Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 600

Chapter 600 - Ring of Legends

After Shi Feng crossed about a dozen yards or so, the Great Demon Knettel sensed his presence.

Why is there still an ant? Go, finish him off, Knettel, who hovered in the air, commanded five Level 40 Chieftains to deal with Shi Feng.

In the Great Demons eyes, a Tier 1 player like Shi Feng meant too little for him to take action personally.

He had only killed Discipline Paradise personally due to the Molochs Ring. Otherwise, he would have let his subordinates finish off the Guardian Knight and the others.

When 100 yards stood between Shi Feng and the Molochs Ring, five massive Black Demonic Bears surrounded him.

Just in time. Shi Feng smiled faintly. He then used Silent Steps on one of the Demonic Bears.

Shi Feng crossed a distance of 20 yards instantly.

He then activated the Aura of Winds Activatable Skill, Wind Rider, his speed abruptly increasing by 220%. Transforming into a fierce gale, he easily shook off the five Black Demonic Bears and continued his way towards the Molochs Ring.

Not bad for a little ant. Knettel frowned. He stretched out his left hand.

A ball of black flame bloomed in Knettels black-scaled palm.

Although this ball of black flame did not radiate any scorching heat, Shi Feng could clearly feel how formidable it was. If the flame so much as touched him, he would instantly lose his life.

You should feel honored to die by my, the Great Demon Knettels, hand. Knettel then lightly waved his hand at Shi Feng. Suddenly, a tidal wave of black flame washed down from the sky.

Agonizing screams tore from the throats of any monster that encountered these black flames; the raging fire turned them into nothingness in the blink of an eye.

Not daring to be careless, Shi Feng soared into the sky, avoiding the black flames by the skin of his teeth.

Despicable ant, you actually to dare dodge my attack! Knettel bellowed. In the next moment, countless black arcs of lightning appeared in his hand; each arc was as thick as a persons thigh. The Great Demon then pointed at Shi Feng, shouting, Turn to ash!

Immediately, the arcs of lightning formed a giant web that flew towards Shi Feng faster than when he had Wind Rider activated.

This was the Tier 4 Skill the Great Demon Knettel was most proficient with, Dark Vortex. Not even a Tier 4 NPC could dodge this Skill; they could only attempt to block it. As for players, they would die instantly.

Is there a need to be this serious? Shi Feng was rendered speechless as he saw the black electric net that had already surrounded him. I have to use my trump card.

Shi Feng no longer tried to dodge the black lightning, opting to charge towards it instead.

Trying to kill yourself now that you know escape is impossible? Knettel smiled with satisfaction as he watched Shi Fengs suicidal action.


A thundering explosion occurred as Shi Feng collided with the black electric net. It was as if the end of the world had arrived. Not even a Level 40 Chieftain could survive such a frightening attack.

Just as the Great Demon was about to turn away, he suddenly discovered that something was amiss.

A golden figure flew towards him.

How is he still alive? Knettel stared at the unscathed Shi Feng.

While the Great Demon was surprised, Shi Feng arrived at Discipline Paradises ashes. His hand snatched Molochs Ring swiftly and placed the item in his bag.

Despicable thief! You have truly angered me this time! A cold glint flashed in Knettels crimson eyes.

Suddenly, a blood-red battle axe with a thorn-covered handle appeared in Knettels hands. With a flap of his wings, the Great Demon instantly appeared in front of Shi Feng, swinging his battle axe down at the Swordsman.

Explosions shook the air as the axe descended. It was as if Knettels powerful attack shattered space itself, and not even Shi Feng could dodge or defend against the attack in time.


When the blood-red axe struck Shi Fengs body, he suddenly felt disembodied. After a fraction of a pause, the attack sent him crashing into a four-story building over 30 yards away.

What Strength and speed! Shi Feng exclaimed as he climbed out of the rubble. The Great Demon Knettels strength was definitely at Upper-rank Tier 4. If he had not switched the Aura of Wind to the Aura of Earth and activated Absolute Defense in time, even if he were a Level 60 Tier 2 Sword Master, that single hit would have obliterated him.

Currently, although Shi Feng had not received any damage, his entire body was numb. Even moving was difficult for him.

The strength of a Tier 4 Great Demon was simply too terrifying.

Moreover, Knettels strength wasnt just limited to his Attributes. His techniques were similarly frightening. Knettels simple swing had not contained any excess movements at all. The Demon was operating at the same level as a top-tier expert.

Against an opponent who possessed the Attributes of a Tier 4 class and the skills of a top-tier expert, even in his prime, Shi Feng could only turn tail and run.

Knettel could not help his surprise when he discovered that Shi Feng was actually still alive.

A tiny little ant had actually survived three of his moves. He had never encountered this in the past.

Before the Great Demon could recover from his shock, Shi Feng activated Phantom Kill. Suddenly, he turned and fled at maximum speed.

You want to escape? Do you really think you can run from me, the Great Demon Knettel? Knettel revealed a malevolent smile. To the prideful Great Demon, the fact that Shi Feng had provoked it repeatedly was humiliating. If others heard of this, he, the Great Demon Knettel, would watch his reputation in the Dark Den whither.

Spreading his wings, Knettel transformed into a black streak of light as he chased after Shi Feng.

So fast. As expected of a winged Tier 4 Great Demon. Glancing at the rapidly approaching Great Demon, Shi Feng inwardly prayed that it would not discover his plan.

Wind Rider only had a duration of 24 seconds. From the time he had activated Wind Rider until now, nearly seven seconds had passed. He had also used up Absolute Defense already. If he wished to escape from the Tier 4 Great Demon, his could only rely on diversions.

At this moment, Shi Fengs doppelganger hurriedly activated Blade Liberation and Windwalk. The doppelganger then dashed in the opposite direction of Shi Feng. None of the surrounding Level 40 Chieftains could keep up with the doppelgangers speed. In just a short moment, the doppelganger had shaken off all its pursuers.

Roughly five seconds later, Knettel also caught up with Shi Feng.

Despicable human, I admit that you are very skilled. A little Tier 1 Swordsman like you has actually forced me, the Great Demon Knettel, to expend so much effort to deal with you. As a reward, I will grant you endless torture! You will become my puppet for the rest of eternity! Knettel shouted, a ferocious grin appearing on his face as he watched the currently motionless Shi Feng.

Oh, really? Youll have to catch me first, Shi Feng replied disdainfully.

Catch you? The Great Demon Knettels expression sank as he suddenly discovered that the Shi Feng before him had changed. Although the Shi Feng before him had become stronger, his eyes were that of a puppets. There was not the slightest sign of anger within those eyes. Damn! Its a doppelganger!

Saying so, Knettel abruptly jumped into the air and returned to District Five.

However, roughly four seconds after the Great Demon Knettel turned to fly back to the Shelter, the originally emotionless Shi Feng suddenly wore an angry expression. Shi Feng had swapped positions with his doppelganger once more.

The Abyssal Blades Phantom Skill could be an extremely powerful Lifesaving Skill. As long as his doppelganger was still alive, Shi Feng could swap positions with it indefinitely. With this move, even a Tier 4 Great Demon should not think of killing him easily.

Shi Feng then changed directions and flew towards District One.

Even after Wind Riders duration ended, the Great Demon could not find any trace of Shi Feng.

Finally safe. Shi Feng, who currently hid in a forest, breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the Great Demon does not know my trump card. Otherwise, I really would have died. Hopefully, this Molochs Ring is worth all I went through to get it.

Shi Feng carefully retrieved the pitch-black ring, which was engraved with innumerable inscriptions, from his bag.

Omniscient Eyes!

Shi Feng examined Molochs Ring. Immediately, a shocked expression appeared on his face.

Impossible! At this moment, even Shi Feng did not dare believe his own eyes.

Molochs Ring was actually a Legendary item!

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