Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 552

Chapter 552 - Enviable Zero Wing

Purple Eye repeatedly rubbed her eyes and did a double take at the alluring figure.

In the end, she was 100% sure she had not seen wrong.

Why is this so different from what was reported?

Purple Eye had read many reports on Zero Wing. The Star Alliance had gathered on every noteworthy expert in Zero Wing. There were also videos of every one of these noteworthy experts.

Fire Dance was one of the few most noteworthy experts in Zero Wing.

Hence, Purple Eye had a very good understanding of Fire Dances strength.

However, the data on Fire Dance had only noted her as a top-tier expert and that she was only barely able to contend with a Chieftain of the same level. Hence, Purple Eye had not placed any importance on Fire Dance at all. Only Aqua Rose could be considered a worthy foe for her; Fire Dance had not even ranked on her list.

Now, however

Fire Dance had easily defeated three top-tier experts. How could this strength not shock Purple Eye?

It was especially true for that blade-like aura surrounding Fire Dance. Even while watching from such a distance, she could feel a sense of great danger with that aura. It felt as if Fire Dance could appear right before her at any time and launch an attack.

With such a dazzling and dangerous aura, it was difficult for Fire Dance not to attract attention. Not to mention, there were many experts present on the battlefield, and every one of them possessed the sensitivity of a mouse. These experts detected the source of the danger instantly.

Four of the War Dragon Legion members closest to Fire Dance charged towards Fire Dance simultaneously. As if they had planned this, they coordinated their actions perfectly, launching an attack from all sides.

Facing the encirclement of the four legionnaires, Fire Dances figure swayed slightly. In the next moment, only an afterimage remained in her place, denying the legionnaires their chance to strike. Immediately, she dashed towards the closest Level 27 Assassin, the two flame-red short swords in her hands transforming into multiple blades of light that struck like vipers.

As a member of the War Dragon Legion, the Assassin was no ordinary player. When faced with this sudden attack, instead of retreating, he advanced. The Assassin quickly saw through the trajectory of Fire Dances short swords; brandishing his own daggers, he deflected her attacks, one after another After deflecting the swords of light, the Assassin kicked at Fire Dance.

Youre still too green! the Assassin sneered.

Attacks were not limited to the players weapons. A player could use their body to attack as well.

However, most players had adopted the mindset that one could only launch melee attacks with their weapons, nothing else. Hence, they would normally focus their attention on an enemys weapons and hands. This unexpected kick right now would cost Fire Dance her life.

At this moment, however, a Berserker, who was a short distance away from the Assassin, shouted, Little Six, behind you!

Thanks to the warning, the Assassin called Little Six suddenly noticed that he had only kicked an afterimage.

Behind? Little Six suddenly felt his back grow cold. His many years of combat experience and acute senses alerted him that someone was behind him. Immediately, he tried to bend his body forward in an attempt to dodge the incoming attack.

However, Fire Dance did not use her short swords to attack at all. Instead, the instant she circled to the Assassins back, her slender leg kicked the Assassins thigh. Caught unprepared, the strike sent the Assassin spinning into the air. Immediately after, Fire Dance swiped her blade across the Assassins throat. Overall, her actions were simple and direct with no wasted movement whatsoever. At this moment, she looked just like a veteran killer.

By the time the three other War Dragon Legion members caught up to Fire Dance, this Assassin had become a disembodied soul under Fire Dances swords.

Although the entire process seemed slow, in reality, everything had happened in the blink of an eye. In the time it took Fire Dance to steal the Assassins life, the legionnaires had only crossed a distance of ten yards.

When the three legionnaires arrived before the female player, they slid to a halt, their eyes locked onto Fire Dances seductive body. At this moment, they no longer dared to approach this charming, yet deadly Assassin casually.


Purple, why havent I heard anything about this Fire Dance? She can actually slaughter three War Dragon Legion members so easily. Even now, facing four legionnaires simultaneously, she dealt with one of them swiftly. Could she be a new talent that some Super Guild has recently nurtured? Galaxy Past asked, unable to help his shock.

As the Guild Leader of a first-rate Guild, he was very well-informed regarding the virtual gaming world. Even so, from the information he had received, there was no news about a character named Fire Dance. However, his knowledge of Super Guilds activities was limited. As Purple Eye was someone who had come from a Super Guild, she should have a better understanding of Super Guilds.

Moreover, judging from how Fire Dance had defeated the members of the War Dragon Legion so efficiently, she definitely wasnt someone new to gaming. Normally, only experts nurtured by Super Guilds possessed such outstanding skills.

Guild Leader, although I, too, think that she might be a new talent from some Super Guild, from what I have seen of her techniques, I can say with certainty that no Super Guild has nurtured her. Her every move looks more like she is fighting a real battle. Her attacks do not resemble combat techniques used in a virtual reality game, Purple Eye said, a bitter smile on her face.

That makes sense. Galaxy Past nodded, a hint of jealousy surfacing in his heart.

Why was he jealous?

It was because Fire Dance wasnt the only person performing exceptionally on this battlefield. There was also the Guardian Knight Cola, the Assassin Flying Shadow, and many other members of Zero Wing. The combat power each of them displayed was extraordinary. Only, Fire Dance shone brightest of them all.

Zero Wing could not even be considered a second-rate Guild, yet it possessed so many experts. Hence, how could he not grow jealous?


So what if Zero Wing has a lot of experts? So what if you can pick a fight with first-rate Guilds? Now that youve offended the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, today will be your last! Watching the battle from afar, while Feng Xuanyang was envious, he also celebrated Zero Wings misfortune.


Inside Zero Wings Residence, although Fire Dance and the other core members of Zero Wing were wantonly slaughtering the members of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, at the end of the day, its enemy was still the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. As the strongest legion in the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion, the War Dragon Legion would not be taken down by just a few experts. Immediately, a large number of experts began to circle Zero Wings few top-tier experts.

However, Fire Dances situation was slightly unique from the others. Only one person came forth to deal with her. This persons appearance immediately attracted many peoples attention. He was none other than the War Dragon Legions Commander, Martial Dragon, the man that stood at the apex of the War Dragon Legion.

Youre very skilled. Join the War Dragon Legion. I guarantee that you will immediately become one of its party leaders. After some training, you can even become the Vice-Commander, Martial Dragon proposed as his gaze took in Fire Dances figure.

The members of the War Dragon Legion were stunned.

They had never thought that Martial Dragons evaluation of Fire Dance would be so high as to offer her the position of Vice-Commander.

The highest position in the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion belonged to the Pavilion Master, and following that was the Commander of the War Dragon Legion. As for the Vice-Commander, that person would definitely be the third most influential person within the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion. There were countless experts within the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion hoping to climb the ladder to become the Vice-Commander. And now, that position was already at Fire Dances fingertips.

You sure are insincere. I am the Commander of Zero Wings core team. Why should I head over to your side to become a measly little Vice-Commander? Fire Dance revealed a playful smile. She was not interested in the position of Vice-Commander in the slightest.

It seems you still do not know what significance the position of Vice-Commander holds, nor do you know the significance of the position of Commander. Then, Ill show you just what the Commander of the War Dragon Legion is!

Martial Dragon was not at all angered by Fire Dances refusal. Unsheathing his blood-red greatsword, step after step, he slowly walked towards Fire Dance. With every step that Martial Dragon took, the aura surrounding his body grew stronger.

The instant Martial Dragon reached ten yards away from Fire Dance, the latter almost retreated several steps instinctually, increasing the distance between them. At this moment, Fire Dances expression had become extraordinarily grim, as if she were greeting a great enemy.

Oh? Sure enough, I wasnt mistaken. You are able to see it, Martial Dragon laughed, becoming more satisfied with Fire Dance.

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