Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 417

Chapter 417 - Blade Liberation

In a withered forest located at the outer area of White Fog Canyon.

Fire Dance and Flying Shadow, who had been standing watch around the team all this time, were currently dashing towards the gorge.

Sister Fire Dance, Guild Leader is too amazing! He can actually fight the Battle Monkey Warchief, a berserk Level 25 Chieftain, all by himself! With eyes filled with anticipation, Flying Shadow added, I hope that Monkey Warchief can last until we get there.

Flying Shadow, youre still in a mood to joke around? Although Guild Leader is amazing, a Chieftain that has gone berserk is no laughing matter. In a moment, well need to be careful when we go in and support Guild Leader. We will lose our lives if were hit by the Monkey Warchief, Fire Dance reminded him.

Fire Dance felt that it was too risky for Shi Feng to fight a berserk Level 25 Chieftain all by himself. Such a battle did not permit even the slightest mistake.

After Fire Dance succeeded in her Class Change Quest and became a Tier 1 Assassin, she had wanted to test her own standards. Hence, she had sent the members of the Guild out looking for monsters for her to test herself against.

At the very beginning, she had required little effort to defeat a Level 15 Special Elite.

She then challenged herself with a Level 16 Chieftain. However, twenty seconds into the battle, she was already in a miserable state. In the end, she had to use Vanish and flee.

Hence, Fire Dance knew clearly just how powerful a Chieftain ranked monster was, let alone a Level 25 Chieftain that was constantly in a berserk state.

Sister Fire Dance, I can hear sounds of battle coming from the front.
 They should be fighting over there, Flying Shadow said excitedly.

Many people wished they could watch the battles of 
the One-hit Asura. Some players were even offering to purchase unpublished battle videos of the One-hit Asura at high prices, hoping to learn a thing or two from watching these videos.

Flying Shadow himself had also watched Shi Fengs battle videos over a hundred times and
 received great benefits from doing so.

However, at the end of the day, a video was still a video.
 It simply could not compare to seeing a battle live.

However, Shi Fengs battles were simply too 
fast-paced. Even though Flying Shadow could witness them, there was a limit to how much his mind could absorb. Hence, Flying Shadow also wanted a recording of the battle to study it in detail after returning.

To this end, Flying Shadow had specially asked Fire Dance to activate Holographic Simulation Mode to record Shi Fengs battle.

Before Flying Shadow had experienced a virtual gaming cabin, he had only been dismissive of the machine.

Wasnt it just a 97% sync-rate? The virtual gaming helmet also possessed a 90% sync-rate. How huge of a difference could there be?

The makers of the virtual gaming cabin were simply trying to swindle peoples money.

However, after Flying Shadow tried the cabin for himself, he instantly fell in love with it.

Not only could the virtual gaming cabin allow him to display more of his actual combat power, but it was also of great help in regard to learning how to fight in Gods Domain. The holographic videos in particular were far superior to flat-screen videos.

Unfortunately, there were only five virtual gaming cabins in Zero Wings Workshop, three
 of which were dedicated to the Guild Leader, Fire Dance, and Blackie.

The remaining two had to be shared with other core members in rotation.

Currently, Flying Shadow was not using the virtual gaming cabin, so he could not utilize the holographic recording. He could only request one from Fire Dance. That way, he could properly watch the video the next time it was his turn to use a virtual gaming cabin.

In regard to Flying Shadows request, Fire Dance was not opposed to it. She, too, wished to learn from Shi Fengs battle
. Then, she simply needed to give Flying Shadow a copy.

When the two arrived at the scene of the battle, they suddenly saw Shi Feng disappear, before shortly reappearing beside the Battle Monkey Warchief and slowly walking by it. Meanwhile, a few additional gashes manifested on the Monkey Warchiefs body, fresh blood spurting out all over the place

Whats going on?

The sight suddenly set off an endless ripple in Fire Dances and Flying Shadows hearts.

Each of Shi Fengs strikes only managed to deal around -900 damage; the three slashes amounted to just slightly over -2,700 damage. To the Battle Monkey Warchief, which had 140,000 HP, they were merely scratches. However, the Monkey Warchief appeared even more furious after it was struck.

Suddenly, the Battle Monkey Warchief sent a barrage of attacks raining down on Shi Feng.

The Monkey Warchief started using Dance of Blades with greater frequency, sealing Shi Fengs path of retreat every time it did so. However, Shi Feng also dashed directly at the Dance of Blades every time, disappearing before reappearing. Shi Feng was like the moons reflection in the water; although the Monkey Warchief could see him, it always failed to hit Shi Fengs physical body. Meanwhile, the Monkey Warchiefs HP also continuously decreased.

For a moment, 
Shi Feng had completely suppressed the Battle Monkey Warchief

Has the Guild Leader learned a new technique? Flying Shadow muttered with uncertainty.

Though he wanted to call it a skill, that would be incorrect. Normally, powerful skills possessed very long Cooldowns. How could a skill that allowed one to disappear and reappear shortly after be frequently usable?

It shouldnt be a skill. Fire Dance had been paying rapt attention to Shi Fengs battle, and with surprise filling her eyes, she said, If it were a skill similar to Instantaneous Movement, then the moment he disappears, he should simultaneously reappear at another location. However, after Guild Leader disappears, it takes a short moment for him to reappear in our sight. Moreover, there is always an awkward pause whenever we activate a skill. Yet, there is no pause when Guild Leader uses that move.

Fire Dances 
observations were indeed on point. However, they only gave Flying Shadow an even greater shock.

Players can actually carry out such powerful moves without using a skill? This revelation completely shattered Flying Shadows understanding of virtual reality games.

Guild Leader seems greatly exhausted. It seems that this move places an enormous burden on ones mental strength. Fire Dances observations were quite thorough, and very quickly, she noticed that Shi Fengs complexion seemed somewhat pale. His eyes seemed slightly dimmer as well. Prepare to take action!

In fact, it was exactly as Fire Dance had said.

Void Steps was advanced footwork, a technique that removed ones own presence from the other persons brain. In other words, despite others clearly being able to see and sense Shi Fengs presence, their brains would actively shunt this information to the subconscious mind and focus on other less-relevant
 informationwhich would result in failing to see or sense Shi Feng.

However, such advanced footwork posed extremely high demands on its user, whether in terms of movement, breathing, and so on. Although Shi Feng had already succeeded in executing Void Steps, and his proficiency improved with each subsequent use, the technique still placed a significant burden on his mental strength.

Flying Shadow silently nodded. At this moment, he had already focused all his concentration on Shi Feng, hero worship filling his eyes.

Even though such a powerful move greatly exhausted ones mental strength, it was still very impressive.

When the Battle Monkey Warchief had only half its HP remaining, Shi Feng was already beyond 

I guess using Void Steps to deal with a berserk Chieftain is really pushing things too far. Shi Feng smiled bitterly in his heart as he looked at the Battle Monkey Warchief that grew increasingly fearless the more it fought.

If he were up against a player, he could definitely finish them off after using Void Steps twice. The battle would not drag on for such a long time.

However, this battle against the Monkey Warchief was greatly beneficial to Shi Feng, as he honed his mastery of Void Steps with each subsequent use of the footwork.

Meanwhile, when the Battle Monkey Warchief noticed that its opponent looked no different from a tired dog, it squinted its eyes as it revealed a cold smile. It then brandished its saber, using Dance of Blades once more.

At this moment, Shi Feng was quickly reaching his limit. If he used Void Steps one more time, it was highly possible that he would faint on the spot.

Faced with the nine saber images that completely sealed his movements,
 Shi Feng suddenly erupted with power.

Blade Liberation!

This was the Tier 1 super-berserk skill Shi Feng had spent 20 Legacy Skill Points to learn. The skills duration was only 20 seconds, and after that period, he would enter a weakened state, 
with all his Attributes decreased by 80% for three minutes.

If he could not finish off his enemy in 20 seconds, then only death awaited him!

Meanwhile, the weapon Shi Feng used Blade Liberation on was the Level 20 Dark-Gold ranked Purgatorys Shadow. Suddenly, the power of the Purgatorys Shadow flowed into 
Shi Feng; his body started glowing a faint red.

Shi Feng then tightened his grip around the Abyssal Blade and slashed at the incoming blades of light.

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