Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 616

Chapter 616 - Promotion to Count

Two identical Great Demon Kildreds attacked Shi Feng and his doppelganger.

Shi Feng, who had been at a disadvantage in terms of Strength, had no choice but to dodge the Great Demons attacks.

Although Shi Feng had entered the Flowing Water Realm and could predict the trajectories of Kildreds attacks, the Great Demons spear was like a venomous snake that consistently sent fatal blows towards his blind spots.

If any other player stood in his place, not to mention dodging, even blocking the attacks would be difficult.

Facing the unavoidable attacks, Shi Feng had no choice but to block with his swords.

However, the Great Demon Kildreds Strength was simply too intense. Each of his attacks managed to push Shi Feng back by several steps and inflict slightly more than -1,000 damage. Fortunately, Heavenly Dragons Power had increased Shi Fengs Defense and HP by 300%. With over 30,000 HP, Shi Feng could endure the Great Demons assault for quite some time.

Only, Shi Fengs Twofold Berserk state could only last for twenty seconds. Once these twenty seconds were over, he would enter a Weakened state and would lose all power to resist the Great Demon.

A short moment later, the other Great Demon Kildred defeated Shi Fengs doppelganger.

Hahaha! Human, you are quite amazing. A mere Tier 1 Swordsman like yourself has actually managed to damage me, the Great Demon Kildred, to such an extent. As a reward, Ill let you become my puppet, and you can follow my orders for the rest of your life! Kildred sneered at Shi Feng, who desperately tried to defend against his attacks.

Standing at a distance, Sharlyn frowned slightly as she watched the battle. Sighing, she muttered, Was it still too soon?

Now, Shi Feng no longer had his doppelganger. His ultimate Skill, Flame Burst, was also on Cooldown. Even though he was under the effects of Gods Twilight, reducing his Cooldowns by half, Flame Burst still had a Cooldown of 1 minute, 30 seconds.

Most importantly, he had to face two Great Demon Kildreds who had the same Attributes and 40% HP remaining.

Shi Feng had no chance of winning.

It would be Shi Fengs end once the two Great Demon Kildreds launched a pincer attack.

Human, be at ease and become my slave!

In the blink of an eye, the two Great Demon Kildreds appeared in front of and behind Shi Feng, both Great Demons revealing a ferocious expression.

This is just the Twin Life Technique. Do you really think that I have no way of unraveling it?

At this moment, Shi Fengs previously stern expression suddenly vanished. On the contrary, he revealed a disdainful and victorious smile.

Hearing Shi Feng mention the words Twin Life Technique, Kildreds expression turned grim.

Twin Life Technique was a Special Skill that did not possess any Tiers. It was a Skill that utilized the aid of a treasure to produce a doppelganger with the same capabilities as the original, though both the doppelganger and the original shared the same HP. However, unlike the original, the damage the doppelganger received would be increased by 300%. While Twin Life Technique boosted its users combat power, it also increased the damage they took. The Skill was a double-edged sword. If used correctly, it could display boundless power. If used badly, one would cut their own lifeline with this Skill.

So what if you know about the Twin Life Technique? Can you tell which one is real and which is fake? Kildred did not believe that Shi Feng could differentiate the true Kildred from his doppelganger. The doppelganger the Twin Life Technique had created was exactly the same as the original. It was impossible to tell the difference by sight alone. Even if you identify the doppelganger, will you be able to block the attacks from both of us?

Shi Feng did not reply to the Great Demon. Instead, he pointed the Abyssal Blade towards the halls ceiling. Suddenly, countless golden divine swords appeared above them.

When these golden swords descended, two different damages appeared above the two Great Demons heads. The Great Demon in front of Shi Feng received over -5,000 damage, while the one behind Shi Feng received over -15,000 damage. At this point, it was obvious which was real and which was fake.

However, Shi Feng was not finished with his attacks. Tightening his grip around the Abyssal Blade, he swung the Magic Weapon downwards.

Abyssal Curse!

Suddenly, the space within 30 yards around Shi Feng took on the effects of a quagmire. The two Great Demon Kildreds were unable to move.

Although Kildred was immune to Fainted effects and other control conditions, the Abyssal Blade was as powerful as an Epic weapon. Even if Abyssal Curse could not restrict the Great Demon for a full five seconds, to Shi Feng, two or three seconds were more than enough.

Ive been waiting for this moment.

Shi Feng activated Silent Steps and appeared behind Kildreds doppelganger. Suddenly, the Abyssal Blade in Shi Fengs hand released a dazzling flame.

This How is this possible! How can you still use that Skill?! Kildreds originally calm expression abruptly changed.

The Skill Shi Feng currently used was none other than Flame Burst, the Skill that had previously inflicted massive amounts of damage. However, Shi Feng had used that Skill recently. Now, the Swordsman used it against his doppelganger once more!


Shi Feng did not bother explaining anything to the Great Demon. In truth, while Kildreds doppelganger faced-off against his doppelganger, he had used up the 30 stacks of Death Aura on Flame Burst. Each stack of Death Aura could reduce the Cooldown of a Skill by three seconds, and thirty stacks just happened to grant him 90 seconds. Once his doppelganger died, he pretended to struggle against one of the Great Demons attacks, allowing the two Great Demon Kildreds to launch a pincer attack and giving him a good opportunity to deal with the Great Demons doppelganger.

Twelve consecutive strikes bit into the Great Demons immobile doppelganger.

Even when Shi Feng had used Flame Burst on the real Great Demon Kildred, each of his attacks had dealt over -20,000 damage. Now that the damage was amplified by 300%, each strike dealt over -60,000 damage against Kildreds doppelganger, or -120,000 damage with a critical hit. Against such frightening damages, Kildreds doppelganger died instantly.

No! Kildred released a frustrated scream.

Unfortunately, Twin Life Technique made it so that both doppelganger and the original shared the same HP. The doppelgangers death meant the originals death. The Great Demon Kildred would never have guessed that Shi Feng was a reincarnator. Not only was Shi Feng extremely familiar with many of the Skills in Gods Domain, but he also knew the weaknesses of the various Skills.

After Shi Feng killed the Great Demon Kildred, a golden glow appeared around his body. Moreover, this golden glow appeared twice in a row.

Shi Fengs level immediately jumped from Level 32 to Level 34.

Such an abundant amount of EXP! Shi Feng said in shock.

As the class he possessed was the hidden class Blade Saint, the EXP he required to level up was double of what other players required. Now that he had leveled up twice in a row, not only had he earned back the level he had lost at the World Summit, but he also gained a level beyond that.

System: Epic Quest Darkness Descends completed.

Quest rewards: Demon Slayer title, Star-Moon Kingdom Reputation +50, White River City Reputation +500, automatically promoted to the status of Count in White River City.

System: Congratulations on becoming a Count of White River City. You can now employ 100 guards, including four Personal Guards. You can also enjoy a 20% discount on all expenditures in White River City.

As expected of an Epic Quest. Ive been promoted to a Count after completing a single quest. I can lessen my cost significantly when I head to the Divine Colosseum, Shi Feng said, smiling.

If a Viscount was considered a major noble, then a Count was a top figure among major nobles.

In Gods Domain, the highest social status a player could attain in a city like White River City was Marquis. Only in a capital city like Star-Moon City could players become Dukes. Thus, becoming a Count of White River City was quite impressive.

To players, the largest difference between a Count and a Viscount, aside from the difference in status and the number of guards they could employ, was the Divine Colosseum.

The Divine Colosseum was a location where players could raise their combat power. Meanwhile, the Colosseum required Magic Crystals as currency. However, Viscounts or below would not receive any discounts at the Divine Colosseum. Only Counts or above would enjoy that benefit. This was also one of the reasons why many players had strived to increase their Reputation and become Counts. That way, one could lessen the burden on their wallet.

Compared to ordinary players, a Counts title held far more importance to players who owned private Lands because Counts possessed much greater authority. This authority was also the capital that a player required if they wished to rise and succeed in a city.

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