Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 537

Chapter 537 - Legend Resurfaces

Inside the Candlelight Trading Firms serene and quiet Special Forging Room, after spending a long time planning for the Trading Firms future, the sound of his communicator ringing suddenly entered Shi Fengs ears.

He sure is fast. Shi Fengs lips curled up when he looked at the name of the caller.

The person contacting him this time was none other than Everlasting War, the person who had invited him to participate in the Dark Arena before.

Shi Feng promptly removed the Demon Masks disguise, returning to his appearance as Ye Feng. He then accepted the call and said, Brother Everlasting, long time no see! It seems that your strength has risen significantly once again!

He could not see Everlasting Wars current Level through the screen, but judging from the change in the other partys equipment, he could tell at a glance that Everlasting War had undergone quite an improvement.

The last time Shi Feng saw the Guardian Knight, Everlasting War was geared in a mix of Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Equipment, with the latter numbering only three or four pieces. Now, however, the majority of his equipment was giving off the glow effect of Dark-Gold Equipment. One could easily imagine how much his combat power had increased.

Everything I am wearing right now came from the corporation. As long as Brother Ye Feng officially joins the battle team, the corporation will naturally give you their full support as well, Everlasting War laughed.

He was delighted with the equipment he was wearing right now. Otherwise, he would not have purposefully revealed their special effects.

In reality, his objective in showing off his equipment was to display to Shi Feng the strength of the corporation sponsoring their battle team. Such strength was indeed not something the Guilds that one could find in the game could compare with. Take Level 25 Dark-Gold Equipment for example. In the current Gods Domain, such an item was scarce, and every piece could sell for an astronomical amount. Moreover, even if one could afford it, there was no guarantee that they would have a chance to buy one. Even first-rate Guilds only possessed several pieces. On the other hand, the majority of Everlasting Wars equipment was Level 25 Dark-Gold Equipment. The force backing him was evidently powerful.

The time and venue for the test have already been set. It will be held four days from now in the Beast Empires Capital City, Beast City. At that time, you only need to come to the Underground Arena of Beast City. I will be waiting for you there, Everlasting War said, his expression suddenly turning serious. I hope that Brother Ye Feng treats this matter seriously. During these four days, try to improve your equipments quality as much as possible. Ive heard that the higher-ups of the corporation have also found quite a few experts to participate in the test this time around. Among them, a few even possess powerful backers themselves, and they are mostly apex experts of the virtual gaming world. The competition this time is sure to be very intense. However, as long as you manage to pass it, the treatment you will receive will surely exceed your imagination.

Thank you for your reminder. I will make sure to arrive on time, Shi Feng laughed, not bothering to add anything else.

As for Everlasting Wars advice for him to upgrade his equipment, Shi Feng had previously thought about doing so before. However, how could Epic Equipment possibly be that easy to obtain?

Epic Equipment? Shi Feng could not help but ponder.

At this point, he had already used up all the excess Life Force points he had saved up in the Icaruss Heart. If he wished to upgrade the necklace to Epic rank, he would have to collect the full 5,000 Life Force points required.

However, after using that many Life Force points to open Twilight Treasure Chests, he had also obtained quite a harvest.

Currently, he had also completed the Tier 1 Set Equipment for Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights. There were even a few extra set pieces for a second set. He had also completed the Tier 1 Set Equipment for Assassins, Elementalists, and Clerics. As for Berserkers, Rangers, and Druids, he was still missing one set piece for each class. He also obtained two extra set pieces for Swordsmen.

Other than these Tier 1 Set Equipment, he had also obtained plenty of Level 30 Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Equipment. Overall, his harvest was quite bountiful.

Its been some time since I last targeted Overwhelming Smiles members. If I go for them again right now, they should not be too on guard against me. Shi Feng licked his lips. There werent many Twilight Treasure Chests remaining. If he could upgrade the Icaruss Heart to Epic rank and obtain another Shop Promotion Order, at that time, the Candlelight Trading Firm would truly become unstoppable.

Saying so, Shi Feng immediately went into action. After leaving the Special Forging Room, he immediately headed towards the Teleportation Hall.

Although it was somewhat inconvenient to take action during daytime, with his standards, he would have no problems ambushing a bunch of elite players.

Just as Shi Feng arrived at Maple City, Melancholic Smile called him.

Guild Leader, that group of people has finally stopped buying Light Stones in bulk. Do we begin now? Melancholic Smile asked with anticipation.

It had been quite some time since the Light Stones first went on sale. Now, the Candlelight Trading Firms income was gradually decreasing as the enthusiasm of players began to cool down. If they added more fuel to the fire at this moment, they were bound to deal the other player-owned trading firms a significant blow, as well as solidify the Candlelight Trading Firms position further.

Okay. Since weve wrung them dry already, begin selling, then. Shi Feng nodded.

The reason why he chose not to sell the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits until now was his concern that some people would intentionally purchase them in bulk. Then, when the Candlelight Trading Firms supply of the kits ran out, these people could take advantage of the situation to deal with the Candlelight Trading Firm, as well as earn a fortune while they were at it.

Hence, Shi Feng planned to utilize the Light Stones first, to deplete the funds of these people.

Soon, another new counter appeared simultaneously in the first-floor halls of the various Candlelight Trading Firms.

Why was another counter added to the Candlelight Trading Firm? a Berserker, who had come to purchase Light Stones, asked curiously.

Hello, sir, this here is our Candlelight Trading Firms latest product, the Intermediate Mana Armor Kit. This item will greatly increase your Attributes. Moreover, you can equip up to three kits at a time, the beautiful NPC saleswoman explained.

What? This is the Intermediate Mana Armor Kit?! The Berserker was stunned.

The Basic Mana Armor Kits had long since become a legend in the city. Currently, each kit sold for 50 Silver. Even so, many still wished to buy it. Unfortunately, there just was no supply for the item. Now that the Intermediate version of the kits had suddenly appeared, how could this not be surprising?

After the Berserker read the item description of the Intermediate Mana Armor Kit multiple times, he was finally sure that he was not hallucinating.

Such powerful Attributes! Just a single Intermediate Mana Armor Kit is equal to three pieces of the Basic version! The Berserkers eyes shone dazzlingly, his drool nearly leaking out of his mouth.

The Attributes of the Intermediate Mana Armor Kit were simply too shocking.

As long as one could equip three of these kits, it would be equivalent to wearing an additional piece of Level 25 Dark-Gold Equipment!

Currently, despite the high demand for Level 25 Dark-Gold Equipment, supply for it was practically nonexistent. Countless people could not buy one even if they wanted to. If he could equip three Intermediate Mana Armor Kits right now, it would be equivalent to having an additional piece of Level 25 Dark-Gold Equipment. Just imagining it exhilarated the Berserker.

Battles in Gods Domain relied on two things: the players techniques and the players Attributes.

At this stage of the game, even if one had passable techniques, they would still have to consider the Attributes of their equipment before they could try raiding a Dungeon.

To an ordinary player, even being fully geared in Mysterious-Iron Equipment was a dream, not to mention owning a piece of Dark-Gold Equipment. The Attributes of a single piece of Dark-Gold Equipment could easily rival that of multiple pieces of Mysterious-Iron Equipment. If an ordinary player could equip three Intermediate Mana Armor Kits, it would no doubt result in a massive increase in strength.

Crap! I was only missing just that bit of Attribute to qualify for that 20-man Team Dungeon last time. If I can equip three of these Intermediate Mana Armor Kits right now, the team leader will definitely beg me to join them! The Berserker could not help but fantasize.

However, when he laid his eyes on the price of the kits

Each Intermediate Mana Armor Kit actually cost 5 Gold. Suddenly, the Berserker was dumbfounded

Although ordinary players could not afford to buy the kit, news about it still spread like lightning. The kits became the headline news on the official forums right away.

Shocking Emergence of the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits!

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