Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 560

Chapter 560 - Times Have Changed

Normally, the Guilds involved in a Guild War would have to undergo a protracted recovery before they could regain their peak.

However, after Zero Wings miraculous victory over the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, its prestige throughout the entire Star-Moon Kingdom soared. At this moment, not even the few first-rate Guilds based in Star-Moon Kingdom were a match for it.

As a result, a large number of independent players swarmed to White River City in order to join Zero Wing.

In no time at all, Zero Wing went from being an ordinary Guild with 50,000 members to a large Guild with over 80,000 members. Moreover, this was after Zero Wing increased the difficulty of its recruitment test. Most importantly, this number was still rising rapidly, with no signs of slowing down at all. Zero Wings development speed rendered the various large Guilds in Star-Moon Kingdom speechless.

Currently, Zero Wing could already be described using the term overcrowded.

All of this was a result of Zero Wings future becoming limitless.

Previously, although Zero Wing had attracted quite a lot of attention due to its various feats, at the end of the day, it was merely another small Guild that was a dime a dozen in Gods Domain. It was an existence that would disappear in an instant should it accidentally anger a large Guild. Hence, when independent players were choosing a Guild to join, the first ones they would consider were definitely those large Guilds instead of Zero Wing.

Now, however, the situation had changed. Firstly, Zero Wing was already an existence that did not need to fear any other Guild. Secondly, the treatment and benefits Zero Wing provided surpassed even those of first-rate Guilds. Thirdly, there were all sorts of top-tier equipment available in the Guilds Warehouse. Just looking at the wide array of equipment would make one drool. Not to mention, the Guild Residence also had a large number of Private Rooms available for rent.

Whether it was in terms of leveling speed or equipment upgrading speed, Zero Wing was much faster than every other Guild.

With so many advantages, everyone would naturally hope to join Zero Wing.

Arent you guys being too arrogant?! You defeated the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilions raid only once! Among the large number of independent teams out there, the combat power of our Flying Eagles team is definitely ranked above average! We will be highly valued even if we join a first-rate Guild! Yet, now that we are trying to join Zero Wing, only two of the ten of us managed to pass your test! Arent you looking down on us a little too much?! a Level 24 Guardian Knight demanded angrily.

Thats right! We hurried over to this place from far away and have spent a lot of money on teleportation fees, all because we want to join Zero Wing! Cant you lower the difficulty of the test by just a little bit? a Level 23 Ranger complained.

At the recruitment hall inside Zero Wings Residence, many players were voicing their discontent over Zero Wings recruitment test.

This situation was giving Aqua Rose a huge headache as well. She could not understand why Shi Feng suddenly decided to raise the requirements despite these already being very high beforeeven higher than those of first-rate Guilds. Yet, now, Shi Feng raised that bar even further. He was practically trying to drive players away from the Guild

Guild Leader, there are countless Guilds in Gods Domain, and all of them are frantically trying to recruit members. Now that we have defeated the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, we have the perfect opportunity to develop quickly. If we dont take this chance to recruit a large number of players while we are still popular, it wont be as easy to do so in the future. Cant you lower the conditions a little? Aqua Rose asked.

Most of the players who had come from other cities were relatively skilled players back in their own cities. However, in order to better develop themselves, they had come all the way to White River City specifically to join Zero Wing. One could say that these players were the cream of the crop of other cities, and rejecting them right now would be such a pity.

I wont change this condition no matter what. Besides, I didnt invite them over; they came of their own free will. In any case, the condition is there. Once they pass it, they can naturally join the Guild. If they fail, there is nothing we can do about it. Zero Wings resources are limited. Our Guild isnt a garbage collection station.

Moreover, Zero Wing is taking the path of the elite. There is no meaning in recruiting in bulk. Shi Feng showed no signs of regret at all. Slowly, he explained, You have seen it for yourself. During the war with the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, the War Dragon Legion nearly annihilated all our elites. If we did not have a large number of NPC guards to assist us, the War Dragon Legion might have wiped us out. Hence, what we need to do now is not to increase the number of members we have but to improve the quality of our members.

Aqua Rose fell silent upon hearing Shi Fengs words.

The gap between the two sides in that war was simply too vast. Not to mention the War Dragon Legion, even the standard of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilions elite members was significantly higher than Zero Wings. Had the gap been smaller, Zero Wing would not have suffered such massive losses.

Indeed, my mind mustve been clouded before. Ill carry out your orders immediately, then. After Shi Fengs lecture, Aqua Rose finally realized that shed had her head in the clouds out of joy from their victory.

Zero Wing had always been taking the path of the elite. It was precisely because of this that the Guilds members managed to improve their strength so quickly. Despite having only 50,000 members, there were over 13,000 elite members in the Guild. This was a very frightening ratio.

Moreover, Zero Wings success in developing from a small Guild with only several thousand members to a Guild with more elite members than even a second-rate Guild was all because every Guild member received a significant share of the Guilds resources.

Following which, Shi Feng handed over all Zero Wing-related matters to Aqua Rose while he went to his forging room in the Candlelight Trading Firm.

The demand for Intermediate Mana Armor Kits was just too high. The kits he had made several days ago were nearly sold out now, so he had to replenish the inventory immediately.

During this period of time, Shi Feng had been constantly busy developing the Candlelight Trading Firm, so he did not have time to do anything else.

Notably, the time limit for his Epic Quest, Darkness Descends, was nearly up.

Fortunately, the Candlelight Trading Firm was already well-developed, and its fame had already spread throughout the entire kingdom. It would not take long to accumulate 30,000 Gold.


While a sea of players was applying to join Zero Wing, the situation on the Candlelight Trading Firms side was also getting out of hand.

Currently, White River City was flourishing. It was no longer inferior to Star-Moon City. Moreover, during this period of time, the Candlelight Trading Firm had begun selling equipment in large quantities, enjoying great popularity from the public. As for the Overwhelming Trading Firm, it had already been left in the dust by now.

Inside the lively Candlelight Trading Firm, the various large Guilds that had originally been planning to take advantage of Zero Wings misfortune had all gathered here once again. This time, however, no one displayed the arrogance they had before, and they were all following the rules of the Trading Firm to the letter.

Guild Leader, do you really think Black Flame will be willing to meet us this time? Purple Eye asked as she looked at Galaxy Past.

Since he has opened a trading firm, he will naturally want to do business. However, I am also not sure of Black Flames personality. Previously, he challenged the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion without hesitation. This time, he might really ignore us outright, Galaxy Past laughed bitterly. If I had known things would end up like this, I would have followed in Gentle Snows footsteps before. I heard that Gentle Snow managed to purchase quite a number of Intermediate Mana Armor Kits, and they have long since made preparations to raid 50-man large-scale Team Dungeons.

Not only had the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion suffered a crushing defeat, but Nine Dragons Emperor was also forced to bring the War Dragon Legion back to the Pavilions main headquarters to recuperate. If even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion ended up in such a state, ordinary first-rate Guilds like them stood no chance against Zero Wing at all. Now, the only thing they could do was wait.


Shortly after Shi Feng began forging Intermediate Mana Armor Kits, Melancholic Smile entered his forging room.

Guild Leader, many upper managers from first-rate Guilds have come to the Candlelight Trading Firm. This time, they wish to meet and have a proper discussion with you. When you will have the time to do so? Melancholic Smile asked softly.

Theyre finally here? Shi Feng stopped what he was doing. Revealing a faint smile, he said, Lets head over there and take a look, then.

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