Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 602

Chapter 602 - Time Limit

Fallen Angels were considered Higher Beings in Gods Domain, and they were born far stronger than Ordinary Beings. They were also known to be invincible against Ordinary Beings of the same Tier.

Even a Tier 5 expert with a Tier 5 Taboo Skill could only run when facing a Tier 5 Fallen Angel.

Im dead for sure this time.

Shi Feng could only reveal a bitter smile as he looked at the Fallen Angel hovering in the sky.

He might have been able to escape a Tier 4 Great Demon, but against a Tier 5 Fallen Angel, he had no hope of resistance. Within a Domain established by a Tier 5 being, even the Seven Luminaries Rings Space Movement would be useless, not to mention his other Skills.

As for competing in terms of speed, if he was not even a match for a Tier 4 Great Demon, how was he supposed to outmatch a Tier 5 Fallen Angel?

In front of a Tier 5 Fallen Angel, even the Tier 4 Great Demon Knettel was an insignificant speck of dust.

Human, it seems that you are quite courageous. Despite being only a Tier 1 Swordsman, you have actually dared to steal Molochs Ring from Knettel, the Fallen Angel said, wearing a mischievous expression. She looked like a child who had just gained a new toy to play with.

Before Shi Feng could react, the Fallen Angel disappeared from the sky. By the time Shi Feng realized what had happened, the charming Fallen Angel stood before him, her flawless white hand piercing Shi Fengs heart.

Instantly, Shi Fengs HP, which was over 10,000, fell to zero.

Is this the power of a Tier 5 Fallen Angel? Shi Feng stared at his rapidly decreasing HP, shock filling his heart.

Regarding both speed and power, the Fallen Angel was far more powerful than any Tier 5 players Shi Feng had ever encountered. However, the Fallen Angels combat standards were by far the most frightening. They were impeccable. There was not the slightest excess movement her actions. It was no wonder many experts in the past had paled whenever they spoke about Fallen Angels.

Although Shi Feng had already reached the Flowing Water Realm, the second stage of the Refinement Realm, he was still far from reaching a state of perfection with his physical control. Only when he achieved a Domain[1] could he strive for such perfection.

However, just how many players could achieve a Domain in Gods Domain?

At this moment, Shi Feng felt quite fortunate as the Fallen Angel had not used any special moves to kill him. Rather, she had only needed an ordinary attack to finish him off. With this, he would only lose one Level and some Skill Proficiency at most. Moreover, other than some items that would drop upon death, players would not drop any of their equipment when killed by monsters.

Whats going on here? When Shi Feng opened his eyes, he discovered that he was still in the Dark Den after coming back to life. However, he had revived much further away from the towering mountain. If he wanted to head towards the mountain, he would have to run for more than half an hour.

Normally, when a player died in a special map, they would revive back in a city. Since the Tier 5 Fallen Angel had killed him, logically, that should have been where he revived, in a city, yet he had revived out in the fields.

Shi Feng then hurriedly called up his Attribute Panel, checking his Attributes and the contents of his bag.

Good. I only lost a Level and some Skill Proficiency. Shi Feng released a sigh of relief. Regardless if he were Level 33 or Level 32, it did not matter too much to Shi Feng. Just what is going on?

Looking around, Shi Feng suddenly discovered a golden avenue paved through the endless plains. There were also a countless monsters moving along this avenue towards the towering mountain.

The monsters Levels varied greatly, with the lowest being Level 10 and the highest being over Level 100. A single glance told Shi Feng that there were tens of thousands of monsters moving along the golden avenue.

Moreover, these monsters consisted of a wide variety of races; the majority were not linked to the forces of darkness. Shi Feng even spotted human NPCs. These NPCs also did not belong to the dark forces, and they looked more like Adventurers. Like the monsters, the NPCs Levels ranged from Level 10 to over Level 100.

Why are there so many human NPCs here? Shi Feng was shocked. However, his shock did not stop him from quietly approaching the golden avenue.

As a precaution, Shi Feng activated Phantom Kill, sending his doppelganger ahead of him.

Surprisingly, however, even after these monsters and NPCs noticed Shi Fengs doppelganger, they showed no signs of aggression. When the doppelganger stepped onto the golden avenue, Shi Feng received a system notification stating that he could not attack anyone while inside this region.

There was no danger.

With this, Shi Feng relaxed. He then advanced towards the towering mountain along the golden avenue as well.

He had only arrived at the Dark Dens central region after much difficulty. There was more than an 80% possibility of the Bible of Darkness being somewhere on the mountain.

Shi Feng had completed quite a few Epic Quests before.

The Tier 5 Fallen Angel had only killed him with a normal attack. This proved that he had yet to fail the quest. It was possible that he had only incurred a punishment because he had used an incorrect method to enter the Dark Den.

Otherwise, he would have truly been finished.

If a Tier 5 Fallen Angel were guarding the Bible of Darkness, unless he were a Tier 6 God-ranked player, completing this Epic Quest would be impossible. Moreover, the fact that Fantasy Extinguisher had managed to complete this quest in the past proved that there was definitely some other way to scale the mountain and steal the Bible of Darkness.

Arriving at the foot of the mountain, Shi Feng discovered that the golden avenue led towards a massive altar. Above the altar, countless monsters fought viciously, tearing each other apart. Occasionally, victors would emerge from the ceaseless battles, holding a golden key. These victors would then scale the mountain, reaching Shi Fengs original arrival point.

Sure enough, my entry was flawed. After watching the situation for awhile, Shi Feng did not discover any high-tiered monsters guarding the mountain. There were also no Tier 5 Fallen Angels patrolling the sky.

Very quickly, Shi Feng arrived before the altar. The instant he set foot onto the altar, a system notification sounded out by his ears.

System: Defeat all enemies before you, and you will be given entry into the World Summit.

System: You will gain 1 minute for every Common Monster killed, 10 minutes for every Elite Monster killed, 30 minutes for Special Elites, 100 minutes for Chieftains, and 500 minutes for Lords.

System: You may choose 10 monsters to serve as your opponent. If you fail to defeat all of your opponents, you will die.

System: You have 19 minutes to decide. Failure to do so will result in automatic forfeiture. You will die if you forfeit.

I see. There is a restriction for entering the World Summit. It seems that Ill have to choose who my opponents carefully. Shi Feng finally understood the gameplay here. However, if I only kill ten Common Monsters, ten minutes wont be long enough to explore all of the World Summit. I will most likely run out of time after traveling a short distance.

No matter how he looked at it, an item like the Bible of Darkness would not be easy to find.

It might even be at the very top of the mountain. He would not reach the top of the mountain even if he spent ten hours traveling. However, if he chose monsters that were too powerful, hed be at a disadvantage. On the off chance that he could not kill the opponents he selected, he would have truly dug his own grave.

A Lord was equivalent to 50 Special Elites or 5 Chieftains. However, although a Lord provided the most time, it was also the most difficult monster to take down. Moreover, if he had to face more than one Lord simultaneously, the difficulty of the challenge would increase manifold.

Yet, if he did not challenge high-ranking monsters, he would not have enough time to explore the World Summit.

While standing on the massive altar, Shi Feng pondered for a very long time.

System: You have 1 minute to consider. Please make your decision as soon as possible.

TL Notes:

[1] Domain: This is slightly different from the Domain mentioned in Chapter 599. The Domain Shi Feng is referring to in this chapter is a martial arts thing, while the Domain mentioned in Chapter 599 that Weissman had used [Magic Domain] in the Mechanical Slayer arc is an in-game mechanic [It is something like a Skill].

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