Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 515

Chapter 515 - Legendary Item

After hearing the system notification, Shi Feng felt both stunned and hesitant.

Both the dark-blue crystal ball he had obtained from the Eternal Courtyard and the God Crystal he had stolen from the Orc King were extraordinarily precious items. They were even more valuable than an Epic item.

Yet, he was required to merge them

If he agreed, he would lose one of the two items.

To a reincarnated soul like Shi Feng, Epic items were not particularly precious. As long as his team was sufficiently strong, he had plenty of ways to obtain more Epic items. However, one could not obtain items above Epic rank with strength alone. A certain amount of luck and opportunity were required as well.

If he disagreed, he would have to look for some other way to activate the two items.

Forget it; lets just go for it. Shi Feng gnashed his teeth as he agreed to the merger.

Suddenly, the two crystal balls transformed into two bubbles of liquid. The crystal ball Shi Feng had obtained from the Eternal Courtyard transformed into a blue liquid, whereas the transparent crystal ball Shi Feng had stolen from the Orc King transformed into golden liquid. The two liquids then merged, and as if they tried to devour one another, the newly formed liquid turned blue in one moment and gold in the next. Meanwhile, the Divine Might exuded by the both grew stronger as more time passed.

Is this really a merger? Immersed in the Divine Might from the two liquids, Shi Fengs discomfort was unbearable.

After several minutes of resisting each other, the two liquids finally became one.

The dark-blue crystal ball from the Eternal Courtyard had emerged victorious.

After merging, the shape of the crystal ball had also changed. Instead of a crystal ball, it was now a dark-blue metallic cup. Countless tiny blue runes were engraved around the cups exterior. There was also a faint purple ring of light flowing around the cup. At this moment, the cups Divine Might was far stronger than the one Shi Feng had felt before.

So powerful! Shi Feng exclaimed.

He even dared to guarantee that this was the most powerful item he had ever seen. Even the Fragmented Legendary ranked Heavenly Dragons Breath was far from matching this blue metallic cup.

If not for this place being a Private Warehouse, he would have definitely caused a commotion inside the Banks hall. Meanwhile, any players caught within the blue cups Divine Might would find it impossible to move. After all, if even a Tier 1 Blade Saint like himself struggled, Tier 0 players didnt have a prayer.

If he could control this blue cup, he would have no problems dealing with even an army of thousands of elite players.

Immediately, Shi Feng checked the cups information.

However, just after Shi Feng clicked to check the cups Attributes, he received -5,000 frost damage, even with his finger still a distance away, instantly losing half of his HP.

Damn, isnt this a little too intense? Shi Feng looked at his completely frozen hand, a layer of purple frost covering his entire arm. If his finger had moved even a little closer to the cup, he would most likely have lost his life on the spot

Shi Feng then took a look at the cups Attributes.

[Holy Grail] (Legendary Item)

Legend has it that the Holy Grail belongs to the Goddess of Life and that it holds the power to bestow eternal life. However, after Ragnarok, the God of War had destroyed the Holy Grail and placed it in the Eternal Courtyard. The Holy Grails restoration requires sufficient Gods Power. Only with an Eternal Heart can one truly hold the Holy Grail.

Activatable Skill-

Power of Evolution: Sacrifice ones own Life Force to evolve an item of the players choice. However, there is a small possibility that the evolution process will fail. An evolved items quality cannot exceed the Fragmented Legendary rank.

Cooldown: 10 days

By the time Shi Feng finished reading the cups Attributes, his jaw hung to the floor.

Legendary Item!

This was the first time he had ever actually seen one.

Although the Holy Grail was neither a weapon nor a piece of equipment, among the various types of items found in Gods Domain, tools such as the Holy Grail were the most difficult to obtain; they were far rarer and more precious than weapons or equipment.

Moreover, looking at the Holy Grails description, it was obvious its rank could still be increased. However, he needed Power of God to do so; items such as the God Crystal should be able to supply it.

However, looking at the streams of light overflowing from the Holy Grail, Shi Feng could not help but laugh bitterly.

Although he had completely unsealed such an amazing item, he could not touch or control it.

Shi Feng had also never heard of an item called the Eternal Heart before. Just how and where was he supposed to obtain one?

Fortunately, he could still use the Power of Evolution. After all, he didnt have to control the Holy Grail to use the Skill. He only needed to sacrifice some of his Life Force.

The term Life Force referred to a players HP. For all Shi Feng cared, the Holy Grail could have as much of his HP as it wanted.

Hm? Thats not right. Shi Feng thought it over for a moment, feeling that something was amiss.

A Skill capable of evolving an itemsuch an OP Skill should not only require a sacrifice of HP. Even the Skills 10-day Cooldown was insignificant.

Gods Domain always followed the rule of equivalent exchange.

However, this was obviously not an equivalent exchange. Otherwise, even if the success chance wasnt 100%, having an opportunity to obtain a Fragmented Legendary item once every ten days was still astounding.

Obviously, Shi Feng wanted to try it.

The Holy Grail had a Cooldown of ten days. If he did not activate it now, wouldnt it be a waste?

Which item should I evolve? Shi Feng looked through his warehouse and bag, feeling very indecisive.

He only had one chance to evolve an item every ten days. If the item he evolved now had little use to him, he would suffer a huge loss.

Should I evolve the Seven Luminaries Ring? Shi Feng could not help but stare at the Seven Luminaries Ring around his finger.

As the Replica of a Godly Relic, it was already frighteningly powerful, even at only Epic rank. If the ring were upgraded to Fragmented Legendary rank, it would be godlike.

No. Shi Feng immediately shook his head.

If he upgraded the ring to Fragmented Legendary rank, the Equipment Requirement would definitely soar. He wouldnt be able to equip the ring. The impact on his current strength would be painful. Moreover, Shi Feng did not doubt that the success rate of evolving an item to Fragmented Legendary rank would be abysmally low. It would be a huge pity to waste an opportunity to evolve an item.

The best choice he could make right now was to evolve a Dark-Gold item to an Epic item.

With this idea, Shi Feng shifted his gaze to the Purgatorys Shadow. As a Dark-Gold Weapon, if he could promote it to an Epic Weapon, then it would increase his overall combat power significantly. At that time, even Summer Sunshine would easily suffer defeat at his hands.

As the leader of a Guild, however, his first and foremost priority was to increase his Guilds strength. Currently, his personal strength was sufficient. Even if he became slightly stronger, it would not impact the Guild.

Suddenly, a streak of light flashed past Shi Fengs eyes.

Thats right! How could I forget! Theres still the Icaruss Heart! Shi Feng laughed.

If he evolved Icaruss Heart, it would help the Guild tremendously. Just the meager five points of Luck it provided had allowed him to obtain so many Tier 1 Set Equipment.

If he could evolve Icaruss Heart further, raising the Luck it provided even a little, couldnt he obtain even better items?

Although Icaruss Heart was already capable of evolving, he needed the souls of Lord ranked monsters to do so. Even so, based on Shi Fengs estimates, he should only be able to evolve Icaruss Heart to Dark-Gold rank at maximum. After all, it was an item he got from a Dark-Gold Treasure Chest; it was utterly impossible for him to obtain an Epic ranked necklace.

Ill choose you. Shi Feng smiled as he removed Icaruss Heart from his neck. He then adjusted the Seven Luminaries Ring to the Aura of Water and activated Life Bloom, healing himself. Previously, he had received a significant amount of damage just by approaching the Holy Grail. He would have to touch it again, so he had to heal himself back to full HP; he could not afford to miss any.

In a moment, Shi Fengs 10,000-plus HP recovered to full.

Shi Feng then tapped on the touchscreen that was very close to the Holy Grail, choosing to use Power of Evolution.

The instant his finger collided with the touch screen, Shi Feng lost 7,000 HP. However, Life Bloom quickly regenerated a significant amount of the missing HP. Only when he recovered to full HP did Shi Feng proceed to select Icaruss Heart as the target of evolution.

System: Are you willing to permanently lose 400 HP to evolve the Icaruss Heart?

Crap, thats the requirement?! Shi Feng could not help but curse. It was actually a permanent loss?! No wonder it could allow an item evolve to a maximum of Fragmented Legendary rank!

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