Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 363

Chapter 363 - Breaking the Record


Is this really happening? Theyre going to compete with each other?

Both Wang Cheng and Wu Chuan are the most excellent among these students. Their results were so impressive despite their age. Calling them geniuses wouldnt be an exaggeration. That guy called Shi Feng is only going to humiliate himself.

You dont know? Shi Feng didnt request this competition himself. Instead, it is the great beauty standing beside him who claimed that Shi Feng could defeat Wang Cheng and Wu Chuan in a fight easily. For fairness sake, they chose to compete using the test results.

That beauty is blinded by love. Does she really believe whatever that Shi Feng says?

What do you even know about it? This is called
 having skill. However, that Shi Feng is going to suffer for his bragging. Soon, the tests will reveal his true colors.

The testing hall had originally been very lively. Now, because of the competition between Shi Feng and the two students, everyone immediately crowded around the trio. The spectators present had already witnessed Wang Chengs and Wu Chuans strengths, though none of them had ever seen Shi Feng before. However, nobody among the crowd felt optimistic about Shi Fengs chances. Shi Feng possessed neither a strong and sturdy frame, nor a giant muscular body. Shi Fengs appearance
 was simply too ordinary. Shi Feng was overestimating himself by challenging Wang Cheng and Wu Chuans punching force and reaction time.

Lets start with the punching test first. Each one of you will have three tries. Wu Chuan, youll go first, Manager Xiao said from beside the testing apparatus.

Although Wu Chuans test results before had not been as eye-catching as Wang Chengs, his strength was still over 320kg. He was already at the standard of a professional fighter.

Wu Chuan nodded before stepping up to the testing apparatus. Holding up and clenching his fists, his arms abruptly burst with strength as he sent three accurate strikes towards the 
leather target.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Three deep, muffled noises resounded simultaneously.

Wu Chuan 
was satisfied with his punches. He then turned and walked away from the testing apparatus, smirking arrogantly at Shi Feng.

The numbers displayed on the testing apparatus continuously changed before finally displaying three

 kg, 346 kg, 342 kg.

The crowd suddenly went into an uproar when these three scores appeared.

Wu Chuans results 
were close to Wang Chengs previous results. Regarding pure strength, Wu Chuan definitely ranked second within the elites Big Dipper had recruited.

Manager Xiao was elated when he 
saw these numbers. His heart was already set on placing more emphasis on Wu Chuans training in the future. After all, Wu Chuan was far more superior than Wang Cheng in reaction time and speed. Overall, Wu Chuan was more powerful than Wang Cheng.

Next, Wang Cheng! Manager Xiao shouted.

Wang Cheng walked up to the testing apparatus and 
took up his stance. Immediately, his muscles bulged, and the blood vessels across his arms also appeared. Wang Cheng sent three quick punches towards the leather target.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The punching power testing apparatus suddenly released three crisp sounds, and even the machine itself trembled slightly. Meanwhile, the score 
the machine displayed broke through the 300kg threshold and continued to rise. Within a moment, it shot the 360kg threshold. Wang Cheng had surpassed even his previous highest record.

Finally, the punching power testing apparatus displayed the final results.

 kg, 391 kg, 388 kg.

Three scores. And each one surpassed Wang Chengs previous record.

Impressive! I didnt realize how much you had held back! Manager Xiao laughed upon seeing the scores. His fondness of Wang Cheng grew the more he looked at the young man. The standard of a top fighter in Jin Hai City was 400kg. Meanwhile, Wang Cheng was only a thread away from reaching that standard. Based on the youths potential, after Big Dipper nurtured him, he should have no problems entering the top ten in the Provincial Youth Fighting Competition.

Zhao Ruoxis confidence wavered when she saw the results. Wang Chengs punching 
force had surpassed even Zhang Luoweis. 

there was only a difference of around 30kg between Wang Chengs previous record and his current scores, it was exceedingly difficult to increase ones force by even 1kg after passing the 350kg threshold. Many years of effort were required to increase ones force by 30kg. It was impossible to achieve such a feat in a short amount of time.

Although Shi Feng had defeated Zhang Luowei, Zhao Ruoxi guessed that the two of them were almost equal 
in terms of strength. Only, Shi Fengs combat techniques and experience far surpassed Zhang Luoweis. Thus, he had effortlessly defeated the renowned fighting genius. If she had known that Wang Cheng had held back so much of his strength, she would never have chosen to compete using the test results. 

Next, Shi Feng.

Although Manager Xiao did not know why Zhao Ruoxi had such a favorable opinion of Shi Feng, he knew that it was impossible for Shi Feng to surpass Wang Chengs record of 391kg.

Shi Feng walked up to the testing apparatus, smiling bitterly at the 
displayed 391 kg. Inwardly, Shi Feng thought, He is just a high school student, yet, even before undergoing systematic training, he is already so strong. This should be the so-called genius.

Originally, Shi Feng had simply come to the Big Dipper Training Center 
intending on checking his progress. Yet, he had somehow gotten caught up in this farce. If he did not give it his all, he might really become a laughingstock. Although he did not mind being laughed at, the spectators behind him would ridicule Zhao Ruoxi for trusting the wrong person, and that was something he absolutely would not permit.

I wonder how much Ive improved. Shi Feng then began to warm up, preparing a full-powered punch.

The last time he tested himself, he only obtained 256
 kg, placing him above the standard of ordinary people. Though he had improved since then, it was impossible for him to have improved overmuchHe would be impressed if he could achieve 290 kg.

Damn, can
 you be any slower? Isnt it just a punch? Is all this build-up necessary?

I think hes frightened. He is 
just trying to stall for time. In a moment, he might even say that he feels ill!

Watching Shi Feng take his time warming up, many in the crowd began to grow impatient and taunt him.

Shi Feng paid no attention to the noisy crowd behind him and continued with his warm-up.

That should be enough. After feeling his entire body loosen up, he clenched his fist and sent a quick punch at the target.


The testing apparatus displayed a score of 302 kg.

The heck? Here I thought 
he would be amazing, but he only managed to hit 302 kg! Many among the crowd laughed when they saw Shi Fengs first result.

In the next moment, however, Shi Feng abruptly took half a step forward, 
firing a punch once more.

This time, the crowd could faintly hear the joints all over Shi Fengs body crack.

Pa Pa Pa 

A series of eight pops resounded. In addition to the sounds, some of the spectators with sharp eyesight noticed that, while Shi Feng launched his second punch, the hairs all over his body had stood on end. Following which, Shi Fengs punch landed on the target.


This time, instead of a normal punch, Shi Feng had used the One-inch Punch.

This move concentrated the power of his entire body into a single burst. It was an advanced technique that required a certain degree of control over their own body.

The testing apparatus trembled
 slightly from Shi Fengs strike, and the score promptly changed to 437 kg.

he was not done. In the next moment, Shi Feng whirled his body around and threw out a punch, his fist striking the target.

Suddenly, the 
testing target bent inwards, and the entire apparatus rocked back slightly.  Meanwhile, as if struck by a sledgehammer, web-like cracks appeared on the marble floor where Shi Fengs foot landed.

At the same time, the testing apparatus 
complained loudly, the machines display revealing a frightening score of 576 kg. Shi Fengs punch had broken the punching power test record of the Big Dipper Training Center.

What the Wang Chengs eyes nearly popped out of their sockets 
after seeing this score.

What the he
ll?! Wu Chuan was greatly shocked as well.

Shi Fengs final result stupefied every witness in the testing hall, every one of them falling silent.

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