Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 479

Chapter 479 - Triple Cut

Saber and sword intersected, scattering sparks.

Following which, Sixth Ghost and Shi Feng exchanged moves continuously.

Both Shi Feng and Sixth Ghost possessed frightening Strength, the ground beneath them cracking under the pressure. Surprisingly, neither expert had actually taken a single step back. However, it was a different story for the players watch from the sidelines. Due to the resulting impact from the weapons collision, the spectators were forced to retreat.

They are so powerful. Even from this distance, I can feel how intense the impact is. No wonder Little Horse was sent flying, the Ranger team leader muttered as he watched the scene before him. Fear filled his gaze as he watched Sixth Ghost.

Since he had started playing Gods Domain, this was the first time he had seen a player with such ferocious Strength. It was simply terrifying!

However, the fact that Shi Feng could contend with such a monster was just as astounding.

At this moment, the Tier 1 Swordsman, Fifth Ghost, gaped at the two combatants with utter disbelief.

Just who is that? He can compete with Old Sixs Strength. Fifth Ghosts gaze sharpened as he began to watch Shi Feng carefully.

In terms of Strength, a Tier 1 Berserker was definitely the strongest of all the classes. Moreover, Fifth Ghost knew how Sixth Ghost had allocated his Free Attribute Points; they had all gone into his Strength. Every piece of Sixth Ghosts equipment was also Strength-based. Yet, a Swordsman like Shi Feng was on equal footing with Sixth Ghost. It was inconceivable.

Among the Seven Ghosts, Sixth Ghosts Strength ranked third. Even a Swordsman like himself refused to confront Sixth Ghost directly, relying on techniques to achieve victory instead.

Now that an expert, capable of matching Sixth Ghosts Strength, had appeared, Fifth Ghost could not help but focus on the fight.

Brat, it seems that youre a Tier 1 class as well. I wont continue playing games, then.

Sixth Ghost roared, and suddenly, the skin covering his entire body turned red. His momentum had also changed as a violent aura surged forth from his body.

This move was a Tier 1 skill belonging to Tier 1 Berserkers, Bulls Rage, which increased the players Strength by 20% for 15 seconds.

Sixth Ghosts Strength had already been quite high. Now that it had increased by another 20%, simple gestures were enough to crack the land beneath his feet.

You are ten years too early if you think you can compete with my Strength! Sixth Ghost swung his battle saber, which was as tall as he was, slashing the blade down on Shi Feng. Both his speed and power far surpassed his previous attacks.

Yet, Shi Feng did not try to dodge this attack. Instead, he swung the Abyssal Blade in his hand towards Sixth Ghosts saber.

Everyone was confused.

Even Fifth Ghost, who watched from a distance, revealed a disdainful sneer at this sight.

Sixth Ghosts Bulls Rage was not the average Skill. Rather, it was an Enhanced Skill. Unlike the normal version, the enhanced version of Bulls Rage increased a players Strength Attribute by 30%. Although it was just a measly 10%, to Sixth Ghost, that 10% was the equivalent of more than 30 points in Strength.

Having an additional 30 points in Strength was like wearing an additional piece of top-tier equipment that added Strength. In terms of a Tier 1 players levels, this increase equated four or five additional levels.

After activating Bulls Rage, Sixth Ghost was the strongest among the Seven Ghosts. A Tier 1 Swordsman stood no chance against Sixth Ghosts Strength. Shi Feng overestimated himself if he thought he could challenge Sixth Ghosts attack head-on.

The only way to deal with Sixth Ghosts attack was to dodge.

However, even dodging was impossible. After all, even experts like them, who had reached that realm, found it extremely difficult to dodge Sixth Ghosts saber techniques.

Everyone pictured Shi Fengs figure flying backward the instant the saber and sword collided.


The ground beneath both combatants feet cracked, the impact of the collision creating a dust storm that enveloped the battle.

You! Sixth Ghosts eyes widened with shock upon seeing Shi Feng block his attack with just one hand.

He had already activated Bulls Rage, yet, Shi Feng still blocked his attack. The Skill had increased his Strength Attribute by over 100 points. This increase alone was already as much as what an ordinary player possessed.

Yet yet Shi Feng had blocked it!

The onlooking crowd gaped when they saw the small crater below the fighters feet.

Are they NPCs?

None of them could believe what they saw. Was this really a battle between players?

If not for the player-specific diamond-shaped markers hovering above both sides heads, they would have suspected that the two were monsters of Gods Domain fighting over territory.

So he really was telling the truth.

Only now did Zero Wings members realize why Shi Feng had warned them before the battle had begun. With such frightening Strength, even if Sixth Ghost had not utilized any skills and relied solely on his techniques and Attributes, he would not have needed long to annihilate their team.

Just who are you? After this single exchange, Sixth Ghost hurriedly retreated from Shi Feng. He was on high-alert as he watched his opponent, no longer as calm as before.

Even a fool could tell that Shi Fengs Basic Attributes were far superior to Sixth Ghosts. From their previous exchange, Sixth Ghost realized that Shi Feng had only been testing his strength.

With this realization, an indescribable anger overtook Sixth Ghosts heart.

All this time, he had been the one to test others strength, never the other way around. Now that someone had done the same to him, Sixth Ghosts pride as one of the Seven Ghosts had been wounded.

You attacked first. Why are you the one asking this question? Shi Feng chuckled.

Brat, youre courting death! As Sixth Ghost bellowed, the battle saber in his hands transformed into three saber images. These saber images sealed off Shi Fengs path of retreat as they bombarded their target. At this moment, it looked as if Sixth Ghost held not one, but three battle sabers in his hand. Soundlessly, Sixth Ghost appeared right in front of Shi Feng.

Hand-to-hand combat relied on two things: Attributes and techniques.

Currently, Shi Fengs Attributes were far superior, so Sixth Ghost chose to contend with Shi Feng using techniques.

Triple Cut? Shi Fengs expression immediately turned grave. Immediately, he brandished the Abyssal Blade, meeting the oncoming attacks.

Triple Cut was a more advanced technique compared to Second Acceleration.

Second Acceleration was a technique used to fool the enemys eyes and attack the blindspot. However, Triple Cut was an advanced attack technique that relied on the bodys center of gravity to focus all power into a single point. The attack was extremely fast, to the point that others would see three weapons instead of one. In reality, these were only afterimages.

Dang Dang Dang

The sound of metal clashing echoed through the air.

For a time, the area between Sixth Ghost and Shi Feng had become a whirlwind of blades. The constant and deafening clangs of metal on metal made everyones ears ring.  However, when they looked at the battlefield, they failed to see any collision between weapons.

Such a powerful Triple Cut! Although Shi Feng had not received any damage, he struggled to defend against Sixth Ghosts attacks with the Abyssal Blade. Even though he was significantly faster than Sixth Ghost, he could do nothing but defend himself. This was the first time Shi Feng was at a disadvantage against a Berserker in a contest of speed.

Shi Feng had to admit that an advanced attack technique could increase a players combat power significantly.

Fortunately, he was quite a bit faster than Sixth Ghost. He had also already entered the Refinement Realm. He could perceive both attacks and dodging maneuvers meticulously. Otherwise, he would have already died under Sixth Ghosts Triple Cut.

However, although Shi Feng struggled to cope with the attacks, Sixth Ghost was not having an easy time, either.

Even after using Bulls Rage, every time he crossed blades with Shi Feng, he could feel his hands tremble from the resulting impact. His HP had even begun to fall slowly with each consecutive impact. Although it was only a very tiny amount, after a long period, his HP would eventually vanish.

Old Six, Ill help you!

Suddenly, Fifth Ghosts figure appeared behind Shi Feng. Immediately, he used Triple Cut with his two swords, aiming for Shi Fengs back.

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