killed him once, he has already managed to recover to Level 21. It shouldnt be possible to kick him out of the top 100.

Lone Tyrant? So what? Hadnt he been the top player on the White River City Ranking List before? In the end, eight experts from Zero Wing still shoved him aside. Even now, he is still stuck at ninth place. Now that Zero Wing is showing its might, he might not keep his rank for long.

Serves him right. Who told Lone Tyrant to behave so arrogantly before? He had dared to ambush and made an enemy of Zero Wing. Now, Zero Wing is merely teaching Lone Tyrant a lesson, letting him know that his pride is worth nothing to Zero Wing. They can surpass him anytime they want to.

Everyone was very concerned about the sudden emergence of the Zero Wing members on the Ranking List, and they all began to voice their suggestions and opinions. Many felt that this was Zero Wings retaliation towards Dark Star.

The timing of this situation was simply too coincidental, being only a few hours after Dark Stars war with Zero Wing had ended. Moreover, Zero Wing also declared that Dark Star would pay for their actions. However, nobody ever thought that Zero Wing would take action so quickly.

If Zero Wing really succeeds, this will become a true legend in Gods Domain. 
Not even first-rate Guilds have managed to occupy the Ranking List of a city.

Zero Wing 
rocks! Go, Zero Wing! Kick Lone Tyrant out of the Ranking List!

Everyone in White River City highly anticipated the arrival of a legend, creating a huge commotion over this matter. The thought of a single Guild monopolizing the entire Ranking List had sent shivers down their spines. At that time, if they joined such a Guild and wore the six-winged emblem on their chests, they would definitely become the targets of everyones admiration.

On the other hand, while the casual players in White River City were very excited over this matter, the many Guilds were not happy at all.

It had been an earthshaking matter when Zero Wing had occupied the top eight positions on the Ranking List. Yet, now, Zero Wing was actually trying to occupy the top 100 positions of the Ranking List. Just how were they, the other Guilds, supposed to continue competing in White River City?


Inside the Silverleaf Forest, leading a team of several hundred players, Lone Tyrant was desperately leveling up.

Can someone tell me just what is going on? Lone Tyrant demanded, irritated. He had spared no effort to raise his own level. Yet, now, as if on steroids, the members of Zero Wing leveled at a rate many times faster than himself.

Based on the Zero Wing members current leveling speed, it was only a matter of time before they surpassed him.

Unfortunately, nobody could answer Lone Tyrants question.

Youre a bunch of trash! Go, investigate immediately! They must have found a good grinding spot! Once you find them, send someone to eliminate them! I will never allow these people to surpass me! Lone Tyrant commanded the Guild members of Dark Star.

The only reason he had managed to lead Dark Star to its current status in White River City was that of his previous occupancy of the White River City Ranking Lists number one position. However, due to Blackie and the others, he was no longer the top player in the region. Even so, he still occupied the top ten in the eyes of the public.

If he fell out of the top 100, what else would he have?

Aside from his identity as the Guild Leader of Dark Star, there was nothing special about him.

Although Lone Tyrant was quite powerful, he knew that he could not compare with top-tier experts. If not for the massive support from Underworld, Dark Star would not have developed to its present state.

Lone Tyrant knew that, after the siege on Zero Wing had failed, Underworld started to look down on him. If he lost his only merit as well, based on how Underworld conducted business, he would not keep his position as Guild Leader for long.

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