Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 450

Chapter 450 - Dont Fight

Virtuous Clouds and Cold Laughters groups were both stunned by the six who suddenly fell out of thin air.

Boss Cold, check out their levels. The lowest among them is Level 25. It doesnt seem like a good idea to provoke them, a Level 23 Ranger said, slightly breathless.

Elite players at this stage of the game were mostly around Level 22, while experts were around Level 24.

In Virtuous Clouds party, only she was Level 23, while the others were Level 22.

As for the Red Names, the highest leveled player was Cold Laughter, who was currently Level 24, while everyone else ranged between Level 21 and Level 23.

On the other hand, the six players that had suddenly appeared ranged between 25 and 27

It was common knowledge that each level demanded more EXP than the last. Disregarding their equipment, just the fact that some of them were Level 27 was terrifying enough.

Why do these people seem somewhat familiar? Cold Laughter was no fool. After taking a careful look at the newcomers, he used an identification skill. Suddenly, his lips curled into a smile. Sure enough, its him!

Boss Cold, who is it? the Ranger asked.

Dont you remember the bounty Overwhelming Smile has offered? Cold Laughter said excitedly as he grinned at the Level 25 Swordsman wearing a black cloak.

The Ranger then followed Cold Laughters gaze and used an identification skill on that Level 25 Swordsman as well.

Immediately, he discovered that the Swordsmans name was Black Flame.

Black Flame?

Thats right. Hes the same Black Flame who has the title of Star-Moon Kingdoms number one expert. A few days ago, Overwhelming Smile posted a bounty on his head. If we report his location, they will reward us with 10,000 Credits. If hes still here when they arrive, they will give us another 300,000 Credits. If we kill Black Flame, Overwhelming Smile is willing to pay 2,000,000 Credits. Many experts have found the offer tempting, and everyones been looking for him. I never thought that I would find him here.

But, Boss Cold, I heard that Black Flame is ridiculously powerful. With our numbers, Im afraid

Whats there to be afraid of? Now that Gods Domain has undergone its second system upgrade, everyones strength has decreased significantly. Even if Black Flame is the number one expert of Star-Moon Kingdom, he is a tiger that has lost its claws and fangs. Does he think he can do whatever he wants in my turf?

Contact Overwhelming Smile immediately. Tell them that we have found Black Flame and to prepare the money for his corpse.

Saying so, Cold Laughter waved his hand. Suddenly, all 50 Red Names closed in on both Virtuous Clouds and Black Flames parties, leaving no opportunities for escape.

Why are you here? Virtuous Cloud asked Shi Feng, surprised to see him.

Shi Feng was a godlike tycoon. She had initially prepared to sell the two Warfire set pieces to Shi Feng after they returned to White River City. She never expected to meet Shi Feng here and in such a predicament.

You are...? Shi Feng looked at Virtuous Cloud. Suddenly, the figure of the red-haired beauty he met a few days ago popped into his mind. Unable to help his laughter, he said, How has your luck been these last few days?

Not bad. We were just about to head back to the city and look for you. Laughing bitterly, Virtuous Cloud continued, However, now that we have encountered them, Im not sure whether we will profit or suffer from our trip to White Fog Canyon.

Enemies? Shi Feng asked as he examined his surroundings. These Red Names all had relatively high levels and good equipmentespecially the Level 24 Berserker standing in the lead. They were all independent players. Anyone who could reach Level 24 at this stage of the game was definitely an expert.

Virtuous Cloud was left speechless by Shi Fengs leisurely behavior. However, when she looked at the other five players beside Shi Feng, they, too, did not seem particularly concerned about the 50 Red Names surrounding them. This situation only served to surprise Virtuous Cloud further.

Were all of these players godlike tycoons as well? Have none of them ever encountered a player interception before? They were actually able to remain calm in such a situation

Sighing, Virtuous Cloud chose to explain patiently, saying, No. Theyre Red Names who are blocking the road and are trying to rob us. Judging by their expressions, it doesnt seem that they intend to let you guys go, either. I suggest we join hands. If we face their 50 with our 12, some of us might get out of here alive.

So, its a robbery. Seems that quite a lot of players have come to White Fog Canyon recently. Although Shi Feng had l anticipated such a situation, he had not expected PvP to begin so soon.

In the past, White Fog Canyon had become a gruesome war zone because everyone had discovered the value of Starfire Ore. Teams of several hundred players, even some with over a thousand, would gang up on innocent players to steal what they could.

Fifty? Blackie looked at the 50 Red Names surrounding them before excitedly saying, I claim half of them! You guys can share the rest. Oh, that Level 24 Berserker looks like fun; I want him as well.

Dont even think about it. I still need to practice skills on someone, Fire Dance said, shaking her head.

Brother Black, how can you claim half for yourself? If Sister Fire Dance and Sister Aqua split the remainder, there wont be anyone left for me, Flying Shadow complained.

I also disagree. Aqua Rose nodded.

Since the update, they had only practiced their skills on monsters. At the end of the day, monsters were only AI. They were far inferior to players. It was especially true for experts. However, as the Land of the Fallen Star was such a dangerous location, they didnt dare duel each other.

Now, a perfect opportunity for them to test their skills against players had arrived. Moreover, these 50 Red Names were elite players.

Watching Fire Dance and the others argue, Shi Feng stepped forward and said, Dont fight. Use your strength to compete. You will only have yourself to blame if youre not strong enough.

Contempt filled Virtuous Clouds heart as she watched the team bicker.

What did these people consider the surrounding Red Names?

Monsters to be easily slaughtered?

In such a crucial moment, they still had the gall to joke around.

As for the party members standing beside Virtuous Cloud, they became increasingly nervous under the Red Names gazes, which grew colder with each passing second. Previously, these Red Names had expressed their ridicule. Now, however, there was only rage.

Before Shi Fengs party had arrived, these Red Names would have held back. After all, nobody wanted to die. It was especially true for Red Names. Now, however

This situation was all thanks to Shi Feng and his party successfully angering these Red Names. How were they supposed to deal with these enraged Red Names now?

You guys sure have guts. Even in the face of death, you still have the heart to joke around. Cold Laughters expression turned grim as his eyebrows twitched. Throughout the many days he had hunted players in White Fog Canyon, this was the first time he had met anyone who dared to look down on them.

Brothers, get rid of them!

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