Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 407

Chapter 407 - Final Battle



This What What just happened?!

Why did Soaring Snake fall even after using Second Acceleration?!

When was Soaring Snake attacked?

Cao Chenghua bellowed.

Cao Chenghua simply could not believe what he had just seen. From his position, he could see the entire battle, yet, he was completely clueless as to what had just happened between the two Swordsmen. It was simply ridiculous.

In fact, Cao Chenghua wasnt the only one confused. None of the spectators understood what had just happened.

The crowd saw Shi Feng dive headfirst into the Soaring Snakes sword images before he suddenly vanished. Before they realized it, Shi Feng had already walked past Soaring Snakes body. Meanwhile, multiple sword wounds had appeared on Soaring Snake, blood gushing from those wounds

In this match, no matter how one looked at it, Soaring Snake had already obtained his victory, yet, the true outcome of the battle was completely unexpected. For a moment, nobody could accept this reality.

As Soaring Snakes instructor, War Wolf was most familiar with Soaring Snakes strength. War Wolf was also an expert with frightening combat power in his own right. However, after witnessing this scene, he, too, found it unbelievable, so much so that he was more shocked than everyone else present.

The higher you were, the better view you would have. Others might not have realized what had happened, but War Wolf had seen some clues.

However, his confusion was precisely because of what
 he had seen.

Although Shi Fengs speed was indeed frightening, it was not at the level of becoming invisible. Yet, the instant Shi Feng closed in on Soaring Snake, he suddenly vanished. By the time War Wolf noticed Shi Feng again, the latter had arrived by Soaring Snakes side, their shoulders brushing past each other.

In other words, when Shi Feng had charged at Soaring Snake, he had disappeared from view not because of speed, but because War Wolfs mind had failed to perceive Shi Feng. Even Soaring Snake, who used Omnivision and his inhuman reaction speed, had failed to perceive Shi Feng.

This was what thoroughly confused War Wolf. How had Shi Feng achieved such a feat?

Second Acceleration was a technique used to confuse the eye, utilizing acceleration to catch an enemy off-guard and attack their blindspot. With this technique, enemies would still have a small window to react. However, Shi Fengs technique did not allow his enemies even that brief time before his sword landed 

After Soaring Snake died, he dropped a Level 20 Fine-Gold ranked pauldron, which Shi Feng
 casually pocketed. Shi Feng also secretly collected an Immortal Soul.

Now, he only needed 9,999 more.

After Soaring Snake lost his Immortal Soul, not only did he lose a level, but he was also barred from logging into Gods Domain for a time. As for exactly how long he was barred from the game, even Shi Feng did not know. If it were short, it might only be one or two days. If it were a long wait, Soaring Snake might not be able to log in for three or four days. In short, Soaring Snake would have to stay put for some time.

Ye Feng, how did you manage to defeat Soaring Snake? Zhao Yueru, unable to contain her curiosity, immediately went up to him and asked when she saw Shi Feng exit the arena.

She had too many questions about the battle.

Because of this match, Zhao Yueru suddenly felt like a noob that had only started playing games, completely clueless.

Despite having witnessed everything with her own eyes, she had no idea of what had actually happened. 

Do you want to know? Shi Feng was slightly surprised as he looked at the excited woman rushing up to him. He never expected Zhao Yueru to be the first person to ask him

Mhm, Zhao Yueru nodded, her eyes revealing a hint of anticipation.

Zhao Yueru was very curious about how Shi Feng had managed to not only dodge the eighteen sword images, but also neutralize Soaring Snakes inhuman reaction speed, killing him instantly.

After thinking for a moment, Shi Feng said seriously, I just went up to him and slashed him three times; thats all.

Everyone present was immediately rendered speechless. Zhao Yueru had been about to tackle Shi Feng and take a few bites out of him if it not for Gentle Snow holding her back.

Alright, Yueru; everyone has their own secrets. You cant force him to tell you.

Now that we have won the fourth match, each side has two wins and two losses. This result is all thanks to Ye Feng.

The following match will determine the result of this competition.

At this moment, Gentle Snow felt very fortunate that she had thought of inviting Ye Feng when she had prepared for this competition. Although she had felt that Ye Feng had a good chance of securing a victory for her, she had never expected him to surprise her like this.

Despite facing the greatly enhanced First Apostle, Soaring Snake, Ye Feng had defeated him with overwhelming might. She could never have expected this result.

Gentle Snow found it very hard to believe that such an expert had remained unknown all this time.

Was it because they were too weak to encounter such experts? Or was it because these experts loved to play the role of a weakling? Even Gentle Snow was unsure.

However, the few fights today had certainly widened her horizons.

She really could not figure out what kind of Guild Zero Wing was. 
First, there was Black Flame. Now, the combat power Ye Feng displayed was not the slightest bit inferior, and might even be superior, to Black Flames. Of course, Black Flame had never displayed his true strength to the public, so Gentle Snow could not be certain of who was stronger. Regardless, though, the two of them were true monsters.

Big Brother Ye Feng, whats wrong?

Violet Cloud could feel that something was amiss. The moment Shi Feng left the arena, he immediately sat down in the first row of seats. Now, his forehead was covered with sweat. Shi Feng was obviously dispirited, and he seemed exhausted.

Its nothing. The high-intensity battle simply exhausted my mental power. Ill be fine after a short rest. You should get ready for the next match, Shi Feng replied softly, not trying to hide his current weakness. Although he was exhausted right now, he brimmed with joy.

Everyone had thought that he had defeated Soaring Snake effortlessly. In reality, however, it had not been easy to dodge the eighteen sword images while dealing a fatal blow.

If he had not been promoted to a Tier 1 Blade Saint with his Attributes enhanced greatly and his physical strength increased substantially, he might not have been able to use Void Steps in the exchange.

Although Shi Feng had other methods to deal with Soaring Snake, he had chosen to take the risk because he wanted to break through his personal barrier and improve himself further. Fortunately, his gamble succeeded.

Under the immense pressure Soaring Snake had placed on him, Shi Feng had finally reached a breakthrough and used footwork that he had never been able to use in the past.

Void Steps!

Void Steps was advanced footwork that allowed one to remove their presence from the opponents mind.

In the past, very few top-tier experts had successfully grasped such advanced footwork. As for Shi Feng, who had merely been a first-rate expert back then,
 he had only ever succeeded in his dreams.

In order to learn this advanced footwork, Shi Feng had done countless research and trials. Yet, he had never succeeded. This footwork possessed an extremely high requirement of a persons movement and breathing. It was not a technique that ordinary people could easily learn.

However, Shi Fengs physique had massively improved after he had undergone his Class Change. His control over his body had also improved. In addition, he was currently playing the game through a virtual gaming cabin. Hence, Shi Feng had always thought of giving the footwork a try. Only, he had never found the chance. Fortunately, Soaring Snake had created the perfect opportunity for him.

With the threat of death looming, the pressure allowed Shi Feng to finally break through that unreachable barrier.

Meanwhile, as Shi Feng was still feeling joyous over his own breakthrough, the fifth match of the competition had begun.

Fifth match: Violet Cloud vs. Nimble Snake!

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