Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 447

Chapter 447 - Contest of Strength

Just as Anubiss Gatekeeper was about to unleash its silver fire on Fire Dance and the others

Suddenly, a black barrier appeared around the Gatekeeper, containing the Great Lord.

Following which, the flames gradually dispersed.

Close one! Violet Cloud released a sigh of relief as she wiped the cold sweat from her forehead.

Every Zero Wing party member shifted their gaze to Violet Cloud.

Fortunately for them, Violet Cloud had managed to interrupt the Gatekeepers attack.

However, before everyone could calm their pounding hearts, the Tier 1 spell, Black Coffin, burst like a popped balloon.

Impossible! Violet Cloud said, her voice filled with disbelief.

Black Coffin was an Advanced Tier 1 spell. Moreover, she was a Tier 1 Astromancer. Black Coffin should be able to trap even a High Lord for a few seconds, yet the spell had not lasted half a second against Anubiss Gatekeeper.

Trespassers of the Holy Land, die!

The Gatekeeper waved his hand once more, collecting a larger and more intense silver flame than before. The silver fire also appeared faster this time.

As the Gatekeeper was about to bombard Aqua Rose and the others with his fire, a blood-red glow struck the Great Lord, dealing -5,021 damage.

Although the damage was negligible to the monster, the Gatekeeper froze and turned towards the attacks origin. Immediately, he discovered Shi Feng, the ant that he had sent flying earlier.

The tier suppression is too powerful. Shi Feng grimaced.

The move he had just used was the additional skill of the Blazing Meteor, Flame Gods Fury. The skill allowed him to deal 900% damage to the first target the Blazing Meteor struck. Yet, even with such power, his attack had only dealt around -5,000 damage to the Great Lord. It was not even one-third of the damage the skill was usually capable of dealing.

Although Shi Feng possessed the combat power of a Tier 2 class, his character was still a Tier 1 class. A Great Lord was the equivalent of a Tier 3 class. With a difference of two tiers, the damage he could deal to the Gatekeeper was significantly reduced.

This was also one of the reasons why Shi Feng had not attempted to raid the Level 25 Great Lord in the Ruined Shrine.

Not only would tier suppression significantly reduce a skills effect, but it would also significantly reduce ones potential damage.

Moreover, this was in the event that the difference was only a matter of two tiers. Currently, Overwhelming Smile didnt have any Tier 1 players.

Fire Dance, activate the teleportation array now! Shi Feng urgently shouted in the party chat as he returned the Gatekeepers chilling gaze.

Knowing that time was of the essence, Fire Dance did as she was told.

Immediately, the teleportation array Fire Dance and the others stood on shone with a dark blue glow as it started gathering mana from its surroundings.

At this moment, Anubiss Gatekeeper paid no attention to Fire Dance and the others. Instead, he suddenly disappeared, reappearing in front of Shi Feng. Raising his spear high, he swung the weapon down on Shi Feng.

The Gatekeepers attack was different from the spears of light he had casually sent out before. Just the pressure preceding the attack turned Shi Fengs movements sluggish.

Shi Feng hurriedly activated Defensive Blade to defend himself.

However, Anubiss Gatekeeper showed no intention of ending his assault after one strike. In quick succession, his spear darted towards Shi Feng again and again, searching for an opening.

Peng Peng Peng

In two short seconds, Defensive Blade had been exhausted. Although Shi Feng had tried to counter the Gatekeepers attacks during this period, the pressure from the spear was simply too immense. His sluggish body could not keep up with the black spears speed.

Aqua Rose and the others were similarly shocked as they watched Shi Feng fight for his life.

Although they had realized that there was a difference between a Lord and a Great Lord, they had not realized the gap between the two was this massive. Shi Feng was not nearly strong enough to resist the Gatekeeper.

Thinking back on how the various Guilds of White River City had boasted their plans to raid a Great Lord, the very idea was a joke!

Guild Leader! Anxiety filled Fire Dances heart. She struggled with her desire to charge forward to help her Guild Leader, but the teleportation array was their only hope of leaving this place. If she moved, she would waste all their efforts.

The others were similarly anxious. Although they wished to help, they could not.

It was highly possible that their aid would lure Anubiss Gatekeeper to the array. If that happened, they would all die. Moreover, even if they lent their assistance, it would not change the battle.

Seeing as the black spear was about to strike at him once again, Shi Feng decided that he was done holding back.

Purgatory Power!

Heavenly Dragons Power!

Blade Liberation!

In the blink of an eye, Shi Fengs Strength reached an entirely different realm.

Purgatory Power increased his Attack Speed by 100% and damage by 30%.

Heavenly Dragons Power increased his Defense by 300%, HP by 300%, and Strength Attribute by 100%. Instantly, Shi Fengs strength broke past the 800-point threshold.

Blade Liberation increased Shi Fengs Strength by 80% and Agility by 120%, allowing his Strength to reach close to 1,500 points.

With close to 1,500 Strength, even a Rare Lord of the same level would be beaten mercilessly.

At this moment, Shi Fengs body released a faint, bloody glow. Now, the black spears pressure was ineffective against Shi Feng. Immediately, Shi Feng swung the Abyssal Blade upward, meeting the Gatekeepers attack head-on.


The collision instantly created a storm in front of the altar. Shi Fengs teammates nearly lost their balance due to the resulting shockwave.

This shockwave is so powerful! Blackie exclaimed.

Nothing will happen to Guild Leader, right? Flying Shadow was thoroughly shocked. Despite standing over 30 yards from the battle, the intense shockwave still reached them, rocking them back. One could just imagine how horrific the combatants Strength was.

Guild Leader had overpowered a Rare Lord easily with the Strength hes using now. He should be able to hold the Gatekeeper off for some time, Fire Dance said, uncertainty coloring her voice.

The others also nodded in agreement. With Strength capable of suppressing a Rare Lord, Shi Feng should have a fighting chance even against a Great Lord. If not, then a Great Lord was truly a heaven-defying existence.

When the dust settled, everyone could finally see the conclusion of the exchange. They were all stupefied.

Cracks spreading out as far as 10 yards away covered the ground beneath Shi Fengs feet. A damage close to -600 points had also appeared above Shi Fengs head. On the other hand, the Gatekeeper of Anubis was completely unharmed; the Great Lord had not received a single point of damage.

Its over The gap between them is just too wide Fire Dance muttered in despair.

Flying Shadow silently agreed with Fire Dance. Shi Feng had received nearly -600 damage doing nothing more than defending himself with his own weapon. Mages might not understand what this meant, but as melee classes, they knew full well the significance of the gap between Shi Feng and Anubiss Gatekeeper.

Trespassers of the Holy Land, die!

The Gatekeeper growled once more as it continued brandishing its black spear.

The Great Lord thrust his spear towards Shi Feng in an unending barrage.

Although Shi Feng tried to avoid the oncoming attacks, both the spears speed and angle of attack were extremely precise; he could not dodge the attacks. He could only counter with his swords. However, every time he blocked an attack, the impact would force him backward.

The Gatekeeper sent over a dozen strikes at Shi Feng in quick succession, forcing Shi Feng into a constant retreat and disrupting his balance. Meanwhile, Shi Feng had lost close to 10,000 HP during this brief assault. Fortunately, Dragons Power increased his HP by 300%, granting him a total of over 25,000 HP. The 300% increase in Defense also allowed him to survive the brutal onslaught. If any other player stood in his place right now, they would have died long ago.

Meanwhile, when Anubiss Gatekeeper saw that his opponent had yet to fall despite receiving so many attacks, he suddenly flew into a rage.

In the next moment, silver flames emerged around the Gatekeepers spear, instantly causing the surrounding temperature to soar. The Gatekeeper then jumped into the air, and gripping his spear with both hands, he slammed the weapon down at Shi Feng.

The black spear was like a giant flame serpent as it spread its jaws, intending to swallow Shi Feng with a single bite.

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