Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 516

Chapter 516 - Successful Evolution

In Gods Domain, aside from leveling up, it was extremely difficult for players to obtain permanent Attributes.

Losing 400 HP, or the equivalent of 20 Endurance points, would significantly weaken a player.

Even Shi Feng would mourn the Attribute loss, let alone other players.

However, despite having seen the true side of the Power of Evolution, Shi Feng still chose to sacrifice 400 HP, albeit begrudgingly.

Although 400 HP was precious, it could not beat being able to upgrade the Icaruss Heart to Epic rank. Moreover, Shi Feng knew of several methods to increase his Endurance permanently; he could easily make up for the loss he suffered now.

Shi Feng then clicked Agree, and suddenly, the strength of the Holy Grails Divine Might soared.

In the next moment, strands of green light flowed from Shi Fengs body and into the Holy Grail. After the Holy Grail absorbed 400 HP from Shi Feng, it fired a purple ray at the Icaruss Heart.

Immediately, the Icaruss Heart released a brilliant golden glow, forcing Shi Feng to shut his eyes.

After the golden radiance faded, Shi Feng opened his eyes and looked at the Icaruss Heart, discovering that the necklace now emitted a faint purple glow.

Was it a success? Shi Feng was somewhat nervous as he examined the necklaces Attributes.

If it had failed, then he had permanently lost 400 HP for nothing. Moreover, he would also have to wait for ten days before the next sacrifice.

However, after investigating the Icaruss Hearts Attributes, Shi Fengs tightened fists relaxed as excitement quickly overtook him.

Thats right; it was a success!

[Icaruss Heart] (Necklace, Mysterious-Iron Rank [Can be evolved])

Equipment Requirement: All Attributes 120

Level 20 - Level 80 (Currently Level 30)

All Attributes +18

Luck +7

Additional Skill -

Divine Providence: Temporarily increases players Luck by 25 points for 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 45 minutes

Evolution Condition: Absorb the Life Force of 300 players to evolve to Secret-Silver Rank. (0/300)

After evolving, Icaruss Hearts rank had upgraded from Bronze to Mysterious-Iron. The Luck it provided had increased from 5 points to 7 points. Aside from that, Divine Providences Cooldown had decreased from one hour to 45 minutes. This would save Shi Feng a lot of time.

However, the best improvement by far was the change to the Evolution Conditions.

Originally, the Icaruss Heart required Shi Feng to kill Lord ranked monsters. Moreover, it required 100 kills. Lords were extremely rare, and Shi Feng would have to waste a lot of time to kill 100. Now that the conditions had been adjusted, Shi Feng only needed to kill 300 players and absorb their Life Force instead.

A Lord was very difficult to find, but players crowded the streets.

As long as Shi Feng worked hard, he could upgrade Icaruss Heart to Epic rank very quickly. At that time, he would gain massive profits from opening the Twilight Treasure Chests.

At the thought, Shi Feng could not help but grow restless.

If not for the ongoing war with Overwhelming Smile, he would have struggled to find opponents. Now, however, his target was clear. He would use Overwhelming Smiles players as sacrifices for the Icaruss Heart.

Now that Overwhelming Smiles White River City branch has been defeated, it wont be easy to find large groups of players. I might as well make a trip to Maple City and have a look at the situation there. After some consideration, Shi Feng felt that Maple City was the best location to take action.

Overwhelming Smile had already become Maple Citys overlord. The Overwhelming Smile members there had nothing to fear within the region of Maple City. It would be far easier for Shi Feng to find targets there than in White River City.

Shi Feng then slipped the Icaruss Heart over his head and headed for White River Citys Teleportation Hall.

Shi Feng very much looked forward to upgrading the Icaruss Heart to Epic rank. Not even the night in Gods Domain could hinder Shi Fengs yearning.

The sooner he upgraded the necklace to Epic rank, the sooner he could obtain better items from the Twilight Treasure Chests. One could obtain even Epic items from the Twilight Treasure Chests. If he could get his hands on several Epic items, he could help the guild tremendously. Naturally, he would upgrade it sooner rather than later.

As for the matter regarding the Light Stones, he fully trusted Melancholic Smiles capabilities. Shi Feng believed that it wouldnt be long before the Light Stones raked in a massive income.

Just as Shi Feng arrived before the Teleportation Hall, the sound of his communicator rang near his ears. The caller this time was none other than Gentle Snow, who had been busy consolidating her power as the new Guild Leader of Ouroboros.

Although Gentle Snow had chased away her biggest competitor, Cao Chenghua, the resulting internal struggles within Ouroboros had resulted in the first-rate Guild falling apart. If Gentle Snow wished to consolidate her power, she would need to spend a lot of time and effort to do so. In addition, a more powerful opponent, the first-rate Guild Star Alliance, lurked, waiting to strike.

Shi Feng had never thought that Gentle Snow would have the spare time to contact him with the burdens she currently shouldered.

Guild Leader Black Flame, may I ask if you have the time to speak right now?

In the video call, Gentle Snow still wore the calm and elegant smile she usually displayed. She looked like a goddess that was high above mortals. It felt as if she were in control of everything. However, though she appeared completely fine on the surface, her act did not deceive Shi Feng.

He could feel that Gentle Snow had grown frailer than before. Seeing a superwoman like Gentle Snow so exhausted, one could just imagine how terrible Ouroboross current situation was.

However, giving the situation some thought, Shi Feng felt that such an outcome was expected. Gentle Snow had just taken control of Ouroboros. The number of people she could trust was limited. Meanwhile, after ruling Ouroboros for so many years, Cao Chenghua would not give up so easily after being kicked out of his position. In addition to a great enemy like the Star Alliance threatening the Guild, it would be very difficult for Gentle Snow to cope.

Miss Snow, there is no need to mince words. Our Guilds are allies, so feel free to speak your mind, Shi Feng spoke candidly.

Gentle Snow revealed a bitter smile on her pure and delicate face upon hearing Shi Fengs words. Guild Leader Black Flames senses are as sharp as always. Ill speak openly, then. Im calling about the Candlelight Trading Firm that suddenly appeared on one of Star-Moon Citys golden Lands and the Candlelight Trading Firms in White River City. I cant think of anyone in the entire Star-Moon Kingdom other than you who is capable of launching such firms.

Thats right; I am indeed the founder. Shi Feng did not try to hide it. To begin with, he had no need to do so.

He had spoken with Gentle Snow about his plans to establish a Lifestyle Guild long ago. Back then, he had hoped to utilize Ouroboross fame to promote his Trading Firm. Even without Gentle Snows call today, he had prepared to seek her help to promote the Candlelight Trading Firm at an appropriate time.

As a first-rate Guild, Ouroboros had a large number of members scattered across Star-Moon Kingdom. Practically every major city in Star-Moon Kingdom housed the Guilds members. There were even branches in other kingdoms. If the Guild helped with promotion, the Candlelight Trading Firms business would flourish.

However, the supply of Basic Strengthened Armor Kits simply could not meet the demand. Even if Ouroboros promoted the Firm right now, it would not significantly increase the Firms income; hence Shi Feng had decided to hold off on seeking Gentle Snows help for the moment.

Excellent; this will make things easy. I want to invest into the Candlelight Trading Firm. I dont want a lot of shares; 20% will do. Naturally, I will compensate you appropriately. The compensation will include 30% of Ouroboross shares, as well as funds, channels, and materials, which will allow the Trading Firm to develop quickly.

What do you think of my offer?

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