Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 596

Chapter 596 - Unbalanced Fight

After seeing the Hundred Berry Wines true function, Shi Feng finally understood why Blue Frost and the others could achieve such high Skill Completion Rates.

Unfortunately, the wines supply was simply too low, lowering the number of potential experts who could be nurtured with it.

At most, there was just enough for everyone present. Any more and there wouldnt be enough of the beverage to go around.

For the next three minutes or so, Wind Chaser continued hacking and slashing his greatsword at Shi Feng.

The more Wind Chaser fought Shi Feng, the more he grew frightened.

Aside from his first Whirlwind Slash, none of his other attacks had touched Shi Feng.

Every time he thought that his greatsword was about to connect with Shi Fengs body, his weapon was always off its mark just slightly. After a dozen or so times, he could chalk it up to a coincidence. However, if over a hundred attacks had the same result, there was definitely no coincidence.

Just what is going on? Why cant I hit him? This was the first time Wind Chaser had encountered such a situation.

In his past PvP battles, both sides had always suffered some form of damage. It was only a matter of how much, or how little, damage each side suffered.

The side with the better techniques would naturally deal more damage, and as the battle dragged on, they would become the victor.

However, this battle, in which he could not even hit his opponent, was simply driving him to madness.

Is the gap between us really that big?

Wind Chaser had already used all of the Skills he could, yet, no matter what he did, he could not even scratch the corner of Shi Fengs armor. This failure dealt him a huge psychological blow.

Big Brother Ye Fengs dodging techniques are brilliant. This is my first time seeing such techniques. Shallow Moon, the leader of District Ones Third Party, grew excited as she watched the battle between Shi Feng and Wind Chaser progress. She desperately tried to absorb whatever information she could regarding Shi Fengs dodging techniques.

Shallow Moon wasnt the only person with such thoughts. The other leaders also wore stern expressions as they focused on Shi Fengs every action. They even recorded the battle for future reference.

If I can grasp just half of Brother Ye Fengs dodging techniques, it will become much easier to kill Lord ranked monsters in the future. Best Reincarnation sighed.

You dont say? Lords have extremely high Attack Power. If an MT can evade 50% of a Lords attacks, this will significantly reduce the burden on healers. Unfortunately, nobody within our District One has managed to reach such a standard yet. As a Cleric, Evening Lotus had the most say on this matter. She was the number one Cleric on District Ones First Party. Every time the partys MT tanked a Lord, the MTs HP would fall as quickly as flowing water. As a result, Evening Lotus was forced to heal their partys MT constantly. If she were not careful, she could easily draw the Lords aggro.

It really makes you wonder just how Brother Ye Feng learned such techniques. If the melee players in our parties can learn from him, our District Ones First Shelter can unlock the next stage very quickly.

As long as their melee players could grasp this brilliant technique, they could easily hunt Chieftains and Lords out in the field. Their Soul Crystal farming efficiency would also rise significantly. At that time, they could upgrade their Shelter swiftly and catch up to the several Large Shelters in other regions.

Although District One was the top Shelter in the Evil Ghost Domain, it was only a Medium Shelter. Although their Shelter was the only Medium Shelter among the Evil Ghost Domains Districts, other Domains already possessed Large Shelters. Their strength was several times greater than District Ones. The gap between them would only widen further as more time passed.

Leader Frost, is there no way to convince Brother Ye Feng to join our District One? Blue Bull asked. Although Blue Bull was the First Partys number one Berserker, Shi Fengs techniques left a deep impact. These techniques shattered the concept of their past combat methods. If they could persuade Ye Feng to join District One and become one of the Shelters residents, it could lift the Shelter to a whole different level.

Hearing Blue Bulls suggestion, the other party leaders also turned to Blue Frost.

You guys Blue Frost was rendered speechless. Although I want that as well, Brother Ye Feng is a Maverick. You all know how Mavericks behave, right?

It really is a pity. The others sighed dejectedly when they recalled Mavericks play styles.

The Shelter was like their home. Naturally, they wanted to see their Shelter grow stronger. Unfortunately, Mavericks did not like restrictions.

As the conversation came to an end, Shi Feng stopped dodging Wind Chasers attacks.

I have most of the information that I need. Lets end this match.

Shi Feng had already obtained a thorough understanding of Wind Chasers strength and the Hundred Berry Wines effect. There was no reason to prolong this battle. Immediately, he used Void Steps and vanished before everyones eyes.

He disappeared?

Wind Chaser gaped at his surroundings in disbelief. Looking to his left, right, and even above him, he could not find any trace of Shi Feng.

Where is he? Wind Chaser could not even sense Shi Fengs presence.

Normally, when an Assassin snuck up to him, even if he could not see the Assassin, he could, more or less, sense that someone was nearby. Now, he could not detect even the slightest indication of Shi Fengs presence. The Swordsmans technique was far more powerful than an Assassins Stealth.

Everyone in the spectator stands was similarly stupefied.

A live human had actually vanished into thin air

No Swordsman should possess any stealth-related Skills.

Once a match began, players could only exit the arena after a victor had been determined. The victors portrait would also be displayed above the arena after the match ended. If one of the fighters suddenly logged out of the game, the system would automatically determine them as the loser, thereby concluding the match. However, the system had yet to declare the outcome of this match; thus, the only possibility was that they were really unable to see Shi Feng.

However, before everyone could recover from their shock, Shi Feng appeared beside Wind Chaser. He then swung his sword, sending three silver moons towards the Berserkers body, intersecting as the struck.

Such a fast attack!

Although Wind Chaser tried to defend himself with his greatsword, Shi Fengs sword was simply too fast. The attack landed before he could even react

The force behind Shi Fengs Chop sent Wind Chaser flying backward. Although they both possessed the same Attributes, Shi Fengs Chop had achieved a 95% Completion Rate. The Skill effect he displayed instantly extinguished over 50% of the youthful Berserkers HP.

Is he really a Swordsman?! Wind Chaser was terrified when he saw how much HP he had lost.

When he had fought other Swordsmen with the same Attributes as his own in the past, their Chop only managed to devour close to 20% of his HP. Now, however, Shi Fengs Chop had obliterated over half of his HP. This disparity was insane. Wind Chaser even wondered if the system had made a mistake.

What Wind Chaser did not know, however, was that the Abyssal Blade Shi Feng wielded had a 50% chance to deal 200% damage. Adding in his 95% Skill Completion Rate, his total damage was astounding.

Its over! Shi Feng looked at Wind Chaser, who he had thrown backward, and used Dragon Breath.

Dragon Breath was a Skill he had gained from a Fragmented Legendary item. Not only did the Skill possess frightening power, but it also required no casting time. The Skills Attack Speed was also extremely high.

In the next moment, a green ray of light devoured Wind Chaser.

Inflicting six times Shi Fengs damage, Dragon Breath depleted Wind Chasers HP to zero.

Its over? The spectating crowd was dumbfounded.

Although they had long since realized that Shi Feng could defeat Wind Chaser easily, they had not expected him to be capable of finishing off the youthful Berserker instantly. How was it possible for a Swordsman to instantly kill a plate armor class?

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