Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 459

Chapter 459 - Catastrophic

An astonished expression appeared on Summer Sunshines face when he saw his attack miss its mark.

How did he manage to block it? Summer Sunshine turned to look at Shi Feng. At this moment, he had yet to figure out just how Shi Feng had blocked his full-powered blow.

His attack just now used footwork he had created after entering Gods Domain.

Not to mention Shi Fengs current weakened state, even if Shi Feng were in peak condition, it still should have been impossible for him to block it.

At this moment, the spectating crowd was similarly shocked by the outcome of the exchange.

The battle between Shi Feng and Summer Sunshine had already exceeded everyones understanding of the battles in Gods Domain. Meanwhile, the last scene only served to add to the confusion in everyones minds.

No matter how one looked at it, Shi Feng was not in a good condition. Originally, Summer Sunshine was suppressing him. Yet, despite being clearly on his last breath, Shi Feng actually managed to repel Summer Sunshines mysterious attack.

Is that Black Flame a monster?

Hes not dead even after this

Looking at Shi Fengs fragile state, Lone Tyrant sucked in a cold breath in order to suppress the trembling of his body.

It seems that Summer Sunshine wont be able to deal with Black Flame by himself. Everyone else, surround Black Flame! Dont bother about the other members of Zero Wing! No matter what, we cannot let Black Flame leave this place alive today! Youlan commanded as she squinted her beautiful eyes. Although she had long since considered the possibility that Summer Sunshine might fail, that had only been a scenario of hers. Now that such a situation had actually happened, she still found it somewhat hard to accept. However, since the problem had already occurred, they needed to solve it immediately. After seeing how powerful Black Flame was, they had even more reason not to let him go.

Under Youlans command, the dazed elite members of Overwhelming Smile immediately started taking action, slowly moving to surround Shi Feng. Even the members pinning down Fire Dance and the others promptly retreated to join the encirclement.

Just as Overwhelming Smiles members took action, Summer Sunshine resumed his attack on Shi Feng.

One stab Two stabs Three stabs Five stabs Ten stabs

Instantly, Summer Sunshine stabbed at ten different locations on Shi Fengs body. It looked as if the Assassin had released ten blades of light piercing directly at Shi Feng. All ten attacks were aimed at Shi Fengs vital pointsif Shi Feng failed to block even one of them, his little remaining HP would instantly zero out.

Dang Dang Dang

When Summer Sunshines daggers approached Shi Fengs body, a silvery-gray glow suddenly flashed across them, deflecting all ten attacks.

However, due to the difference in Strength, although Summer Sunshines attacks were all deflected, they still forced Shi Feng to retreat several steps. Fortunately, the difference between him and Summer Sunshine was not too great, so Shi Feng did not take any damage from the impact.

You How do you knowthat swordsmanship? When Summer Sunshine saw Shi Feng take action once again, he suddenly recalled a swordsmanship he had seen before. Although Shi Fengs mastery of it was still incomplete, having only a few points of semblance, his performance was already very horrifying.

Summer Sunshines question did not receive a reply from Shi Feng. At this moment, Shi Fengs eyes appeared vacant. He had not heard Summer Sunshines question at all.

Hes doing it unconsciously? Summer Sunshine was left slightly speechless when he noticed Shi Fengs fragile state. A strong wind was all that would be needed to send Shi Feng crumbling to the ground right now.

However, Summer Sunshine couldnt care less at the moment. Since he had been entrusted with the task of getting rid of Shi Feng, he still needed to complete it, even with Shi Fengs mental state already at its limit.

On the other hand, even if he did not take action, the approaching members of Overwhelming Smile could still finish off Shi Feng. After all, Shi Feng was now on his last legs.

Just as Summer Sunshine was about to charge at Shi Feng, a large black hole appeared in the deep blue sky all at once. A wolf-headed, human-bodied monster suddenly emerged from within the black hole, exuding a frightening aura that constricted the hearts of everyone present.

Why is he here? Fire Dances complexion paled as she raised her head to look at the monster in the air.

That wolf-headed monster was none other than the Anubiss Gatekeeper.

Only, at this moment, the Gatekeeper was no longer Level 30 but a Level 35 Great Lord, instead. His HP had also risen from 10,000,000 to 15,000,000.

When everyone present looked at the Anubiss Gatekeeper, all of them were confused as to why a Level 35 Great Lord would suddenly appear at this place.

However, Shi Fengs party members understood just why the Gatekeeper would show up here.

The golden stone tablet!

The Anubiss Gatekeeper had been guarding the golden stone tablet all this time. Now that Shi Feng had stolen it, the Great Lord was naturally here for payback.

Its over Were truly finished this time As if dealing with Overwhelming Smile was not enough, now, one more Great Lord is added into the fray Blackie had seen for himself how powerful a Great Lord was. Even after Shi Feng went full Berserk, the Gatekeeper could still toy around with him as if he were a little boy. Not to mention, the Gatekeepers level had even received an upgrade now. Who knew how much stronger the Great Lord was?

Although Blackie and the others sank into despair, the crowd from Overwhelming Smile was on cloud nine.

Overwhelming Smiles main goal had been to raid the Great Lord of White Fog Canyon, only it was simply too difficult to approach the Great Lord inside the Ruined Shrine. The endless waves of Goblins gave them no chance to raid the Great Lord at all.

A Great Lord? Lone Tyrants eyes blazed.

A Field Great Lord was a fantastic opportunity for them to obtain an Epic item.

Everyone, retreat for now. Scouting parties, keep an eye on the Great Lord. Have all Overwhelming Smile members inside White Fog Canyon gather at my location. We cannot let anyone else have this Great Lord. Youlan was similarly feeling very excited.

Although the Great Lords level was somewhat high, Gods Domains second system upgrade had significantly weakened the effects of level suppression. It was not like they didnt have a chance at successfully raiding the Great Lord.

Other than assembling the elite members of Overwhelming Smile inside White Fog Canyon, Youlan had also sent for the elite members present at other locations.

Aoo! the Anubiss Gatekeeper suddenly howled.

All at once, a wolfs howl echoed throughout the entire White Fog Canyon, making all who heard it shiver in fear. Even the trees were trembling in the face of this howl.

After the Gatekeeper released his angry bellow, he turned to look at the crowd from Overwhelming Smile below him. Suddenly, the Gatekeeper squinted his eyes, a bone-chilling light flashing in them.

In the next moment, a black spear appeared in the Gatekeepers hand. Silver flames abruptly emerged from the spear as the Gatekeeper aimed the weapon at the crowd from Overwhelming Smile and threw it.


The black spear easily rent the obstructing air and landed in the center of the crowd. In the next moment, a fiery inferno erupted into the air high enough to be clearly visible to every player in the outer area of White Fog Canyon.

When the spear landed, all players within a radius of 40 yards died. Not a single one survived. Since the Overwhelming Smile members stood very close together, just this single attack resulted in the loss of several hundred elite members

This Lone Tyrants eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

How was this a monster? Even a casual attack possessed such catastrophic power. This was practically a god!

Players like them could barely even be considered cannon fodder.

Before Lone Tyrant could finish his words, another black spear appeared in the Gatekeepers hands. Once more, the Gatekeeper threw his weapon into the crowd below, killing hundreds with his attack yet again.

Everyone, retreat. Retreat into the forests. Youlans expression turned extremely ugly upon seeing these catastrophic attacks. She had never imagined that a Great Lord was actually this powerful. Not to mention five or six thousand elite players, even tens of thousands of elite players would not be enough as warm-up for this monster.

If everyone were to continue idling around without taking cover, they would be completely wiped out in only a moment.

As for Black Flame, they could only set him aside for now.

Upon hearing Youlans command, everyone promptly charged towards the forests without hesitation. Nobody was foolish enough to stand around and serve as live target practice for the Anubiss Gatekeeper.

Summer Sunshine looked at Shi Feng, then at the Gatekeeper in the sky. Heaving a sigh, he turned around and departed.

Fire Dance immediately charged up to the nearly unconscious Shi Feng and dragged him into the nearby forest to hide.

After hiding themselves among the trees, Shi Feng and the others were freed from their combative state.

At this moment, Shi Feng was forcibly logged out of Gods Domain and put into his Sleep Space.

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