Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 601

Chapter 601 - Legendary Quest

Even after a long look, Shi Feng still did not dare believe that what he was seeing was real.

Legendary items were as rare as a phoenixs feather in Gods Domain, and not even Tier 5 players would necessarily possess one.

Any player who owned a Legendary item had the power to challenge opponents of a higher Tier.

Take Shi Fengs Fragmented Legendary ranked Heavenly Dragons Breath for example. When he activated Heavenly Dragons Power, he could contend with a Lord, which was the equivalent of a Tier 2 class, for a short time.

If he possessed a Legendary item, he could definitely contend with a High Lord.

A Lord ranked monster was merely the Boss of a 20-man Hard Mode Team Dungeon. Meanwhile, a High Lord was the Boss of a 50-man Hard Mode Team Dungeon. The difference in power was immense.

If he could equip a Legendary item now, not to mention a 50-man Hard Mode Team Dungeon, he could even lead a team in a 50-man Hell Mode Team Dungeon. He could even give a 100-man Hard Mode Team Dungeon a try.

A Team Dungeon tested the overall strength of a team, while a Legendary item was capable of increasing the overall strength of a team significantly. This was the why Legendary items were so frightening. They could break the limits of conventional strength.

Unfortunately, although the information Shi Feng had obtained regarding the Molochs Ring stated that it was a Legendary item, it turned out that the Ring was sealed.

[Molochs Ring] (Ring, Legendary Rank)

Sealed by the Lord of Balrogs, legend has it that this ring contains all of the Lord of Balrogs secrets and power. By wearing this ring, one can obtain this power. After Molochs Ring had been sealed away, the Great Demon Knettel stood guard over the item. The Ring holds the Great Demon Knettels mark, allowing the Great Demon to sense its location periodically.

System: Legendary Quest Lord of Balrogs Fall activated.

Quest details: Lift the seal on Molochs Ring.

Quest rewards: Unknown.

A Legendary Quest! Shi Feng smiled bitterly. No wonder the penalty Discipline Paradise received was so severe.

Just the penalty for failing an Epic Quest could half-cripple a players character, not to mention a Legendary Quest.

However, Ive never heard of this Legendary Quest before. The clues the quest provides are so limited, too. It says that I need to lift the seal on the ring, but it doesnt tell me how to do that. The ring doesnt provide any clues, either. It is no wonder Discipline Paradise failed the quest. Shi Feng knew very well just how frightening a Legendary Quest was.

A single Epic Quest had already given Shi Feng such a huge headache, not to mention a Legendary Quest.

However, Gods Domain was fair in all regards. If he could complete this Legendary Quest, the reward he could obtain would definitely be incredible. In Gods Domain, if a player wished to obtain a Legendary item, they would have to do so by completing a Legendary Quest. However, a majority of the players that took this path normally ended up plunging themselves into a dark abyss. This was also why Legendary items were so rare.

If possible, Shi Feng would rather not accept a Legendary Quest right now.

After going through so much to get this ring, in the end, it still doesnt help me get to the Dark Den. Shi Feng sighed. Currently, as long as he held onto this ring, a Great Demon would hunt him. Moreover, there was no definite time as to when the Great Demon Knettel would make his appearance again. This was far more dangerous than his Epic Quest, which provided a clear time limit.

Shi Feng stored Molochs Ring in his bag. Right now, completing the Darkness Descends quest was of the utmost priority.

Just as Shi Feng was about to leave his hiding spot, the sound of a system notification reached his ears.

System: Molochs Ring has detected the presence of the Power of Darkness. Do you want Molochs Ring to devour the Power of Darkness?

Devour the Power of Darkness? Shi Feng was stunned. Giving it some thought, he could not recall there being anything important in his bag. He then clicked Agree.

In the next moment, the dozen or so Soul Crystals inside his bag disappeared.

Meanwhile, due to having devoured the Soul Crystals, the inscriptions on Molochs Ring glowed slightly.

System: First seal on Molochs Ring lifted.

Its lifted, just like that? The sudden development rendered Shi Feng speechless. He then examined Molochs Ring again.

[Molochs Ring] (Ring, Legendary Rank)

Sealed by the Lord of Balrogs, legend has it that this ring contains all of the Lord of Balrogs secrets and power. By wearing this ring, one can obtain this power. After Molochs Ring had been sealed away, the Great Demon Knettel stood guard over the item. The Ring holds the Great Demon Knettels mark, allowing the Great Demon to sense its location periodically.

First seal lifted. A fragment of its power has been released. Power of Darkness required to lift the second seal: (6/100)

All Attributes +10%

Fire Resistance +30

Additional Skill-

Gate of Darkness: Opens a teleportation gate to the central area of the Dark Den.

Duration: 10 minutes

Cooldown: 24 hours

Sure enough, the Dark Den and this ring are related, Shi Feng stated, laughing. With this, I can head to the central area of the Dark Den.

After Shi Feng equipped Molochs Ring, he activated Gate of Darkness.


The ground suddenly trembled as dark smoke slowly emerged from the forest floor. After a moment, the black smoke formed a pair of gates that was over five meters tall. There were countless golden runes engraved on the gates, radiating a frightening pressure.

So powerful. This pressure can rival even that of a Tier 5 NPC. At this moment, Shi Feng even found it difficult to breathe. He felt as if he were only an ant in front of these gates.

However, when Shi Feng tried to push apart open the gates, he suddenly discovered that they were locked. Rather, he noticed a small groove in the center of the gates. It seemed like a keyhole.

So, thats the case.

Originally, Shi Feng had thought Discipline Paradise had been trying to trick him. Now, however, it would seem that he really did need the Chapter of Darkness to enter the Dark Den. He then placed the Chapter of Darkness into the groove.

When Shi Feng placed the black slate tablet into the groove, the golden runes on the gates suddenly linked with each other, releasing a golden brilliance. The gates began to open slowly.

The instant the gates opened, Shi Feng felt as if something were emerging from within the gates. His body suddenly felt incredibly heavy, and even taking a step forward was an extremely difficult task.

Just what kind of place is this Dark Den? The pressure from behind these gates alone is enough to suppress my combat power to one-tenth. Shi Feng had not felt such fear when he was in the Gods Grave. Is there a God on the other side?

However, Shi Feng couldnt care less. Gritting his teeth, he gradually pushed his body forward, advancing to the other side of the Gate of Darkness. He did not have much time left. If he did not complete his quest soon, only a dead end awaited him.

After Shi Feng entered the Gate of Darkness, it seemed as if he had entered an entirely different space.

A mountain, so tall that he could not even see its peak, loomed before him. He could also see many magnificent temples on the mountainside. These temples grew larger as one approached the top of the mountain. The temples at the foot of the mountain were merely ten meters in height. The largest temple that Shi Feng could see was over a hundred meters in height. Other than their massive sizes, these temples also radiated a powerful Divine Might.

While Shi Feng was still overwhelmed by the sight before him, a figure suddenly flew down from the peak of the mountain. The figure descended with lightning speed, and in the blink of an eye, it appeared before Shi Feng.

My luck cant be that rotten, right? Its actually a Tier 5 Fallen Angel. Dread gripped Shi Fengs heart as looked up at the enchanting woman, who had three pairs of pitch-black wings on her back, hovering above his head.

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