Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 384

Chapter 384 - Unique Set Equipment

Despite also being a Level 30 Chieftain, the Blade Demon was far more powerful than the Skeleton Giant.

Realizing that he could not face the Blade Demon directly, Shi Feng immediately activated Windwalk and ran. He wanted to break away from the combat area as quickly as possible.

However, after running for over a hundred yards, the Blade Demon was still on his tail.

Although Shi Fengs Movement Speed was much higher than the Blade Demons, with the countless blades in the sky restraining him, Shi Feng was not actually much faster than the Blade Demon. The distance between the two hovered around 30 yards.

The Blade Demon was determined to chase Shi Feng to the ends of the world. As long as the Blade Demon caught up to Shi Feng, he would have to deal with the attacks from both the Blade Demon and the swords descending from the sky. At that time, his fate would be sealed.

I need to find a way to deal with it. Ill be in trouble if it catches up.

Shi Feng examined the surrounding terrain. The area around him was the very definition of flatlands. The fields were endless, and there was nothing that he could use to his advantage.

However, as Shi Feng moved further away from Sword Peak Mountain, the number of swords that descended from above increased. It was as if they were reminding Shi Feng that he was not allowed to move away from the mountain.

However, Shi Feng couldnt care less right now. If he stopped, only death awaited him. Hence, he continued running at full speed while enduring the countless swords raining down on him. After running for a certain distance, Shi Feng suddenly noticed that, whenever the Blade Demon behind him touched the densely packed swords that had fallen to the ground, damages of -100 would appear above its head. 
Due to the hindrances in its path, the Blade Demons speed also slightly decreased.

Shi Fengs troubled expression transformed into a wicked smile. Just before the effect of Windwalk was about to disappear, Shi Feng took out a Speed Scroll from his bag and used it. He then continued running away from Sword Peak Mountain. This time, however, Shi Feng purposefully zigzagged. This way, if the Blade Demon wished to approach him, it would definitely collide with the swords on the ground.

As a result, not only would the Blade Demons speed decrease, but it would also receive a continuous stream of damage.

The Blade Demon had a total of 300,000 HP. With its battle recovery, it could regain 3,000 HP every five seconds. Shi Feng could not kill the Blade Demon by relying only on the scattered swords. Hence, Shi Feng occasionally threw the Blazing Meteor at the monster. However, the Blade Demons defensive capabilities were simply too powerful. Out of all of Shi Fengs attacks, only 10% struck the Blade Demon.

Shi Feng also used skills such as Thundering Flash and Earth Splitter, dealing over -1,000 damage with each hit. Overall, the damage the Blade Demon received barely surpassed its battle recovery. If Shi Feng wanted to kill the Blade Demon, he would need to spend a very long time to do so.

It seems that I can only drag things out. Shi Feng had no other options. The only fortunate thing about this situation was that the Blade Demon could eventually die.


Time passed
, bit by bit.

While Shi Feng 
played his game of cat and mouse with the Blade Demon, White River City had become extraordinarily lively. Zero Wing had finally started its recruitment.

The independent players who had 
waited eagerly for this moment were incomparably excited.

As everyone arrived at Zero Wings recruitment locationanticipation overwhelmed them.

The Purple Sun Mansion, the real estate that occupied the largest lot and best location in White River City, was actually Zero Wings Guild Residence.

Im not seeing things
, right? Isnt this the Purple Sun Mansion? Zero Wing isnt even giving the other Guilds a chance!

Damn! Zero Wings Guild Hall is huge! It wont have any problems holding several thousand players at a single time!

Thats nothing. I have a brother in Zero Wing. I hear that 
its even more amazing inside. Aside from having a high-class bar, many NPCs appear every day to issue Guild Quests. The number and variety of Guild Quests they get far surpass those available at the Adventurers Association. Not only can members of Zero Wing obtain a lot more EXP, but the item rewards they can get from the quests are also much more abundant. Some quests even reward Secret-Silver items. Also, if members rest inside the Guild Hall, they can accumulate a Double EXP buff. There are private rooms available for rent, too.

For a time, everyone began forming a long queue outside Zero Wings Guild Residence, enthusiastically applying to Zero Wing. From a glance, the number of players in line had already exceeded 30,000.

The many benefits such as high-level quests, Double EXP buff, private rooms and more had sent all the independent players into a frenzy.

Meanwhile, when news of Zero Wings Guild Residence spread, the various Guilds throughout Star-Moon Kingdom 
tumbled into turmoil.

Originally, these Guilds 
didnt think much of a Guild Residence.

they never expected a Guild Residence to provide such significant benefits. All this time, they regarded a Guild Residence as only a symbol of a Guilds establishment, a place where Guild members could gather and chat. Now that they realized what a Guild Residence could do, the upper echelons of these Guilds felt a chill crawl down their spines.

A Guild Residence was simply too terrifying. Not only could it increase the leveling speed of Guild members, 
but it could also provide a source of Coins for the Guild. Now that Zero Wing possessed its own Guild Residence, the Guild would no longer have to purchase Coins using Credits or form teams to specifically farm Coins. The Guild Residence also had other aspects that could allow a Guild to develop quickly. How could Guilds like theirs that did not possess a Guild Residence compete with Zero Wing now?

At this time, the first-rate Guilds who were not originally concerned with Zero Wing had to reevaluate their opinions.

Young Master Feng, now that Zero Wing has revealed their Guild Residence, everyone in Star-Moon Kingdom has shifted their attention back to them. Overwhelming Smiles 
achievement can no longer hamper Zero Wings recruitment. Should we focus on solidifying the Branch Guild in White River City?

I have really underestimated Black Flame. However, dont think that I am out of 
options, Feng Xuanyang sneered. Since you dare challenge me, you will only have one ending. Tell Overwhelming Smile this: dont worry about spending money; just steal as many players from Zero Wing as possible. I want to see just how a Guild without many members can develop.

Shortly after Feng Xuanyang gave his command, Overwhelming Smile took action.

Overwhelming Smile shocked the various Guilds in White River City.

Overwhelming Smile has 
gone insane! Snow Goose shouted when she read the latest information on Overwhelming Smile.

In order to attract independent players, Overwhelming Smile had increased the benefits it offered once again. At this moment, 
it offered four times what Dark Star had in the pastNormal members alone would be treated far better than even elite players of other Guilds. The benefits offered to Overwhelming Smiles elite members was beyond comparison.

Overwhelming Smile 
even began to publicly poach Zero Wings normal members, promising them threefold what the other Guild members received if they joined the Guild.

Originally, Overwhelming Smiles increase in the benefits was already shocking. Now, that they took it a step further and offered another threefold raise, how could the members of Zero Wing not be tempted? In fact, some members already considered withdrawing from Zero Wing and defecting to Overwhelming Smile.

Is Overwhelming Smile planning 
to destroy us with money? Aqua Rose smiled bitterly, her expression turning grim.

This move was truly vicious.

Zero Wing 
had only established recentlyIts funding had never been abundant. They had no chance against the large funding Overwhelming Smile possessed.


While Overwhelming Smile was in the midst of waging a poaching war against Zero Wing, Shi Feng had finally reduced the Bla
de Demons HP to its last vestiges.


Abruptly spinning around, Shi Feng dashed towards the low HP Blade Demon.

Abyssal Bind!

Flame Burst!

Abyssal Bind immediately 
tethered the Blade Demon in place. Following which, the scorching Abyssal Blade slashed at the demonic creatures body twelve times in a row. Every slash dealt over -2,000 damage to the Blade Demon, devouring the monsters remaining 20,000 HP.

As the Blade Demon died, Shi Feng noticed a piece of paper falling beside the monsters body. He originally thought that it was a Legacy Chapter. However, upon picking it up, Shi Feng froze. At that moment, he 
even thought he might be hallucinating.

[Broken Steel Forging Design Fragment]

Epic Rank Unique Set Equipment. Set consists of a total of six pieces.

Current fragment count (1/18)

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