Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 491

Chapter 491 - Holy Land for Experts

Just as Shi Feng was about to head towards White River Citys Teleportation Hall, the clear ring of his communicator reached his ears.

Aqua, whats wrong? Shi Feng asked after accepting the call.

Guild Leader, good news! Previously, your feat of killing so many of Overwhelming Smiles experts boosted our Guilds morale. Currently, our members are flooding the fields to participate in the war. As Overwhelming Smiles expert parties are no longer appearing on the battlefield, weve gained significant advantages. We have already taken out over 20,000 Overwhelming Smile members.

Probably because were the first Guild to kill over 20,000 players in an all-out war, an Advanced NPC from the Adventurer's Association just visited, issuing an Epic Guild Quest. The quest is called Ancient Battlefield, and only the Guild Leader of the Guild is allowed to accept the quest. Moreover, only ten Guild members can participate in the quest. Unfortunately, we cant learn anymore until we accept the quest.

Im worried that this Epic Guild Quest might disappear if we don't accept it soon, so I contacted you immediately after learning about it.

Aqua Rose was extremely excited when she spoke.

This was her first time encountering an Epic Quest. She had only ever heard rumors of them on the forums.

Every Epic Quest represented a massive opportunity. If one could complete it, they could receive extremely bountiful rewards. Based on the information she had gathered, Epic Quests would reward players with an Epic item at the very minimum. If it were a high-difficulty Epic Quest, one could even obtain two or three Epic items. Meanwhile, the quest the Guild had just received was an Epic Guild Quest; it was a lot more difficult than an Epic Quest meant for individual players. If they could complete it, they would reap a frightening harvest.

Ancient Battlefield?! Shi Feng was stunned upon hearing Aqua Roses words, indescribable thrill growing in his heart. Hurriedly, he asked, Aqua, are you sure you read that correctly?

The information on the Guilds Quest Board is clear, and I made sure to read it very carefully. I can say with certainty that it is an Epic Quest. Even I didnt believe it at first when I was told. After verifying it multiple times, I am sure that it is the Epic Quest Ancient Battlefield, Aqua Rose said, practically glowing with excitement.

If they could complete this Epic Quest and obtain several Epic items, it could help them immensely when they raided large-scale Team Dungeons in the future.

Now that Zero Wing waged war against Overwhelming Smile, morale was very important. The news about Shi Feng taking out the Underworld Guards with one hit had caused Zero Wing to instantly become the publicly acknowledged number one Guild of White River City. This incident had also placed significant psychological pressure on Overwhelming Smiles members. If Zero Wing could take the lead by conquering a large-scale Team Dungeon, gaining even more top-tier equipment and prestige, Overwhelming Smile would have no hope of competing with Zero Wing in the future.

However, Aqua Rose did not know that, in reality, what had shocked Shi Feng was not the difficulty of the quest, but the Ancient Battlefield itself.

In the past, the Ancient Battlefield had been immensely famous in Gods Domain. It had become so famous because of its alternative name.

The Holy Land for Experts!

The Ancient Battlefield was known as the Holy Land for Experts because the map was a training ground specifically designed by the Main God System for players. This training grounds purpose was to allow players to gain a better understanding of the combat style of Gods Domain.

In the past, countless noobs and new players had instantly soared to become experts precisely because of the Ancient Battlefield.

Moreover, it wasnt limited to ordinary experts; the Ancient Battlefield had even given birth to many apex experts. As a result, players called the Ancient Battlefield the Holy Land for Experts. Countless players had dreamed of visiting and experiencing the wonders it had to offer. Unfortunately, this opportunity was too difficult to encounter. In the past, despite countless Guilds and corporations offering astronomical prices for the slots to enter the Ancient Battlefield, nobody willingly sold the slots they had.

Now that Shi Feng had suddenly been notified that he had obtained the Ancient Battlefield quest, how could he contain his excitement? He had always dreamed of visiting the Ancient Battlefield in the past. Unfortunately, he had never been lucky enough to receive an invitation. Now, however, he had.

I understand. The difficulty of an Epic Quest is not to be taken lightly, so set it aside for now. Dont worry about it disappearing. After a Guild Quest is issued, it will be available for three months or until someone accepts it. Since it has just been issued, leave it there for now, Shi Feng said after calming down. However, although we are setting aside the quest, I have a few tasks that Ill need you to do for me.


Aqua Rose was confused. She could not understand why Shi Feng did not intend to accept this Epic Quest. Although she knew that the difficulty of an Epic Quest was unmatched, without accepting the quest, how could they possibly know whether or not they could complete it? It was a pity to leave the quest there like that. Most importantly, it was so tempting

Thats right. In order to complete this Epic Quest, we will need sufficient combat power. I need you to contact Fire Dance and the others and tell them to stop trying to level up to deal with Overwhelming Smile; the same goes for you. All of you should focus on improving your combat techniques. I will also frequently give you pointers. In a few days, I will test you all to see how much your combat techniques have improved. At that time, I will select the top nine players to participate in this Epic Quest, Shi Feng laughed.

What should we do about the Team Dungeons? I hear that Overwhelming Smile has already allocated their experts for raiding Level 20 Hard Mode Dungeons. If we lose the race to raid the Team Dungeons, it will deal a significant blow to our Guilds prestige and empower the enemy. Aqua Rose simply could not understand Shi Fengs decision. Previously, Shi Feng had strongly advocated raiding Dungeons first. Wasnt this change of plans a little too sudden? She wasnt even sure how to react.

The most surprising thing was the fact that a busy man like Shi Feng had actually offered to instruct them personally. This had never happened before.

Having the number one expert of Star-Moon Kingdom tutor them would yield effects hundreds of times better than learning from Shi Fengs battle videos in secret. Countless players dreamed of such an opportunity. There were even some who had offered one million Credits on the official forums, hoping to hire Shi Feng as their personal trainer.

It would be a lie if Aqua Rose said she was not excited.

This was just as thrilling as the Epic Quest.

Sharpening your axe will not delay your job of cutting wood. Do you think that conquering a large-scale Team Dungeon will be so easy without a certain degree of strength? Beyond that, the quest only requires ten people. We can just have the others continue with raiding the Dungeons, Shi Feng did not bother to explain further; he could not reveal too much information. Aqua Rose had no idea just how important this Ancient Battlefield quest was.

Raising an army was easy; nurturing a general was not.

In the past, no one had been willing to trade their spot on the Ancient Battlefield even when offered a Legendary item; the competition over a measly Dungeon had meant nothing.

If possible, Shi Feng would have accepted the quest immediately. However, doing so would be a massive waste; besides, leaving the quest for players to see would provide a powerful incentive.

Shi Feng did not have any concrete information about the situation inside the Ancient Battlefield. He only knew that the better the combat techniques a player possessed, the greater their harvest would be. Hence, Shi Feng had specifically instructed Aqua Rose and the others to spare some time to improve their techniques. By doing so, they would also increase their potential gain.

I understand. Ill contact Fire Dance and the others immediately. They will be thrilled when they hear about this. Aqua Rose giggled as she disconnected the call. She then began to contact the other core members of Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng had arrived at Star-Moon City, Star-Moon Kingdoms number one city, through a teleportation array.

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