Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 466

Chapter 466 - Dragonclaw Set Equipment

That should be about enough. Shi Feng looked at his bag containing Dragonscale Set Equipment with satisfaction.

Currently, Gods Domain players did not have very high levels, with a majority being around Level 20. Hence, Level 20 equipment had already become more common. This was apparent from the large number of independent teams raiding Level 20, 20-man Team Dungeons.

Even raiding Normal Mode, 20-man Team Dungeons would drop plenty of Mysterious-Iron Equipment at the very minimum. There was even a certain probability that a Mysterious-Iron Set Equipment would drop.

Even ordinary players wore a few pieces of Level 20 Bronze Equipment, not to mention veteran and elite players. It was no surprise if one ran into a player with a full set of Bronze Equipment.

The equipment that Guilds elite members wore was even more impressive. Unlike independent players, Guilds would very frequently form teams to raid Dungeons. Hence, the equipment available to Guilds elites was far superior to what independent players had access to, and a majority of such elite members possessed at least a few pieces of Mysterious-Iron Equipment.

The lowest quality equipment Guilds core teams would wear at this point was Level 20 Mysterious-Iron rank. Normally, core members wore Secret-Silver Equipment. Only the top experts in a Guild had the chance to equip Level 20 Secret-Silver Set Equipment with a few pieces of Fine-Gold Equipment. To ordinary players, Fine-Gold Equipment was something they could only obtain in their dreams. Such items were out of their reach, and they could only fantasize about owning one.

As for Level 20 Fine-Gold Set Equipment, not even the upper-management of Guilds possessed a single piece. Level 20 Fine-Gold Set Equipment would only drop from Level 20 large-scale Team Dungeons. Not a single Guild was ready to set foot in a Level 20 large-scale Team Dungeon at this stage of the game.

This was why everyone had shifted their focus to the Warfire Set Equipment, which dropped in the White Fog Canyon.

Meanwhile, the Level 20 Dragonscale Set Equipment was definitely one of the best Level 20 sets available. Although it could not compare to a Warfire Set Equipment that had been upgraded to Fine-Gold rank, if one equipped the entire set, they would still surpass the requirements to raid a Level 20, 100-man Team Dungeon. The set would be of immense help to raiding large-scale Team Dungeons.

[Dragonscale Set Equipment] (Fine-Gold Rank)

Level 20

Can be equipped by plate armor classes.

Set consists of six parts: head, chest, hands, wrist, legs, and feet.

Set effect

Two-piece effect: Ignore Levels +10. Has a chance to trigger Fury effect when attacking, increasing damage by 20% for 6 seconds.

Four-piece effect: Strength and Endurance Attribute increased by 10%. Defense increased by 20%.

Six-piece effect: All Skill Cooldowns decreased by 20%. When attacking with a Skill, there is a chance to trigger Effect Multiplier, increasing the Skills effects by 50%.

Although the set effects of the Dragonscale Set Equipment could not compare to those of the Warfire Set Equipment, they were still enough to tempt both Guilds and players.

Originally, Shi Feng had intended to equip the Dragonscale Set Equipment himself. However, a Level 20 Fine-Gold Set Equipment was only as strong as a Level 25 Secret-Silver Set Equipment. Currently, he had several pieces of Level 25 Fine-Gold Equipment and Level 25 Dark-Gold Equipment. Combined, they were far superior to the Dragonscale Set Equipment. Hence, Shi Feng gave up on the idea.

However, after Shi Feng had spent over a day forging and produced the 105th set of Dragonscale Set Equipment, by some stroke of luck, he had triggered the Blacksteel Insignias Attribute increasing effect. As a result, the Dragonscale Set Equipment had upgraded by an entire rank, becoming a Level 20 Dark-Gold Set Equipment. Now, it was equivalent to a Level 25 Fine-Gold Set Equipment.

Shi Feng was overjoyed.

After the Dragonscale Set Equipment had upgraded, it was no longer called Dragonscale; he had now created a Dragonclaw Set Equipment. This was also the only Dark-Gold Set Equipment Shi Feng had ever produced.

[Dragonclaw Set Equipment] (Dark-Gold Rank)

Level 20

Can be equipped by plate armor classes.

Set consists of six parts: head, chest, hands, wrist, legs, and feet.

Set effect

Two-piece effect: Ignore Levels +15. Has a chance to trigger Fury effect when attacking, increasing damage by 40% for 6 seconds.

Four-piece effect: Strength and Endurance Attribute increased by 15%. Defense increased by 30%.

Seven-piece effect: All Skill Cooldowns decreased by 30%. When attacking with a Skill, there is a chance to trigger Effect Multiplier, increasing the Skills effects by 100%.

Aside from the fact that the Dragonclaw Set Equipments Basic Attributes could overshadow even Level 25 Fine-Gold Set Equipment, the set effects had massively improved. The Dragonclaws set effects were only slightly inferior to the Fine-Gold ranked Warfire Set Equipment. Only, the Warfire Set was more suited for PvP, whereas the Dragonclaw Set was more suited for raiding Dungeons.

In Gods Domain, experts would normally prepare multiple sets of equipment for themselves, and every set had different purposes. At the very minimum, experts would prepare a set for PvP and a set for Dungeons. There were also sets that focused on flexibility, damage, and so on.

In the past, Shi Feng had owned several sets of equipment at a time, which he used when he fought Dungeon Bosses, during Field PvP, and various other situations.

In this life, however, he still did not have the capital to afford multiple sets of equipment. In the early stages of Gods Domain, top-tier weapons and equipment were very rare. Having a full set of top-tier equipment was already impressive, let alone multiple sets.

Now that Shi Feng had the Dragonclaw Set Equipment, he immediately replaced the equipment he currently wore. As for the unused Level 25 Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Equipment, he would store them in the Guilds Warehouse, leaving them for other members. As for the Level 25 Flame Boots, however, Shi Feng kept them for himself. If he encountered an extremely fast enemy, he could use them to replace the Dragonclaw Boots temporarily.

After equipping the Dragonclaw Set, Shi Fengs Basic Attributes increased significantly. His Strength was close to exceeding the 500-point threshold. His HP had also exceeded 10,000, granting him more HP than the Tier 1 Guardian Knight, Cola.

If I activate the Seven Luminaries Rings Aura of Earth, I could easily become the number one tank in Zero Wing. Shi Feng smiled as he looked at his own Defense.

Due to the Dragonclaws set effects, he already possessed the Defense of an MT. In addition, the Aura of Earths effects would increase his Defense by 45% and reduce the damage he received by 35%.

Just as Shi Feng was about to begin producing Basic Mana Armor Kits to serve as Guild benefits, Aqua Rose suddenly contacted him.

Guild Leader, Ive just received news that someone from Overwhelming Smile has become a Baron. They have purchased a plot relatively valuable private land in White River City and are currently establishing their own Guild Residence.

Overwhelming Smile? Shi Feng could not help his surprise.

Shi Feng was not surprised that someone from Overwhelming Smile had obtained the rank of a Baron in White River City. After all, after the second evolution of Gods Domain, it became much easier to earn Reputation in cities. Moreover, due to the appearance of Zero Wings Guild Residence, the various Guilds had long since turned their focus to grinding for Reputation. It was natural that someone would have become a Baron by now.

However, purchasing a plot of private land and establishing a Guild Hall required a lot of money. Private land, in particular, was a huge headache.

Shi Feng had only managed to obtain the Purple Sun Mansion due to a quest reward, saving him a ridiculous amount of Gold Coins. However, Overwhelming Smile could afford to purchase private land, and even had the money to proceed with building a Guild Hall immediately.

Even the cheapest plot of land in White River City cost over 1,000 Gold. Adding in the cost of the cheapest Guild Hall, Overwhelming Smile would need to spend at least 1,500 Gold. Although it had become much easier to earn Coins, even a first-rate Guild would need over a week to accumulate so much money. Moreover, purchasing Coins in bulk through the virtual trade center would cause the price of Coins to soar. How many Credits would one need to purchase so many Gold Coins?

Since when had Overwhelming Smile become so wealthy?!

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