Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 377

Chapter 377 - Unknown



Shi Feng stared at Sharlyns information, dumbfounded by what he saw.

From a Level 8 NPC in Red Leaf Town, Sharlyn had first jumped to become a Level 20 Tier 3 Divine Official. Then she grew from a Level 20 Tier 3 Divine Official to a Level 180 Tier 3 Divine Official.

Now, she had grown even further, becoming a Level 200 Tier 4 Great Divine Official.

She was now on the same level as the Tier 4 Wizard, Weissman.

Lady Sharlyn, I heard that you have been looking for me. May I know how I may be of service to you? Shi Feng reluctantly asked after calming down.

Whenever Shi Feng encountered Sharlyn, 
he feared for his wallet. It was especially true when Sharlyn revealed that saintly smile of hers

Shi Feng suddenly felt that he had come to the wrong place. If he had known that he would meet Sharlyn here, he would have definitely gone to Star-Moon City instead.

I do have something I need you to help me with, but this matter can only be addressed inside the Weeping Moon Pavilion. Unfortunately, the Weeping Moon Pavilion does not permit entry to outsiders. You should know that I am taking a big risk by allowing you in. Seeing as we are acquaintances, I can help you pay half of the 1,000 Gold security deposit, but you will have to pay the remaining 500 Gold yourself. Otherwise, these Black Robe Knights will escort you out. Even I am helpless about this rule, Sharlyn sighed and shrugged, a helpless look on her face. 

Shi Feng immediately cast a scornful glare at Sharlyn.

Again! She was trying to take his money again!

This was the first time he had heard about a security deposit for entering the Weeping Moon Pavilion.

He had only brought around 700 Gold with him this time. Yet, in just a moment, Sharlyn had relieved him of 500 Gold.

However, even though Shi Fengs heart ached, he had no choice but to pay.

Before Sharlyn, Shi Feng was like a helpless little boy. Sharlyns senses were simply too sharp, and she would sniff out his weaknesses every time they met. This time as well, in order to find three Tier 4 NPCs to help him, he had to enter the Weeping Moon Pavilion no matter what. Although he had other plans he could use to try to enter the Weeping Moon Pavilion, there was no guarantee that those plans would succeed. Moreover, those plans would demand a lot of his time.

Reluctantly, Shi Feng took 500 Gold Coins from his bag and handed them over to Sharlyn.

Why are you looking at me like that? This is only a security deposit. Its not like you wont get it back, Sharlyn said. At this moment, her eyes were completely glued to the glittering Gold Coins in Shi Fengs hands. With a slight wave of her delicate finger, the Gold Coins flew into her pocket.

Inwardly, Shi Feng flipped her off.

Since this is a security deposit, why are you pocketing the money instead of the Administrator of the Stargazing Tower?

As if having read Shi Fengs thoughts, Sharlyn smiled faintly as she took out a Silvermoon Emblem and pinned it to her chest. The words carved onto this Silvermoon Emblem were Stargazing Tower Administrator... 

Damn! Just how many jobs does she have?! When Shi Feng saw the Silvermoon Emblem on Sharlyns chest, Shi Feng understood one thing. He would never see that 500 Gold again. There was not even a trace of hope of getting his money back.

In which case, 
he had not just paid a security deposit, but an entrance fee.

Moreover, it was an entrance fee of 500 Gold 

Hmph. Little dummy, 
did you really think that Id lie to you? Sharlyn tapped the Silvermoon Emblem on her chest, chuckling. Alright, lets go, then.

Sighing helplessly, Shi Feng followed Sharlyn up the pavilion.

As for the Sword in the Stone, it would not be too late to ask for Sharlyns help after accepting her quest.

The second floor of the Weeping Moon Pavilion consisted of a single wide corridor with many tightly locked rooms
; it looked like an apartment complex. Massive stone doors loomed at the end of the corridor. Numerous images were carved onto the stone doors, and each image carried its own meaning and story. 

Sharlyn pointed towards the distant stone doors, smiling as she said, Beyond those 
doors lie the deepest secret of the Stargazing Tower. Do you want to go in and have a look?

Can I? Shi Feng had always been curious about the Stargazing Tower.

In Gods Domain, any monument that survived the ancient era was a massive treasure, not to mention a monument that 
had survived the Great Destruction. If a player could explore the secrets hidden beyond those stone doors, their path towards godhood would definitely become much easier. Unfortunately, Shi Feng had not been strong enough in the past, and he simply had not qualified to explore the secrets beyond those doors.

Of course not! I should remind you that, without sufficient strength, you are better off not knowing certain things
. Just like how you opened the entrance to the Endless Abyss. Now, not only do you carry a Stigmata on your body, but you also plan to gather the Seven Treasures. You are looking to get yourself killed. Do you know how many years the War Gods Temple has spent trying to gather those treasures?

Meanwhile, you 
havent even obtained your Tier 1 class. Do you think it is even possible for you to accomplish something the War Gods Temple cannot?

They are only trying to

Forget it. There are some things you are better off not knowing.

Sharlyn sighed as she looked at Shi Feng, emotions such as pity and anger filling her eyes.

Suddenly, Shi Feng realized that Sharlyn was a unique NPC. It was no longer a matter just high intelligence. Sharlyn was almost human.

Following which, Sharlyn led Shi Feng to her own room.

Sharlyns room was very simple. Other than a place to rest, bookshelves covered the remainder of her room. Rare, ancient books crowded the shelves, all of which would normally be impossible to find anywhere else.

Sit. Sharlyn made a wave with her finger. In the next moment, a wooden chair appeared behind Shi Feng. Ive called you here because I have something I need you to do for me. 
People such as myself cannot complete this particular task; only heaven-blessed individuals like you can accomplish it. However, this task is extremely dangerous. Will you accept it?

Of course, if you 
do, I can give you a chance to obtain an Advanced Legacy. This would help your growth immensely in the future. If you can complete this task, I can even make you the lord of a city. You will possess your very own fiefdom.

Sharlyns words stunned Shi Feng into a silence.

He could obtain an Advanced Legacy just by accepting the quest? Moreover, if he could complete the quest, he could even become the lord of a city. Just what 
rank was this quest?

System: Do you wish to accept Sharlyns unknown quest?

It seems that I wont know anything about the quest if I dont accept it.

Shi Feng felt uncertain when he 
saw Sharlyns grave expression and the unknown quest.

Shi Feng was very clear about the iron law of Gods Domain.

Equivalent exchange.

The greater the risk, the greater the reward
 would be.

The Advanced Legacy alone was no trivial matter, let alone the reward of becoming the lord of a city.

Although he could afford to ignore the Advanced Legacy, the reward was something he could not ignore. Opportunity seldom knocks twice. It was now or never.

The term becoming the lord of a city did not mean that players would be allowed to take control of a city controlled by NPCs such as White River City. To begin with, these NPC cities would never accept the rule of players.

When Sharlyn spoke of becoming the lord of a city, it meant that she would reward Shi Feng with his own fiefdom, 
qualifying him to establish his own city.

Normally, when a Guild wished to establish their own cit
y, it would first need to capture a town not governed by any kingdom or empire. The second option was starting it from scratch and establishing a town from nothing. However, that was much more difficult, and the resources needed would also be several times higher than if the Guild just captured a town. On the bright side, the Guild could determine the location and geographic advantages of the town.

once they obtained a town, a Guild would have to develop the town over a long period before it could become a city. Moreover, the conditions for a towns promotion to become a city were numerous and very demanding.

However, Sharlyns reward would allow Shi Feng to establish a city
 directly, eliminating many of the challenges one would normally face.

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