Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 442

Chapter 442 - New Style of Combat

Shi Feng was somewhat surprised when he heard his doorbell ring.

He had only recently moved into this new apartment, so not many people knew where he lived. Normally, Blackie and the others would only contact him by calling, not hunting him down so early in the morning.

Who is it? Shi Feng wondered as he tapped his quantum watch to display the view outside his door.

Taking a close look, Shi Feng jumped with fright when he saw who it was.

The person currently standing outside his door was none other than the female Class Monitor, Zhao Ruoxi. She currently wore sportswear, and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She radiated a youthful aura and looked absolutely mesmerizing.

Why is she here?

Shi Feng recalled that Zhao Ruoxis birthday was next month. Even if she had come to deliver an invitation, wasnt it a little too early?

However, since she had already arrived, Shi Feng could not pretend he wasnt home. Helpless, he quickly tidied himself up and went to the door.

As soon as Shi Feng opened the door, Zhao Ruoxis almond eyes widened. With a concerned gaze, she asked, Shi Feng, did you really agree with Uncle Xiao to participate in a match?

Hearing Zhao Ruoxis question, Shi Feng understood the gist of the situation.

Xiao Yan and Xiao Yu were strongly connected to the Zhao family. How could the Zhaos not have heard of such a dramatic incident at the Big Dipper Training Center?

Yeah, I agreed to an exhibition match. Shi Feng nodded.

You really are laid back. Do you even know who your opponent is? Zhao Ruoxi sighed helplessly as she examined Shi Fengs leisurely appearance.

No, I dont. However, Big Dipper will contact me about it ahead of time, Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

Do you even know how to be nervous? Zhao Ruoxi grumbled. Shi Fengs behavior left her speechless. A fighting competition was not a small matter. It was especially true for this match. To recover from its decline, Big Dipper has attempted to invite many well-known fighters to participate in this match. There are even martial arts masters among them.

Even though Big Dipper has offered an impressive appearance fee, they all have their own itinerary; none of them have the time. Thats especially the case for the high-ranked martial arts experts. Originally, your opponent was supposed to be last years champion of Jin Hai Citys fighting competition, but

Whats wrong? Shi Feng asked, suddenly curious.

Shi Feng had some memory of Fang Qinghua, last years champion of Jin Hai Citys fighting tournament. The man had participated in a provincial-level competition and earned a relatively impressive rank. He had become famous throughout Jin Hai City.

However, Shi Feng doubted that he would lose to Fang Qinghua. After all, there was a fundamental difference between those who knew internal force and those who did not.

Furthermore, Shi Fengs current physique was better than ever.

But your opponent was suddenly changed because someone had defeated Fang Qinghua. That someone is now your opponent. I heard that when he fought Fang Qinghua, Fang Qinghua was defeated with a single punch.

If it had been a normal defeat, that would not have mattered. However, when that person sent out his final punch, he had used internal force. He has even expressed great interest in becoming the Head Instructor at the Big Dipper Training Center, hence why he wanted to replace Fang Qinghua in this match with you.

Although Zhao Ruoxi knew Shi Feng was proficient with internal force, the opponent was similarly an internal force expert. Moreover, the other party was very powerful. If the two really fought each other, no one knew what kind of result to expect.

An internal force expert, huh? Interest suddenly sparked within Shi Feng.

Internal force experts were not cabbages easily found in the streets. Even after a decade, such experts were extremely hard to find. Shi Feng had only mastered internal force due to luck, and he had never fought another internal force expert in the real world.

However, before this, Shi Feng had never heard of there being an internal force expert in Jin Hai City, let alone an internal force expert at the Big Dipper Training Center.

In the past, there was no Head Instructor at Big Dipper.

However, such a person had suddenly appeared. It was truly unexpected.

Is history changing because of my reincarnation? Shi Feng pondered slightly. When he thought about the changes in Gods Domain, his certainty grew.

After Zhao Ruoxi lectured Shi Feng for some time, she had noticed that her classmate did not seem particularly concerned about his opponent. Hence, she intensified her lecturing, hoping to dissuade Shi Feng from participating in the competition.

A match between internal force experts was no laughing matter.

One mistake could lead to serious injuries and could possibly have future repercussions.

Shi Feng was an internal force expert; his future prospects were boundless. There was no need to risk his life for the position of Big Dippers Head Instructor.

In the end, however, Shi Feng refused Zhao Ruoxis kind suggestions.

He wasnt just doing it to become Big Dippers Head Instructor. For the most part, he was doing this for Zero Wings future development.

The five virtual gaming cabins and the 15 bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluids were too important to Zero Wing. If Zero Wing could nurture more experts, Shi Feng would not have to exhaust himself running left and right for the Guild. He could focus on his own desires.

Following which, Shi Feng chatted with Zhao Ruoxi for some time. After Zhao Ruoxi left, Shi Feng started his daily training.

Ever since he came into possession of a virtual gaming cabin, Shi Fengs training yielded far better results. Moreover, for reasons unknown, his mind had also become more active.

If he could pair these effects with S-rank Nutrient Fluids, he might improve further in these areas.

Without him realizing it, a day had passed.

At 8 pm, the system upgrade of Gods Domain was completed.

When Shi Feng entered Gods Domain, his virtual body felt particularly loose. His five senses had also grown sharper.

Guild Leader, I cant use any of my skills, Flying Shadow exclaimed. Initially, he had intended to rush off to investigate what had changed with the system upgrade. However, he suddenly discovered that he could not use any of his skills

Nothing wrong here, Blackie said as he shot a Dark Arrow at a distant stone pillar, but after his spell struck the stone pillar, Blackie frowned. Thats weird. That wasnt where I had aimed for.

Everyone became flustered shortly after logging back into the game.

Melee classes could not use any of their skills, whereas mages skills had weakened and become less accurate.

Shi Feng did not immediately reveal the reason for this situation. Instead, he conducted a few experiments.

Unsheathing the Abyssal Blade, Shi Feng swung the sword, his actions resembling the movements one would use when activating Chop.

Following which, a blade of light shot forward, slicing apart the stone pillar ahead of him.

Just as I thought. Shi Feng was quite satisfied with his attack.

He could feel his improved control over his body. As for using only movement to activate skills, he was not the slightest bit surprised by it. On the contrary, he adapted to the change smoothly.

Following which, he used Earth Splitter, Thundering Flash, Thunder Flame Explosion, and most of his other skills, stupefying Aqua Rose and the other observers.

Guild Leader, how did you do that? Fire Dance had already tried to use her skills many times. However, regardless of whether she shouted or chanted the name of her skills silently, nothing worked. How was an Assassin without skills supposed to kill monsters?

Yeah, let us in on the secret, Guild Leader! Flying Shadow was equally anxious.

Its very simple. After this evolution of Gods Domain, you no longer activate skills with speech or incantation. Now, you have to perform the proper movements to use your skills. Go ahead and give it a try. In the Skill Menu, there are clips of the movements relating to the skills. Shi Feng could not help but smile when he saw anticipation filling everyones eyes.

In reality, even if he had not revealed the change, everyone would have discovered it for themselves after some time. It was especially true for the players who had frequently changed their Skill Menus. There had not originally been video tutorials to explain how to use a skill in the Skill Menu. Now, however, there were. The videos were specifically meant to serve as a standard for players, teaching them how to use their skills more efficiently.

After listening to Shi Fengs explanation, everyone began their own experiments.

In such a way, Shi Fengs party of six tested the new mechanics as they searched for an exit in the Land of the Fallen Star.

While Shi Fengs group explored, they were unaware that players throughout Gods Domain had descended into madness.

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