Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 408

Chapter 408 - Level vs Tier

Shi Fengs overwhelming victory during the fourth match had undoubtedly formed dark clouds in Cao Chenghuas heart. As if something was stuck in his throat, Cao Chenghua felt extremely uncomfortable.

Why hasnt Soaring Snake resurrected? Cao Chenghua was in a sour mood.

If Shi Feng was so powerful, then the Cleric girl that came with him must be extraordinary as well. She might also know the same technique as his. Even now, Cao Chenghua had no clue as to what Shi Feng had done. Without that knowledge, he had no response to it. Most likely, only Soaring Snake might know what sort of technique it was. Since Soaring Snake was still absent, Caos anxiety began to take hold.

Currently, the competition was tied, and Nimble Snake and Violet Cloud would face off in the final match.

Nimble Snake was an Assassin. Although he had an absolute advantage against a Cleric and had learned Omnivision and Second Acceleration, they would be useless against Shi Fengs technique.

Brother Cao, for some reason, Soaring Snake has logged off and is still offline. I cant contact him at all,
 Nimble Snake reported.

At this moment, Nimble Snake was also panicking; afraid that his opponent would know the same technique that won the previous match. If he lost  

Cao Chenghua would be finished. His life wouldnt exactly be easy either.

Cao Chenghua paled as he looked at Soaring Snakes status window. He wished he could log off and strangle Soaring Snake.

Playing hooky at such a crucial moment, was he trying to toy with him?!

Guild Leader Cao, you dont have to be so worried. Although Ye Feng is very powerful, that female Cleric is different from those like Ye Feng and me, War Wolf suddenly spoke.

Brother War Wolf, are you sure? Cao hesitated.

If Violet Cloud were not a martial artist like Ye Feng and War Wolf, then even if she had powerful techniques, Cao Chenghua would have nothing to worry about. A Cleric was still a Cleric after all.

Yes. She does not have the unique aura that people like us possess. I guarantee it, War Wolf affirmed, nodding.

Excellent! Cao Chenghuas face lit up with a relieved smile. He then shifted his gaze to the other team, muttering in a cold tone, Gentle Snow, oh, Gentle Snow. Although you invited an expert of such caliber, in the end, 
you are still a step behind.

Nimble Snake, do not disappoint me.

Brother Cao, rest assured. She is only a Level 22 Cleric. I could have defeated her effortlessly even before I underwent the special training. Nimble Snake revealed a sinister grin as he glanced at Violet Cloud who had already entered the arena. He was currently Level 24. To an expert, an advantage of two levels
 made quite a difference.

Following which, Nimble Snake entered the arena as well.

Meanwhile, seated in the spectator stands, War Wolf still appeared indifferent. There was not the slightest hint of a smile on his face.

In truth, he had only finished half of his statement.

Violet Cloud indeed did not possess the unique aura of a martial artist. However, with his acute senses, War Wolf could feel a faint sense of danger from her. This danger was slightly different 
from that of a ferocious beastIt felt almost like a divine pressure.

Just what secret is this female Cleric hiding?

Although War Wolf was not trying to boast, in Gods Domain, 
he did not fear many people. Even if he encountered someone who could intimidate him, it definitely would not be the young little girl standing inside the arena.

Yet, there was something about her that gave him pause.

Meanwhile, the tension was similarly high on Gentle Snows side.

Ye Feng, will Violet really be alright? Zhao Yueru asked as she took a seat beside Shi Feng. She wanted a straight answer from him.

Although she did not know why, Zhao Yueru felt that Shi Feng knew something she did not.

It should be alright, Shi Feng said, uncertain.

Should? What do you mean should? If Violet loses, Snow will have to leave Gods Domain forever! Are you really willing to lose her? Zhao Yueru huffed.

Listening to Zhao Yuerus words, Shi Feng was suddenly speechless.

Yueru! Gentle Snow glared. To think that her friend could still joke at a time like this.

Gentle Snow was somewhat familiar with Shi Fengs personality.

Shi Feng would never speak without certainty. If he said it, then it was true. Otherwise, he would remain quiet.

But Zhao Yueru knew that her questioning would not change anything. She only wanted Shi Fengs confirmation so that she could feel more at ease.

I really do not know. Nimble Snakes current strength, especially after grasping combat techniques such as Omnivision and Second Acceleration, is a complete mystery to me. As for Violets current progress, I dont know that either. However, she should be quite powerful. At least, without Omnivision and Second Acceleration, Nimble Snake wouldnt even be a challenge for her. Now, however, I do not know. We can only wait and see, Shi Feng explained as he
 understood Zhao Yuerus anxiety.

Before War Wolfs appearance, Shi Feng had been certain of Violet Clouds victory regardless of who she fought. Now, however, Nimble Snake had learned combat techniques that very few experts knew.

Of course, although Nimble Snake had the advantages of levels and techniques, Violet Cloud possessed the advantage of tiers.

Simply put, the results of this match were unknown.

After listening to Shi Fengs explanation, Zhao Yueru grew even more nervous. Wasnt that the same as saying nothing at all?!

Gentle Snow, on the other hand, was greatly surprised.

From Shi Fengs words, Violet Cloud was actually superior to Nimble Snake. Nimble Snake had originally been one of the top combatants of Ouroboros, and even Gentle Snow could not obtain an easy victory if they fought. 
However, Shi Feng was confident when he spoke. Thus, Gentle Snow believed him.

Violet Cloud was only a young girl around sixteen or seventeen years old. How could she possibly be so strong?

If Shi Fengs statement was true, then there might still be hope. Moreover, Violet Cloud was a ranged class. She would have an easier time dealing with techniques such as Omnivision and Second Acceleration.

Suddenly, the countdown timer above the arena had ended.

Immediately, Nimble Snake activated Stealth and vanished.

One had to admit that Nimble Snake was indeed one of the top combatants of Ouroboros. After entering Stealth, all of his movements were silent
. He was even stealthier than Absolute Heaven, and not even Shi Feng, who watched from the spectator stands, could tell Nimble Snakes exact location.

Time passed little by little. Other than Violet Cloud, there was nobody else visible inside the arena.

However, Nimble Snake revealed no intentions of making a move. As a result, the atmosphere inside the arena grew tenser as more time went by.

This was one of the methods often used by Assassins. By doing so, they could instill paranoia in their target, 
exhausting their targets mental fortitude. As soon as their target relaxed, they would launch a fatal assault. Hence, many players despised dealing with Assassins. After all, it was tiresome to remain on high alert for long periods of time. 

Hence, Assassins had a natural advantage when fighting against all classes.

Heh, thats quite some patience you have there, little girl. Well see how long you last. The moment you relax will be the moment you die. At this moment, Nimble Snake stood only ten yards away from Violet Cloud. To an Agility-focused Assassin, an instant was all that was necessary to cross that distance.

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