Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 546

Chapter 546 - Even Dragons Have to Bow

Immediately after Shi Feng finished speaking, silence overtook the venue. Every Guild representative in the hall was stupefied.

Black Flame has gone insane!

They all stared at Shi Feng with dropped jaws.

Who was the Nine Dragons Emperor?

He was the Pavilion Master of the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion. He stood at the very top of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. With a single word, he could easily bring an end to the existence of any second-rate Guild in the virtual gaming world.

Moreover, the Nine Dragons Emperor was famed for being vicious and merciless.

There was once a Vice Leader of an ordinary first-rate Guild who had competed against the Nine Dragons Emperor in an auction for an item. Enraged, Nine Dragons had sent a notice to the first-rate Guild and demanded that the Vice Leader in question grovel and apologize to him, as well as return the item in question. Otherwise, he would take action against this first-rate Guild.

How could an ordinary first-rate Guild possibly hope to contend with the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion? Furthermore, the first-rate Guild in question had many competitors. Nine Dragons had only needed to give the word, and many other first-rate Guilds would have joined hands to take out the offending Guild. Having no other option, the first-rate Guild sent for the Vice Leader in question to apologize and offer the item. In the end, however, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion still annihilated the first-rate Guild, forcing the Guild to migrate to a different virtual reality game.

Currently, although Shi Feng had not outright stated that he refused to sell, the price he demanded was the same as slapping the Nine Dragons Emperor in the face.

Although Nine Dragons was one of the two Pavilion Masters of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, he only possessed less than 10%. The majority of the Pavilions shares remained in the Great Pavilion Masters hands.

Shi Fengs demand of 60% of the Pavilions shares was no different than demanding ownership of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and a position above even his, the Nine Dragons Emperors.

This Black Flame is exactly as the rumors made him out to be! He is simply fearless! Galaxy Past could not help but voice his admiration.

Throughout Gods Domain, other than those Super Guilds and a few Guilds with extremely powerful corporations backing them, there were no Guilds that dared provoke the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Even the upper echelons of Super Guilds would consider their options carefully before humiliating this Pavilion Master.

Although a virtual reality game was only a game, where there were people, there was bound to be conflict.

The Nine Dragons Emperor was the face of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Even if Shi Feng refused to give in to Nine Dragons coercion, he should have handled the situation with a more delicate hand. Yet, Shi Feng had thrown all pretenses out the window and made a mockery of the Nine Dragons Emperor. Even if it were just for his reputations sake, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion would now go all-out to destroy him.

Hence, Galaxy Past truly admired Shi Fengs courage.

He should have shown some restraint and refrained from such an impulsive comeback. If he could have endured the humiliation he has suffered today in order to retaliate another day, he would have gained more of my respect. However, with him acting like a boorish fellow, Zero Wing is truly finished this time, Purple Eye said as she glanced at Shi Feng. She then turned to look at Aqua Rose, silently lamenting as she said, It seems that Aqua Rose has still made the wrong decision. In the end, a small Guild will only ever be a small Guild. Though it might triumph temporarily, it could not make it last.


Meanwhile, in the second-floor reception room

Your Guild Leader has gone insane! Thats the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion! Moreover, thats the Nine Dragons Emperor he is provoking! Just what is going through your Guild Leaders head? Even if Nine Dragons doesnt take offense, if word spreads, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion will definitely try to annihilate Zero Wing with everything it has to restore its reputation! Gentle Snow exclaimed as she stared at Melancholic Smile.

Based on what she understood of Shi Feng, the man was not ignorant. On the contrary, he was quite shrewd with great foresight.

Yet, now, he had actually offended the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. She had no idea why Shi Feng had done such a thing.

This Even I dont know what he is trying to do. Melancholic Smile shook her head. She then said, However, after hearing the Guild Leaders words, I cant help but feel proud. Why are they allowed to bully us, while we are not allowed to resist?

Gentle Snow failed to think of a response.

Although he was not in the wrong, there was a price to pay for those words.

Similarly, the precondition for resisting was to have sufficient strength. Although Zero Wing was relatively powerful, it was still far from a titanic existence like the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Challenging the Pavilion at t his point was simply suicide.


Meanwhile, back in the first-floor reception hall, even the Nine Dragons Emperor himself was stunned. He had never expected Shi Feng to be so foolish.

Even the heavens would laugh at such folly.

However, Nine Dragons could not find it in himself to laugh. Instead, his expression shifted slightly as a cold, killing intent flashed in his eyes. However, this killing intent quickly disappeared. In the next moment, a bright, dazzling smile appeared on the Nine Dragons Emperors face.

Since Guild Leader Black Flame has no intentions of selling, I wont overstay my welcome. Goodbye. The Nine Dragons Emperor smiled. He then left the reception hall with his subordinates.

Everyone else in the reception hall turned to look at each other.

What had just happened?

Thats it?

Wasnt he supposed to warn Zero Wing and teach them a lesson?

Purple, lets leave as well, then. At this moment, Galaxy Past smiled faintly as he prepared to leave the building.

Guild Leader, are we not going to negotiate with Zero Wing? Are we just leaving? Purple Eye asked curiously.

It had taken quite some effort to embark on this trip. After all, Galaxy Past was the Guild Leader of the Star Alliance. If he left White River City without obtaining even the tiniest harvest, he would become a laughingstock.

It will be meaningless. If even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion has been treated in such a way, do you think Black Flame will agree to sell the Candlelight Trading Firm to us? Galaxy Past shook his head. He then explained, Also, a war is going to begin in White River City, so dont you think we should return quickly?

War? Purple Eye suddenly came to a realization.

Although Nine Dragons Emperor had left the building peacefully and had not made any vicious remarks, in reality, killing intent filled his heart. It would have been foolish of him to reveal his thoughts inside the Candlelight Trading Firm.

Inside this Shop, Black Flames words were law. Anyone who dared spout profanities inside the building would only be sentenced to death. Only a brain-dead fool would risk that just to sate his pride.

Most likely, the Nine Dragons Emperor would notify his subordinates, instructing them to annihilate Zero Wing the moment he returned to the Black Dragon Empire. He would not give Black Flame the chance to react.

Hahaha! Black Flame, so even you will have such a day! Feng Xuanyang grinned like a drunk fool.

At this point, there was no doubt that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion would obliterate Zero Wing. However, based on the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilions prestige, it would abhor remaining in a small location like White River City. Once Zero Wing was annihilated, Overwhelming Smile would automatically become the number one Guild of White River City without even needing him to expend any effort.

Afterward, the various Guild representatives promptly left the Candlelight Trading Firm. Not a single Guild chose to stay behind.

At this moment, Aqua Rose turned to Shi Feng, wearing a grim expression as she said, Guild Leader, now that you have provoked the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, the Pavilion will not let us off the hook. The Pavilions background is also not something first-rate Guilds like the Star Alliance and Ouroboros could hope to compare with. They have countless experts in their midst. They also have plenty of great experts who are famous in the virtual gaming world.

If they dispatch a large number of experts to ambush our Guildmates, the resulting death count will far surpass that of our war with Overwhelming Smile.

Even Underworld was already capable of dispatching over 200 battle-experienced experts, not to mention the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. The Pavilion most likely had plenty of top-tier experts as well. It was simply not an existence that Zero Wing could contend with.

Within the region of White River City, even a dragon has to bow before Zero Wing. You should prepare. There will be fun to be had soon, Shi Feng laughed. He then left the first-floor reception hall and headed to the VIP room on the second floor.

Naturally, Shi Feng had his own reasons for slapping the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilions face.

The first reason: it had felt awesome!

He was an expert who had set foot into the Flowing Water Realm. He was even geared with a complete Tier 1 Set Equipment and Fragmented Legendary and Epic ranked rings. He even wielded a Magic Weapon. So, how could he possibly concede to a Pavilion Master of a super-first-rate Guild?

In the past, even a real Super Guild had to cower in fear when facing the Midnight Tea Party, a 20-man independent team. Currently, he was in possession of weapons and equipment that were far superior to anyone elses. He also had several large-scale destruction spells. Not to mention, White River City was his home ground.

Why wouldnt he challenge a super-first-rate Guild?

As for the second reason, it was to forge the Guild.

If one wanted to improve on their skills, they only needed to do one thing.


Experts were not nurtured through Dungeon raids, but through live battles against other players.

Overwhelming Smile was no longer a challenge, so they had to choose a stronger opponent to pit themselves against. In any case, Zero Wing did not lack money. They could afford to fight the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

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