Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 402

Chapter 402 - The Terrifying War Goddess

What is Gentle Snow trying to do?

Everyone in the spectator stands was baffled.

Even Zhao Yueru, who was very familiar with Gentle Snow, was dumbfounded by her friends actions.

Gentle Snow had thrown her blue greatsword the moment the battle started.

Any player who lost their main weapons was tantamount to a beast without its claws and fangs. Yet, Gentle Snow took the initiative to discard her main weapon in order to attack her enemy? 

Berserkers were not ranged fighters. Although the greatsword she threw possessed some power, its attack pattern was very straightforward. The greatsword was not very fast, so players could easily dodge it.

Meanwhile, if Gentle Snow lost her main weapon, she could not attack or defend. If she relied solely on a Berserkers mobility and dodging capabilities, an expert Ranger like Blackhearted Arrow could defeat her effortlessly.

Zhao Yuerus loss had already forced Gentle Snow to the edge of the cliff, and she could not afford carelessness in the second match. If Gentle Snow lost her match as well, their hopes of victory would be dashed.

It seems that Zhao Yuerus loss was quite a blow to Gentle Snow.

Why is she acting so impulsively?

Many of the Elders who silently supported Gentle Snow lamented at this sight.

Before this battle had even begun, the victor of both this match and this competition had been determined. If even Gentle Snow lost, the other members of her team didnt have a prayer. The only person who had a chance at victory was Fierce Snake. However, Cao Chenghua still had Nimble Snake and Soaring Snake fighting for him. As for War Wolf, even Cao Chenghua treated the Shield Warrior respectfully. The man must be astonishingly powerful.

In the arena, Blackhearted Arrow discovered the blue greatsword soaring towards him. He grinned.

Gentle Snow, youre seeking death; dont blame me for being merciless.

Blackhearted Arrow immediately adjusted his footwork. Side-stepping, he twisted slightly. His movements were incredibly subtle, and his dodging techniques were reminiscent of a martial arts master. In the next moment, Gentle Snows Blue Sky flew past Blackhearted Arrow, missing his side by a few centimeters.

At this moment, Blackhearted Arrow revealed a savage expression. Whenever he had fought Gentle Snow in the past, the latter would always beat him into a pulp. Even today, he was not absolutely confident that he could triumph over the Snow Goddess. However, she had foolishly thrown her greatsword, assuming that he couldnt dodge it. Now that she no longer had her main weapon, she could not deflect his rain of arrows.

Blackhearted Arrow retrieved the deep-blue longbow from his back and retrieved the precious Wind Breaking 
Arrows from his bag. He then nocked the arrows, aimed at Gentle Snow, and drew his bow into a full moon.

Wind Breaking Arrows. There was also an additional Knockback effect when the arrow hit its target. Furthermore, the bow Blackhearted Arrow used, Blue Wings, had an effect that increased an arrows speed by an additional 15%.
 Compiling both of these effects, even an agility-focused Assassin would struggle to dodge his attacks. At most, they could use their weapons to deflect the arrows.

Previously, Blackhearted Arrow had tested the Wind Breaking Arrows with Nimble Snake. Within 20 yards, even with Nimble Snakes skills and extremely fast reaction speed, he could only use his daggers to defend himself against the arrows. Hence, there was no way a low-Agility and unarmed Berserker could protect herself from them.

This was one of the reasons why Blackhearted Arrow was confident that he would defeat Gentle Snow.

Just as Blackhearted Arrow was about to fire three Wind Breaking Arrows at Gentle Snow, the Snow Goddess suddenly revealed a faint smile.

Watch how Ill get rid of


Blackhearted Arrow suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back, and he plunged, face-first into the ground. A damage of -1,342 appeared above his head, his HP decreasing by almost half.

Blackhearted Arrows mind was blank as his body fell to the ground.

What happened?

Hadnt he been the one attacking? How had he fallen?

There was even an additional Heavily Injured debuff on him now; his Movement Speed and Attack Speed had decreased by 20% for six seconds.

Moreover, by the time he looked up, the blue greatsword Gentle Snow had thrown had somehow returned to her, and the Berserker was charging at him.

Wasnt that Death Throw? When did Gentle Snow learn it? Moreover, the skills level has actually reached Tier 1. Is it an innate skill of her weapon? With his wealth of experience, Shi Feng had immediately discerned the skill Gentle Snow had used.

Death Throw was not a skill unique to Berserkers. 
Rather, it was a Special Skill with a two-staged attack.

Those unaware of this skill would simply think that Gentle Snow 
had thrown her weapon. However, Death Throw basically made her weapon boomerang. Normally, after players dodged the first attack, they would launch a counterattack, failing to notice the second attack from behind. Moreover, Death Throws second attack contained far more speed and destructive power than the first. At Tier 0, Death Throw would inflict a Heavily Injured debuff upon hitting the target. It was even more powerful at Tier 1. This two-staged attack fooled many players, and as a result, they would lose their lives.

Blackhearted Arrow knew that he was in 
danger at the moment. However, Gentle Snow was still more than 10 yards from him. Hurriedly, he climbed up from the ground, intending to escape while firing the Wind Breaking Arrows at Gentle Snow, knocking her back.

However, the moment Blackhearted Arrow stood, he suddenly discovered Gentle Snow slashing down her blue greatsword despite the
 distance between them. In the next moment, over a dozen blue wind blades flew towards him.

With both his Movement Speed and Attack Speed reduced, 
Blackhearted Arrow would have a difficult time blocking or dodgingThe Ranger immediately released an angry bellow, intending to activate a lifesaving skill, Backward Jump. However 

Why cant I use any 
of my skills?! Blackhearted Arrow discovered that he could not use Backward Jump. He then looked at the blue wind blades that were suddenly before him, crying out in confusion.

Shua Shua Shua 

The dozen or so wind blades shredded Blackhearted Arrows body and damages over -300 appeared above his head, one after another. In the end, his HP fell to zero. As the Rangers body transformed into particles of light, a deep-blue longbow had been left behind in his place.

Victor of the second match: Gentle Snow!

Cao Chenghua, his teammates, as well as the Elders of Ouroboros standing at the spectator stands, were dumbfounded.

Gentle Snow had only used two moves to defeat Blackhearted Arrow, Ouroboross Third Branch Leader. It was simply unbelievable.

Is this her true strength? Cao Chenghua watched Gentle Snows figure as she departed from the arena with a grim expression.

Fortunately, Gentle Snows opponent had been Blackhearted Arrow, the weakest of the five on Cao Chenghuas team. If she had fought anyone else this round, Gentle Snow might have had a chance of becoming the victor of this competition and the Guild Leader of Ouroboros. 

Big Brother Ye Feng, Big Sis Snow is so amazing! She took out an expert with just two moves! Violet Cloud exclaimed with awe.

Indeed. Shi Feng nodded, smiling faintly.

Blackhearted Arrow did not know that, if struck by the Tier 1 Death Throw, players would also suffer a Silence effect, which prevented them from using any skills for a short time. This was why the skill was known as the Death Throw.

Gentle Snows brilliant victory had undeniably increased the morale of her team. They now only needed to win two of the three remaining matches. Moreover, Gentle Snows intense domination had given the opposition some pause.

Just as Zhao Yueru and Fierce Snake celebrated Gentle Snows victory 

The next combatants were announced.

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