Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 496

Chapter 496 - Tiger Roaring

Lei Baos punch had stunned the entire assembly hall.

A moment later, a loud round of applause, as well as gasps of admiration, filled the room.

When this punch landed, it was as if a small car had struck the punching machine. In particular, if the steel plate were swapped with a human being, the end result would be horrifying.

Master Chen Wu, is this the power of internal force? Zhao Jianhua could not help but ask. This was his first time seeing such destructive force from another human being.

No. Chen Wu shook his head. He then explained, Ive previously said that using internal force places a heavy burden on the body, and internal force experts would not casually use it. The same holds true even in a battle. Master Lei Bao achieved this result before us right now without using internal force; this is just his normal strength. This is also the reason why I am so shocked.

Despite being called the fighting genius of Jin Hai City, Chen Wus maximum punching strength was only 453kg. In comparison, a martial arts prodigy like Lei Bao had managed to achieve a punching power of 656kg without even using internal force. He truly possessed a strength of a thousand kilos. The gap between them was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Little Brother Shi Feng will not have an easy time in this match. Chen Wu grew more alert as he looked at Lei Bao. Master Lei Bao is famous for not knowing how to hold back. Even when I sought him out to exchange pointers back then, he ended up breaking three of my ribs. I had to stay in the hospital for over a month for a full recovery. Now, he has even surpassed his strength from back then. If Little Brother Shi Feng is not careful, it is quite possible that he will be hospitalized for over half a year, and there might even be residual damage.

Upon hearing Chen Wus words, Zhao Ruoxi, who was seated at the back of the VIP room, grew even more anxious. Though she wished to stop this competition right now, she was powerless to do so.

Both parties were martial arts masters. Since both sides had long since agreed to this match, and even the invited audience had already arrived, things had passed the point of no return by now.

Shi Fengs normal punching power was just slightly over 400kg. Even if he used internal force, he would at most reach the level of Lei Bao when the latter was not using internal force. However, just how taxing was internal force?

On the other hand, Lei Baos every action carried the strength of a thousand kilos; he could send an endless stream of these powerful blows. It was highly unlikely that Shi Feng would emerge victorious in this competition.

In truth, not even Xiao Yu had expected the gap between the two to be so wide.

If he had known about this earlier, this competition would be absolutely unnecessary.

It seems that I can only make amends with Shi Feng after this event is over. Xiao Yu had never expected Lei Bao to be so strong. With the addition of Lei Bao, Big Dipper Training Center could definitely become one of the top training centers in the country. As for Shi Feng, although he was a young genius, he was still significantly inferior to a current powerhouse. However, it remained necessary to maintain a good relationship with such a talent.

In the arena, Lei Bao looked at the destroyed punching machine, feeling very satisfied with his own masterpiece. He then shifted his chilling gaze to Shi Feng.

Youre very good. Despite being so young, not only have you mastered internal force, but you are also able to behave so fearlessly while standing before me. You will certainly have a promising future. If not for my need to become Big Dippers Head Instructor, I would not mind letting you have this competition. Although Lei Baos voice was not particularly loud, everyone present in the assembly hall could hear his every word clearly. The arrogance in his tone was also unwavering, and one could not help but want to submit to him, heart and soul. I have always looked fondly upon martial arts geniuses. I wont try to bully you in this match. If you can last ten moves against me, this match will be considered your victory.

Listening to Lei Baos words, everyone present found themselves admiring the mans magnanimity. Sure enough, a martial arts master would not bully those weaker than themself. The audience members became even more reverent towards Lei Bao now.

What if I lose? Shi Feng calmly asked, completely unmoved by Lei Baos words.

You really are smart, Lei Bao laughed. If you lose, take me as your teacher; I will pass on all my skills to you. I assure you that you can definitely surpass me in the future. This should be a worthwhile trade, right?

Before this fight was arranged, Lei Bao had already heard about Shi Feng. He knew that Shi Feng did not have a master, so Shi Feng should be a self-taught martial arts master. In other words, Shi Feng was a true genius.

Martial artists were very picky when it came to accepting disciples. After all, they would only be humiliating themselves if they chose a weakling as a recipient of their legacies. Hence, martial artists would always carefully choose their disciples. Meanwhile, a youth like Shi Feng who had already learned how to use internal force at such a young age was naturally a prime candidate for a disciple.

Just before, even Chen Wu had been tempted to take on Shi Feng as his disciple. Unfortunately, Shi Fengs current strength was no longer beneath him, so he had to dismiss this idea altogether.

Lei Bao, however, was different. He was significantly more powerful than Shi Feng, so he naturally had the qualifications to become Shi Fengs master.

Everyone was stunned upon hearing Lei Baos words.

Master Lei Bao was trying to solicit a personal disciple!

Many in the spectator stands immediately turned to look at Shi Feng in envy. A single glance was all it took to tell that Lei Bao was a top-tier martial arts master. It even was highly possible for him to become a martial arts grandmaster in the future. Countless people out there wished they could become the personal disciple of a generations grandmaster. Yet, such an opportunity had actually landed in Shi Fengs lap right now.

Why is it him?! At this moment, Zhang Luoweis eyes became bloodshot. Originally, he had been taking delight in Shi Fengs misfortune. Now, however, his heart was filled with an indescribable sense of jealousy.

With a generations grandmaster carefully tutoring and nurturing him, Shi Feng would definitely soar to become a dragon among men. In the future, he might even be able to vie for the championship of an international fighting competition. At that time, Shi Feng would definitely become the focal point of the entire world.

What did the Guild Leader of some random Guild in Gods Domain amount to? Even if it was the Guild Leader of a first-rate Guild, they would be far from comparable to a world-class fighter. These people were all monsters who had surpassed the limits of the human body. Countless corporations would be willing to sponsor them. The money and status they could obtain were beyond the reach of a Guild Leader inside a virtual reality game.

Hahaha! So this was your intention all along? Shi Feng could not help but laugh. He could tell that Lei Bao was wholeheartedly trying to take him in as his disciple. Okay, Ill agree to your conditions. However, if I defeat you in twenty moves, you have to promise to do one thing for me as well. How about it?

Suddenly, the entire assembly hall went silent.

Has he gone mad?

Hes actually provoking a top-tier master! Hes literally insane!

Not to mention the guests sitting in the spectator stands, even the crowd inside the VIP room was stunned. They had not thought that Shi Feng was actually so daring.

Hahaha! As expected of the person I have set my sights on! You certainly have a domineering spirit!

Lei Bao had started laughing loudly as well. The more he looked at Shi Feng, the more he liked the young man. Ever since his debut into the world of martial arts, nobody had dared speak to him so arrogantly. Now that he was twenty-eight years old, he was only a hair away from reaching the rank of grandmaster. Unfortunately, even until now, he had yet to find a person to pass his legacy to. Meanwhile, he had only come to this place after hearing news about Shi Feng. Otherwise, how could a small-time training center like Big Dipper invite a true god like him?

Saying so, both parties stepped into the ring. Upon the referees order, the match officially began.

Watch this!

The instant the match started, Lei Bao strode forward, rushing up to Shi Feng like a furious gale. Immediately after, his fist made a turn as he did a Half-step Collapsing Punch. There were no fanciful movements in Lei Baos technique. His punch was simple and straightforward, yet fast and fierce.

When sending out his punch, Lei Baos body had also released the thundering roars of tigers. Peals of thunder echoed throughout the assembly hall; the sounds were absolutely breathtaking.

Tiger Roaring, Muscle and Bones Singing!

Shi Feng was stunned.

Lei Bao had actually trained both the inside and outside of his body to the peak

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