Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 348

Chapter 348 - Stealing Food from the Tigers Mouth

The Sky Piercers destructive power had far surpassed everyones imaginations.

The entire street had been destroyed
, and other than Weissman and the Mechanical Slayer, nothing remained.

It was simply a spell, yet it carried the power to decimate the heaven and earth.

Many of the players present even began to wonder whether they were still inside a game.

The heavy air, the chilling wind, the pungent smell of blood, the vibrations from the ground, and the pain they felt 
were constant reminders of where they were.

Suddenly, everyone realized that Gods Domain was completely different from the virtual reality games they had played in the past.

In their opinion, a virtual reality game was merely an accumulation of numbers and data. Even if they grew powerful inside a game, at most, they would deal higher amounts of damage. It wouldnt be surprising for a player to deal damage in the millions or tens of millions. After all, it was just a bunch of data.

No matter how realistic Gods Domain was, at the end of the day, it was still only a virtual reality game. Nothing inside the game was real.

At this day and age, this belief was well rooted in players minds, and they never strayed from it.

However, they suddenly realized that they were 

So strong!

Is this the strength of a Tier 4 class?

If we can become Tier 4 classes, will we be that strong as well?

Everyone gazed at Weissman who was still hovering in midair
At this moment, excitement, fear, and longing filled their minds.

There were no superheroes or espers in real life. No human was capable of flying freely in the sky. However, such feats could actually be achieved in this incomparably realistic world known as Gods Domain. It was as if everyone had arrived in a world of miracles.

Considering the current situation, people no longer thought of Gods Domain as just another virtual reality game. Instead, Gods Domain was a world where they could start their second life!

I have underestimated Weissman to think he could actually cast Tier 4 magic with such ease. Relying on his astonishing speed, Shi Feng had managed to escape the effective range of Weissmans Sky Piercer, so he had not received any damage from the resulting shockwave.

high-tiered spells required a very long casting time. During this period, others could easily interrupt the caster and inflict significant amounts of damage. Normally, when one fought an opponent of the same tier, very rarely did they have the chance to cast high-tiered spells. Instead, they would use low-tiered spells with shorter cast times.

It was extremely difficult to cast a Tier 4 spell 
in the midst of battle like Weissman had when faced with an equal opponent.

Yet, even when fac
ing a Mutant like the Mechanical Slayer, Weissman had still managed to cast a Tier 4 destructive spell effortlesslyIt was apparent just how powerful Weissman was.

While Shi Feng 
had focused on Weissman, the Mechanical Slayer had flown out from the crater the Sky Piercer had created.

What? Its still 
alive, even after taking a hit from a Tier 4 spell? Shi Feng was slightly surprised when he saw the wounded Slayer.

The effects of high-level magic werent limited to 
HP damage alone. It could also damage the enemys physical condition.

In battles, HP only served as a reference. In certain cases, even when players only had 1 HP remaining, their combat power would not be affected in the slightest; 
they could still display 100% of their actual combat power. Yet, sometimes, despite losing only a thread of their HP, players combat power might be greatly affected, leaving them capable of displaying only 10%.

High-tiered skills were so powerful because not only could they cause a frightening amount of damage, but they could also greatly affect the enemys combat power.

At this moment, although the Mechanical Slayer looked like a mess with many wounds covering its body and less than 50% of its HP remaining, 
the spell had not significantly damaged its combat power.

What an enviable physique.

Shi Feng 
had been a Tier 3 Sword King in his past life, so he understood how important a strong physique was to a player.

Although the Mechanical Slayer had less than 50% HP remaining right now, its remaining HP was not much different 
than the HP Weissman possessed. With its combat power unaffected, the Mechanical Slayer could still challenge Weissman.

However, the Mechanical Slayers next action had completely 
surpassed Shi Fengs imagination. After flying into the air, instead of launching an attack at Weissman, the Mechanical Slayer turned tail and ran.

This scene stupefied every player present.

Nobody could have imagined that the Mechanical Slayer would actually 
flee after realizing that it could not win against Weissman. The Mechanical Slayers intelligence far surpassed any ordinary monster.

Unfortunately for the Mechanical Slayer, Weissman had no intention of letting it escape. Using Instantaneous Movement, Weissman teleported to the Mechanical Slayers side and immediately used Snowy Explosion. Countless 
frost arrows pelted the Mechanical Slayers body. In the blink of an eye, the Mechanical Slayer had frozen into an ice sculpture. The Mechanical Slayers frozen body then plummeted towards the ground, the impact creating a massive hole in the ground.

Following which, Weissman waved his staff. Suddenly, multiple aqua blue magic arrays appeared around his body. Water dragons 
emerged from these magic arrays and shot towards the Mutant. These water dragons wrapped around the Slayer and buried their vicious teeth in its flesh, restraining the Mechanical Slayer in a large ball of water. 

This was the Tier 2 spell, Water Binding. When used, it restricted the targets movements.

Now unable to move, the Mechanical Slayer immediately used Bladestorm. Not only did the skill increase its Movement Speed, but it also made the Mechanical Slayer immune to all magical control effects. After breaking out of Weissmans Water Binding, the Mechanical Slayer spun towards the Great Wizard.

Reacting quickly, Weissman immediately started chanting the incantation of another spell, his hand having already written three lines of runes. A moment later, an Ice Shield appeared, covering his body. The Ice Shield could absorb a massive amount of damage. At the same time, the shield would slow enemies who managed to land a hit.

Even after the Mechanical Slayers greatsword 
repeatedly struck Weissmans Ice Shield for three full seconds, the Ice Shield remained in one piece. At this moment, however, multiple scars had appeared on the Ice Shield, and from the looks of it, the layer of ice would not hold on for long.

At this moment, Weissman had also readied the Tier 3 spell, Earthen Spear.

Suddenly, brownish-yellow spears protruded and shot out 
of the ground, bombarding the spinning Mechanical Slayer. Not only did these spears cause significant damage, but they had also forced the Mechanical Slayer into a constant retreat. After being struck by a total of 21 earthen spears, the Mechanical Slayer had been forced back over 30 yards.

In a fit of rage, the Mechanical Slayer threw its serrated greatsword at Weissman.

Unperturbed, Weissman used Instantaneous Movement to dodge the simple attack. Immediately after, Weissman bombarded the Mechanical Slayer with dozens of lightning 

While Weissman and the Mechanical Slayer 
clashed, Shi Feng quietly snuck closer to them.

After the battle had 
reached this point, Shi Feng could tell that the Mechanical Slayer was no match for Weissman.

Although the 
Mechanical Slayer was not weakMutants needed time to grow. Originally, the gap between the Mechanical Slayer and Weissman should not have been so wide. However, aside from having a severely lacking repertoire of skills, the Mechanical Slayer was also inexperienced with evading attacks and controlling its own bodyresulting in such a wide gap between itself and its opponent.

With the Mechanical Slayers current combat power, it would have no problems dealing with Tier 3 Upper-rank NPCs.

If given more time to grow, even Weissman might not be a match for the Slayer. After all, a Mutant transformed from a High Lord ranked monster possessed extremely frightening potential.

Meanwhile, if such a powerful Mutant were killed

Whether it was the EXP or 
loot, the rewards would be astonishing.

Now that everyone had witnessed how powerful both the Mechanical Slayer and Weissman were, unless they wished to die, nobody would be so stupid as to move closer as these powerhouses faced off. So, the players present quietly observed the battle from a distance. The moment Weissman killed the Mechanical Slayer, they would rush forward to fight for the Mutants loot.

Hence, Shi Feng intended to make his move first.

If he waited 
until after the battle ended to make his move, he would not stand a chance against tens of thousands of players. Moreover, Shi Feng was not interested in the Mechanical Slayers loot alone. He also desired the EXP the Mechanical Slayer would provide.

Both the Seven Luminaries Ring and the skill Flame Burst were of great use to Shi Feng.

However, if he wanted to upgrade and increase their might, he needed a large amount of EXP.

If he could steal the last hit of the Mechanical Slayer, he could obtain 60% of the Slayers EXP for himself. This would not be a small number.

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