Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 404

Chapter 404 - The Difference Between Outsiders


Gentle Snow, you should now see the difference between us, right? Cao Chenghua said, laughing as he grinned at Gentle Snow. From the very beginning, you never had any chance of winning this competition.

There is only one ending for you all todaydefeat!

Gentle Snow, stoic and beautiful, refused to respond to Cao Chenghuas taunts.

It was true that she had never expected Cao Chenghua to invite such an expert.

Suddenly, this competition was no longer within her control.

Originally, she had hoped for Fierce Snakes victory. Then, as long as Ye Feng secured another win, she would dominate this competition.


Now, there were still two matches left. Even if Ye Feng won his match, they would end with a tie. However, they didnt have any experts for the final match.

Big Brother Ye Feng, what is going on? Violet Clouds eyes widened in shock when she witnessed War Wolfs demonic
 attacks. Why does he know it, too?

Seeing as War Wolf can use Omnivision and Second Acceleration to such a refined standard, Cao Chenghua must have learned those techniques from him, 
Shi Feng calmly explained. 

Realization immediately dawned on Violet Cloud.

However, Shi Fengs words had undeniably given Gentle Snow and the others a shock, each one of them falling silent.

If Nimble Snake and Soaring Snake had also learned such 
mystifying techniques 

Hahaha! Thats right! Both Nimble Snake and Soaring Snake have also learned those techniques! Moreover, they are more proficient than I am! Cao Chenghua could not help but laugh when he saw Gentle Snow and the others expressions. Gentle Snow, you understand now, right? You have no chance of winning this competition! On top of that, the two outsiders youve brought are merely two Level 22 players! How could they possibly compete with the
 empowered Nimble Snake and Soaring Snake? Gentle Snow, just admit your loss right now. If you do, you wont have to suffer a humiliating defeat!

At this time, both Nimble Snake and Soaring Snake shifted their gaze to Shi Feng and Violet Cloud, disdain filling their eyes.

How boring. They are the last opponents. With this, I cant test out my new techniques, Soaring Snake sighed with disappointment. If I fought Gentle Snow, I might have been able to display some of my strength.

I heard that Ye Feng is quite strong. He was previously the first player to enter White River City and had even defeated hundreds of players by himself during the initial stages of Gods Domain. He should provide some challenge and serve as a warm-up for the both of you, Cao Chenghua casually explained as he smirked at Shi Feng.

At this moment, War Wolf opened his mouth and said, Thats right. You should not underestimate Ye Feng. I have seen his battle videos. Even though everyones Levels were very low at the time,
 based on the way Ye Feng moved and took action, I guarantee that he possesses a significant foundation in martial arts. Although he has yet to grasp Omnivision, you two should still be careful when fighting him.

After War Wolf had agreed to aid Cao Chenghua, other than speaking while he trained them, he was usually silent. War Wolfs sudden and casual comment drew everyones attention

Him? Nimble Snake looked 
at Shi Feng, unable to feel any power or pressure from the ordinary-looking man. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly as he laughed and said, Big Brother War Wolf, you worry too much. You taught both of us personally. Against such an amateur martial artist, I can easily take care of him alone.

Before Nimble Snake had joined Cao Chenghua, he had never known that he could apply so many martial arts techniques to playing a game like Gods Domain.

When Cao Chenghua had first approached him, Nimble Snake did not even humor the thought of defecting. At that time, he felt that Gentle Snows combat techniques
 were the epitome of what it meant to be an expert. However, after dueling War Wolf and suffering an overwhelming defeat, Nimble Snake realized that he had merely been a frog in the bottom of the well.

It was like meeting Superman.

Superman was 
the creation of mans imagination, a fictional character that could never exist.

Yet, reality suddenly revealed that such fictional characters actually existed. This revelation had shaken Nimble Snakes beliefs

Hence, Nimble Snake had joined Cao Chenghuas side without hesitation and received special training from War Wolf. After spending a lot of time and effort, he finally grasped the technique called Omnivision.

After grasping Omnivision, Nimble Snake finally realized how huge of a gap there was between him and War Wolf.

If Gentle Snow was the peak of mortals, then after grasping Omnivision, Nimble Snake had exceeded mortal standards. The two were on entirely different levels. 

Top-tier experts?

Great experts?

They were just jokes in Nimble Snakes eyes.

Nimble Snake, stop speaking nonsense. Brother War Wolf definitely has his reasons for what he said. No matter who faces Ye Feng, you must go all-out 
against him, understand? Cao Chenghua reproached Nimble Snake, glaring at the Assassin.

Yes, I understand, Nimble Snake hurriedly lowered his head.

At this moment, the fourth combatants had been revealed.

Fourth match: Ye Feng vs. Soaring Snake.

Hahaha! Perfect! Since Big Brother War Wolf said to be careful of Ye Feng, then Ill use him to test my new skills and see just how much I have improved! Soaring Snake walked into the arena excitedly.

Soaring Snake was not a brawny man. On the contrary, he was very lean. However, although he was thin, his muscles were packed with explosive power like a cheetahs. Out of everyone in Cao Chenghuas team, War Wolf was the most optimistic about Soaring Snake. Not only did he possess the highest talent for combat, but the speed at which he learned also left everyone speechless. He had only taken half the time to learn Omnivision. Moreover, he was a natural-born fighting maniac.

Under War Wolfs tutelage, Soaring Snake had developed with unimaginable speeds, and right now, he was definitely the number one powerhouse in all of Ouroboros.

If not for Cao Chenghuas wish to hide Soaring Snakes strength, the latter would have long since made it on the Gods Domain Experts List.

Ye Feng, how confident are you? Gentle Snow suddenly asked as Shi Feng was about to enter the arena. If you dont feel confident, just admit defeat. You are Zero Wings backbone. It would not be beneficial for you to lose a level here.

This competition was a miscalculation on my part. I never expected that Cao Chenghua had such a monster on his team. Not only is he a powerful fighter himself, but he has also enhanced Soaring Snake and Nimble Snakes strength.

As for the losses you have suffered by joining me, I will pay five million Credits.

In Gentle Snows opinion,
 Ye Feng was undoubtedly stronger than Soaring Snake. However, after finding out that Soaring Snake had completely changed, even Gentle Snow didnt think that she had much of a chance against him. Meanwhile, how much stronger could Ye Feng possibly be?

A promise is a promise. Since Miss Snow has already invited me here, and I have agreed to help, how could I possibly flee without a fight? Shi Feng revealed a faint smile as he entered the arena.

Ye Feng is such a fool! Zhao Yueru huffed angrily. Didnt he see how powerful War Wolf was?

Since War Wolf guided and taught Soaring Snake, even if he is not on par with War Wolf, he is probably not too far behind! Ye Feng is just trying to die!

Alright, Yueru, everyone has their own bottom lines and styles of conduct. It is my fault for telling Ye Feng to give up without a fight, Gentle Snow placated Zhao Yueru. She then shifted her gaze to Shi Feng inside the arena, a mix of feelings filling her heart.

However, while Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru both worried, Violet Cloud suddenly giggled and said, Since Big Brother Ye Feng has given his promise, he will fulfill it. You can rest assured about this.

Both Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru turned their heads to look at the little girl named Violet Cloud, confused. Just why was Violet Cloud so confident in Ye Feng?

Violet Cloud simply smiled and remained silent.

Only she realized that their opponents should be the ones worrying; Soaring Snake was about to fight none other than Star-Moon Kingdoms number one powerhouse, One-hit Asura.

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