Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 526

Chapter 526 - Deterring Force

After annihilating everyone at the Dragonmens Nest, Shi Feng began to collect the items his victims had dropped.

Due to Haunteds effect, War Wolf and the others drop-rates had multiplied. Moreover, due to Shi Fengs Luck Attribute, some of Overwhelming Smiles elites had even dropped up to three pieces of equipment. Shi Feng had obtained more than 200 pieces of equipment, with the most inferior being Level 20 Secret-Silver Equipment, just by killing this team of 100 players. In total, Shi Feng had earned more than 1,000 Gold in equipment.

No wonder so many players join the forces of darkness. An indescribable joy filled Shi Fengs heart when he looked at the assortment of advanced equipment in his bag. If Zero Wing had only itself to rely on to obtain all this equipment, a lot of time would be required. Meanwhile, Shi Feng had only needed five minutes.

However, equipment was not his greatest concern this time.

The key point had been killing War Wolf and the others.

After absorbing their Immortal Souls, War Wolf and the others could forget about logging into the game for at least two or three days. In addition to their lost equipment, they would have to waste at least four or five days to recover from this serious setback. With this one fight, Shi Feng had stomped Overwhelming Smiles trump card to the ground, severely slowing the Guilds development progress.

If I put my back into it, I should be able to collect the 300 points of Life Force required before logging off. Shi Feng took a look at the Icaruss Hearts Attributes, licking his lips. He then departed from the Dragonmens Nest in search of other Overwhelming Smile members.

Previously, when he had attacked War Wolf and the others, the latter had contacted the other nearby Overwhelming Smile members, hoping to attract a crowd. After all, Overwhelming Smile was the overlord of Maple City. Now that someone had dared to provoke the Guild, they wanted to openly display what the consequences were for such actions.

As this concerned the Guilds reputation, Overwhelming Smile would take action to serve as a deterrence for others.

Hence, this was the perfect time for Shi Feng to hunt Overwhelming Smile members.

Time gradually passed.

Just as Shi Feng had predicted, while he had killed War Wolfs team, the Overwhelming Smile members in Dragon Ridge began to rush towards his location.

There was actually someone who dared kill their allies while in their territory. Before this, nobody had dared to kill any members of Overwhelming Smile. Now that someone had emerged, naturally, they needed to retaliate. Filled with rage, the members of Overwhelming Smile rushed over to the Dragonmens Nest where War Wolfs team had fought, hoping to teach Shi Feng a lesson.

Unfortunately, only an endless abyss awaited them.

The majority of the reinforcements that arrived consisted of 20-man teams, and very rarely would a 100-man team appear. Although all of these teams consisted of elite players, compared to War Wolfs team, they were significantly inferior.

Whenever Shi Feng discovered one of these teams, he would immediately use Firestorm. As for those that were fortunate enough to be outside the Skills effective radius, Shi Feng would rush over and finish them off quickly. Each battle usually lasted around five or six seconds. These Overwhelming Smile members did not even have the time to contact the other teams. They could only watch as Shi Feng devoured them, one after another, becoming Life Force for the Icaruss Heart.

After slightly over half an hour, Shi Feng had collected a total of 300 points of Life Force, evolving the Icaruss Heart to Secret-Silver rank. The Luck Attribute the necklace provided increased from the original 7 points to 9 points. Although it was a minor increase, it had significantly increased items drop-rates. Meanwhile, if Shi Feng wanted to upgrade the Icaruss Heart to Fine-Gold rank, he needed double the previous requirement, 600 points of Life Force.

Originally, Shi Feng had wanted to log out of the game to rest. However, thinking that this was a rare opportunity, he continued to massacre the endless stream of Overwhelming Smile members that stormed over to help their companions.

Currently, Overwhelming Smiles members still had no idea of what was occurring at the Dragonmens Nest. They also did not know that many of their companions had already died. After all, players who had lost their Immortal Souls could not log into the game even if they wanted to, so it was not possible for them to notify their allies.

Even if there were a way to make contact, that would only happen after the upper managers of Overwhelming Smile discovered that the dead could not log back into the game. Who knew how long that would take?

If Shi Feng waited until everyone from Overwhelming Smile reacted to the situation, searching for Overwhelming Smile members would become far more difficult.

Since news of his slaughter would get out sooner or later, Shi Feng intended to go all-out and kill as many as he could.

Ignorantly, the members of Overwhelming Smile who wanted to teach Shi Feng a lesson continued to run to their deaths. Every team that came to the Dragonmens Nest died; the 100-man teams were no exception.


Meanwhile, inside Overwhelming Smiles Guild Residence in Maple City

Miss Youlan, whats going on with you? Why are you in such a hurry to see me? a handsome middle-aged man seated on the Guild Leaders throne asked, laughing.

This middle-aged man was none other than Overwhelming Smiles true Guild Leader, Laughing Heaven. Laughing Heaven had tanned skin and a pair of deep black eyes. His entire person radiated a sense of majesty and gave others the impression that he was one who had experienced the vicissitudes of life.

Although Overwhelming Smile was only a second-rate Guild, it had only been established a short time ago. Meanwhile, Laughing Heaven was the person responsible for nurturing Overwhelming Smile from the ground up. During the initial stages of Gods Domain, he had accurately chosen to develop Overwhelming Smile in Maple City, leading the Guild to become the citys overlord. Soon after, Underworld came with the offer of acquisition. Not only had Underworld supplied the Guild with significant funds, but it also supplied many experts, allowing Overwhelming Smile to become a Guild capable of rivaling first-rate Guilds.

However, what shocked Laughing Heaven the most were the experts Underworld had sent. Because of those few experts, Overwhelming Smile had managed to raid Team Dungeons smoothly and unimpeded, shocking Maple City. Overwhelming Smile had become a well-known Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom, and even showed signs of becoming the kingdoms number one Guild.

Guild Leader Laughing Heaven, now is not the time for jokes. Recall all of our members from Dragon Ridge immediately. If they cant return, instruct them to keep their Guild Emblems hidden, Youlan said with a stern expression, her tone sounding like an absolute command rather than a request.

Miss Youlan, did something big happen in Dragon Ridge? Laughing Heaven was no fool. Hearing the sudden change in Youlans tone, he could tell that the situation was not as simple as it seemed. However, he could not casually withdraw all those players who were out grinding without a good reason. Such an action would negatively impact the Guilds development.

Are you really clueless about what is happening in Dragon Ridge? Youlan asked quietly.

Are you talking about the person who is attacking our teams? When Laughing Heaven realized the reason for Youlans distress, he could not help but laugh and said, Miss Youlan, arent you making a big fuss over nothing? Isnt it just someone ambushing us? Is there really a need to withdraw our members from Dragon Ridge? Many Guild members have already gone to deal with that arrogant bastard. I doubt it will be long before that player is found and killed.

Making a big fuss over nothing? Found and killed? Youlan could not help but laugh upon hearing Laughing Heavens words, a hint of mockery flashing in her eyes. To actually speak such ridiculous words, do you even know what exactly is happening in Dragon Ridge right now?

Miss Youlan, there is one thing that you have to understand. While you might be Overwhelming Smiles Guild Leader in White River City, in Maple City, I, Laughing Heaven, am the true Guild Leader. Laughing Heaven was not impressed by Youlans behavior. If not for the woman having the support of Underworld, he couldnt care less what the woman said.

Since you dont know, Ill tell you! Zero Wings Guild Leader, Black Flame, is currently in Dragon Ridge! The majority of the subordinates youve sent there to level up are most likely dead already! If you dont recall them right this instant, it wont be long before he wipes out every member we have there! Youlan said sternly. That is all I have to say. Guild Leader Laughing Heaven, whether you wish to act upon my advice or not is up to you.

Finished, Youlan turned and left the Guild Leaders Office. Her task in Maple City was only to develop Overwhelming Smiles trade. She was not allowed to intervene on any other matters relating to the Guild, not could she. Otherwise, she would not have run all the way here to meet with Laughing Heaven.

Meanwhile, Laughing Heaven was stunned into silence when he heard the name Black Flame...

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