Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 335

Chapter 335 - Experts Gathering at White River City

Star-Moon Kingdom Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Zero Wing for becoming the first Guild to exclusively monopolize the top 10 of a citys Ranking List! Rewarding 100 Gold Coins, 5,000 Guild Popularity, and 1,000 Guild Reputation. 

Star-Moon Kingdom Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Zero Wing for becoming the first Guild to exclusively monopolize the top 30 of a citys Ranking List! Rewarding 200 Gold Coins, 10,000 Guild Popularity, and 3,000 Guild Reputation.

Star-Moon Kingdom Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Zero Wing for becoming the first Guild to exclusively monopolize the top 100 of a citys Ranking List! Rewarding Honored Guild title, 500 Gold Coins, 30,000 Guild Popularity, and 7,000 Guild Reputation.

Originally, Zero Wings attempt at monopolizing the Ranking List was a matter limited to only White River City. Hence, aside from the players based in White River City, nobody else in Star-Moon Kingdom paid any particular attention to this incident. However, the appearance of these three system notifications dumbfounded every player in Star-Moon Kingdom. Players who were currently inside a Dungeon were no exception. At this moment, everyone was shocked when they saw these system notifications.

Just the amount of Gold Coins rewarded was enough to cause the large Guilds of many cities to feel envy and hatred.

From the three rewards, Zero Wing had obtained a total of 800 Gold Coins.

At this stage of the game, a large Guild would have only around a dozen Gold Coins in fluid funds. After all, it was not easy to earn in-game currency in Gods Domain. Although players were reaching higher levels with each passing day and they were making more money than before, their daily expenditures had also increased inadvertently. Simply put, there were too many aspects where one was required to spend money in Gods Domain.

For example,
 repairing equipment 

For example, 
 learning skills 

For example, purchasing potions, Whetstones, and other necessities for adventuring 

Most importantly, hotels and daily meals. Originally, before the first evolution of Gods Domain, players had no need to rest at a hotel. They also had no need to have meals. However, after Gods Domain evolved, if players did not rest for long periods of time, their mental state would start to deteriorate. If players did not consume food for long periods of time, although no changes would occur to their characters Attributes, their bodys physical state would be affected. This, in turn, would reduce a players efficiency when grinding monsters and leveling.

Because of these aspects, players rarely had a lot of money sitting in their pockets. In fact, they had even less money than before the first evolution of Gods Domain.

However, it was also due to this reason that many inconspicuous lifestyle classes had started receiving attention from players and begun to develop rapidly. After all, mainstream lifestyle classes werent the only lifestyle classes that could make a lot of money. Even non-mainstream lifestyle classes could achieve similar results.

As for Guilds, they could barely make ends meet. If the various large Guilds did not possess big money-farming teams of their own, their development would have long since stagnated.

To any Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom, 800 Gold was an astronomical sum of money.

If others had thought that Zero Wing was a considerably good Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom before, then from now on, Zero Wing would be very well-known as an excellent Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom.

At this moment, posts relating to Zero Wing were flooding the official forums for Star-Moon Kingdom, and none of them was not astounded by Zero Wings achievement.

Its Zero Wing again. First, it was the Guild Residence. Now, theyve fully occupied the White River City Ranking List; thats a feat that not even first-rate Guilds have managed to accomplish. Yet, a recently established Guild like Zero Wing actually did it. At this rate, wont Zero Wing become the overlord of Star-Moon Kingdom?

Why cant Zero Wing start recruitment in our city? If they start recruiting, Ill definitely be the first one to sign up!

I hear that Zero Wing is about to start another recruitment session again. I think Ill just migrate to White River City. Although Ill have to spend some money, if I can join such a good Guild, so what if I have to spend some money?

Indeed. I hear that the benefits offered by Zero Wing are excellent. Members even have the opportunity to rent out the Private Rooms inside the Guild Residence and accumulate Double EXP buff. If I can join Zero Wing, even spending 20 Silver Coins would be worth it!

Many players throughout Star-Moon Kingdom started entertaining thoughts of joining Zero Wing. Previously, many players had lamented the fact that Zero Wing only recruited members in White River City, and not in other cities. However, as Zero Wing grew increasingly dazzling, the number of players wanting to join the Guild would definitely increase as well. If players did not take this chance to join now, the competition in the future might become even more intense. At that time, they might not be able to join Zero Wing even if they wanted to. Moreover, if they joined Zero Wing ahead of time, they could also accumulate Guild Contribution Points quicker and enjoy the various benefits of the Guild earlier.

Big Brother Shadow Sword, we dont have enough funds for a single persons teleportation fee even if we add both of our assets together. Why dont we skip Zero Wings recruitment this time and wait for the next one? a tall and slender female Guardian Knight suggested. The woman was geared in an assortment of Common and Bronze ranked Equipment. With big, bright eyes, she looked at the stalwart-looking Berserker in front of her, adding, There are also a few first-rate and second-rate Guilds recruiting in Greenstone City right now. With our strength, we should have no problems joining those Guilds. So, why bother spending so much money to go to White River City?

Turtledove, you dont understand. Im not rushing to join Zero Wing because of their fame. Instead, I plan to join them in order to improve my strength. All these years, I have been stuck at a bottleneck and never managed to break through. When I watched Black Flames and Ye Fengs battle videos, I learned a lot from them. However, the things one can learn from watching a video will always be limited. If I wish to further improve myself, I need to go and personally experience such battles. Meanwhile, joining Zero Wing would be the fastest way to do so, the Berserker named Shadow Sword explained as he shook his head. If we lack money, then Ill just use all the Credits Ive previously saved up to buy some Silver Coins. We should have enough by then.

Big Brother Shadow Sword, you cant! You saved that money in order to join the city fighting competition! the female Guardian Knight named Turtledove argued anxiously.

Shadow Sword waved his hand, softly saying, You dont need to worry about this. If I cant raise my current strength, I would only become a joke by joining the fighting competition.

I understand Turtledove nodded helplessly.

At the same time, many players throughout Star-Moon Kingdom started planning a trip to White River City. Every one of these players had reached a certain standard. After all, the teleportation fees required to go to White River City were not cheap. Being able to gather so much money was also proof of ones own abilities.


While everyone in Star-Moon Kingdom were discussing Zero Wing 

Creek Town, Blood Hand Associations stronghold.

Under Shi Fengs lead, Zero Wings 100-man team and the 48 Level 50 Tier 1 guards had cleared out all the Blood Hand Association Knights inside the stronghold and arrived before the doors leading to the hidden warehouse.

The doors to the Blood Hand Associations hidden warehouse were made of extremely tough steel. The pair of thick doors 
was not something that could be pushed apart by only a handful of players. The result would be the same even if Shi Feng, someone who possessed staggering amounts of Strength, was included.

Lets open it together.

Following Shi Fengs command, everyone started pushing against this pair of large doors.

After combining the strength of all the
 players and Level 50 Tier 1 guards, the team only barely managed to push apart the large doors. Moreover, the speed at which the doors were opened was extremely slow.

After spending over a dozen minutes pushing, the team finally succeeded in pushing these large doors apart completely. Simultaneously, the space inside the hidden warehouse also appeared before everyone.

The space inside the hidden warehouse was extremely large and commodious, just like a gymnasium. Tens of metal pillars lined the walls of the building. At this moment, however, nobody paid attention to the appearance of the hidden warehouse. Instead, all eyes were focused at the center of the open space. That area had a small mountain of treasures piled up there. With a single glance, one could immediately discover many Treasure Chests sitting in the mountain of gold. Just the Treasure Chests that could be seen on the surface already numbered in the tens. Moreover, a majority of these Treasure Chests were of Mysterious-Iron rank. There were even some Secret-Silver Treasure Chests.

Guild Leader, were rich! Blackie drooled as he looked at all those Treasure Chests, as well as the Gold Coins and various other items scattered around the hidden warehouse.

Is this the reward for completing the Crusade Quest? Although Aqua Rose was a wealthy princess herself, she was still shocked at the sight of the mountain of treasures before her. Only now did she truly understand why Shi Feng had said the Crusade Quests deposit of 30 Gold Coins was a very cheap price to pay.

Compared to the mountain of gold before her, 30 Gold Coins was not worth mentioning at all.

At this moment, Snow Gooses eyes were practically shining. She could not help but wish she could immediately charge up and dive into this mountain of gold.

However, Snow Goose did not rush forward.

As the location the Blood Hand Association used to store its treasures, this hidden warehouse would naturally have guards.

A total of eight Mechanical Watchers and one Mechanical Slayer was standing at the periphery of the mountain of treasure. Moreover, there was also a magic barrier layered over the mountain of treasure. Unless one removed this magic barrier, nobody could even think of getting the treasure.

It seems we can only obtain the treasure after defeating these mechanical guards.

Shi Fengs gaze slowly shifted towards the nine gigantic mechanical guards.

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