Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 439

Chapter 439 - Overpowered Strength

The angry roar of the berserk Crimson Shadow Wolf shook the very space around them. The pressure it emitted was far heavier and more powerful than before.

With a light step, cracks formed on the solid ground beneath its feet, and its claws gouged deep furrows into the solid ground.

The strength and sharpness of its claws shocked all who saw them.

Without a doubt, an attack from the Wolfs claws could even destroy a Secret-Silver Weapon. Even a Fine-Gold Weapon would only last a few hits. Only Dark-Gold Weapons might endure a long beating.

The Crimson Shadow Wolf abruptly leaped forward and brandished its sharp claws at Shi Feng.

Guild Leader!

Everyone worried for Shi Feng upon seeing the ferocious Crimson Shadow Wolf.

The Rare Lords Strength had more than doubled. If a Tier 1 MT of the same level did not activate a lifesaving skill, they would most likely die from one hit. Although Shi Feng had over 25,000 HP after activating Heavenly Dragons Power, and his Defense had significantly improved, he most likely would not last more than a few hits.

To the gigantic Crimson Shadow Wolf, attacking Shi Feng with its claws was no different than slapping an ant.


The ground shattered and fist-sized gravel erupted into the surroundings.

Initially, everyone had believed that it was game over. However, the Crimson Shadow Wolfs claws had actually stopped a few centimeters above Shi Fengs head, and no matter how hard the Rare Lord tried, it could not move its claws any further. Instead, the ground beneath Shi Fengs feet had begun to fracture.


At this moment, doubt began to seep into the Crimson Shadow Wolfs eyes. Despite its increased strength, it was still useless.

Standing at a distance, Aqua Rose and the others were similarly slack-jawed, overcome with shock.

By the time they noticed it, waves of red gas had surrounded Shi Fengs body. Meanwhile, the silvery-gray Abyssal Blade in his hand had actually stopped the claws that had contained frightening power. Moreover, Shi Feng had not lost even a single HP from the collision.


The Crimson Shadow Wolf bellowed angrily and began a brutal assault.

One swipe Three swipes Six swipes

However, each successive attack only caused the ground beneath Shi Feng to fracture further, filling the air with dust and debris.

Seeing this, the Crimson Shadow Wolfs eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

Just as the Rare Lord sent another subsequent attack, Shi Feng finally swung his arm, slashing his sword at the incoming paw.


The Crimson Shadow Wolfs body was suddenly pinned flat against a stone pillar like a picture on a wall. In addition, a damage of over -1,000 points appeared above the Rare Lords head.

Crap! Blackie shouted in surprise.

A monster as tall as a two-story building had been thrown into the stone pillar with just one hit. The watching team was stupefied.

However, Shi Feng was not done. Moving his feet, he instantly appeared before the Crimson Shadow Wolf.

Although the Rare Lord tried to retaliate, Shi Feng immediately launched a series of attacks striking at its four limbs, breaking them.

Unsatisfied, Shi Feng continued to wield his two swords, sending a storm of blades at the Crimson Shadow Wolf.

Shi Fengs every attack inflicted over -2,800 damage on the Crimson Shadow Wolf, whereas a double critical hit dealt over -5,700 damage, and a triple critical hit dealt over -8,500 damage, rapidly obliterating the Rare Lords HP.

Shi Fengs Strength had suppressed the Crimson Shadow Wolf, rendering it helpless. From beginning to end, the Rare Lord remained pinned to the stone pillar, never falling from its high position.

However, this was only the beginning. Shi Feng then began to use his skills.


Three swords of light converged at a single point, striking the Crimson Shadow Wolf.

-4,310, -6,440, -6,460.

Although Shi Fengs damage was lower than his previous use of Chop, this attack had not achieved a critical hit.

After Chop, Shi Feng followed up with Phantom Kill.

Shi Fengs doppelganger possessed 70% of his Attributes. Even so, it was still extremely powerful, and each of his attacks dealt close to -2,000 damage.

Following which, Shi Feng activated Nine Dragons Slash. Twelve Abyssal Blade phantoms devoured the Crimson Shadow Wolf, each phantom dealing over -1,000 damage.

However, Shi Feng was still not satisfied. Both Shi Feng and his doppelganger then used Thundering Flash, Earth Splitter, Wind Blade, Thunder Flame Explosion, and every other damaging skill they possessed

Watching the battle unfold from a distance, Aqua Rose and the others were dumbfounded. They had even forgotten to help Shi Feng attack.

How was this still a battle against a Level 28 Rare Lord? Shi Feng was practically bullying a weak, little monster.

The pitiful Crimson Shadow Wolf could do nothing but howl with pain. It could not even move its four limbs, as Shi Feng would immediately follow up with a slash the moment it tried.

The Crimson Shadow Wolfs remaining 300,000 HP could not withstand Shi Fengs brutal assault. Shi Feng only needed 10 seconds to eliminate the Rare Lords remaining 300,000 HP.

Soon, Shi Feng abruptly stopped his frenzied assault.

The Crimson Shadow Wolf also stopped its tragic howling. At this moment, its blood-red eyes revealed its fear and shock as it stared at Shi Feng.

As the Crimson Shadow Wolf slowly tumbled from the cracked stone pillar

Shi Feng revealed a calm smile as he activated Divine Providence, his Luck instantly increasing by 20 points.


Shi Feng then used his sure-kill skill, Flame Burst. Both the Abyssal Blade and Purgatorys Shadow suddenly released a blazing, white glow, transforming into streaks of light that struck the Crimson Shadow Wolfs body.

-21,415, -43,024, -21,389, -21,425

Instantly, the Crimson Shadow Wolfs remaining HP fell to zero. Meanwhile, Shi Fengs attacks had left multiple scorch marks on the stone pillar behind the Rare Lord.

When the Crimson Shadow Wolf died, perhaps due to Shi Fengs 25 points in Luck, the Rare Lord dropped close to 20 items, scattering them across the ground.

Rare Lords dropped the same quality of items as a High Lord, maybe better, which was why players in Gods Domain loved to hunt them. However, as the name suggested, Rare Lords were extremely difficult to find.

Upon seeing the dropped items of the Crimson Shadow Wolf, Shi Feng heaved a deep sigh of relief as he sheathed the Abyssal Blade and the Purgatorys Shadow.

Originally, Shi Feng had not intended to use Blade Liberation.

The first reason was that the skill possessed a detrimental side-effect and a long Cooldown.

The second reason was that the skill duration was too short, lasting only 20 seconds. If Shi Feng could not finish off his enemy within that time, it would be game over.

The third reason was that, after killing the Crimson Shadow Wolf, he did not know if another enemy would appear. If he saved Blade Liberation, he could still use the skill should the need arise.

However, after seeing the Crimson Shadow Wolfs transformation, Shi Feng knew that he had no chance against it if he relied on Heavenly Dragons Power. If he could not defeat the Crimson Shadow Wolf, he wouldnt have to worry about monsters appearing after it.

When Shi Feng looked down at the Crimson Shadow Wolfs corpse on the ground, he was overcome with emotion.

A twofold berserk was simply too powerful!

If it had lasted slightly longer, he could definitely solo a Lord. He might even be able to challenge a High Lord.

Guild Leader, just what is that berserk skill of yours? It was amazing! You killed berserk Lord by yourself! How are people like us even supposed to play the game with any dignity now? Blackie joked as he walked up to Shi Feng.

If we release the video of this battle, no one will believe it is real.

Of course. Slamming a berserk Lord into the wall with a single hit...who would believe that something like that is possible?

Everyone nodded in agreement. They were immensely excited.

It was obvious that Shi Feng had used a berserk skill. Only, this berserk skill was too frightening, and not even a berserk Rare Lord stood a chance against him.

Originally, no one had paid any attention to berserk skills.

However, they had never expected that such a skill could play such a significant role during a crucial moment.

At this moment, a yearning for berserk skills grew in everyones hearts. They all swore to gain one for themselves after returning.

Alright, lets hurry up and collect the loot. We dont know what kind of danger awaits us, Shi Feng laughed.

While everyone collected the loot, Blade Liberations duration ended.

Suddenly, like a deflated balloon, Shi Fengs body shrunk. His Attributes fell by 80% as well.

Whats going on? Shi Feng was surprised when he saw the duration of the Weakened debuff.

Originally, the Weakened state imposed by Blade Liberation only lasted for three minutes. Now, however, the debuff would last for three whole hours

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