Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 619

Chapter 619 - Generation of Talents

Inside the 50-man Team Dungeon, the Ruins of the Crow God:

A black crow that stood over thirty meters high currently spewed endless blue flames, turning the surrounding landscape into a sea of fire. Any players that came into contact with these blue flames would die within three seconds.

This black crow was none other than the Final Boss of the Dungeon, the Bluefire Crow King.

[Bluefire Crow King] (High Lord)

Level 28

HP 10,000,000/10,000,000

Although a High Lord ranked Dungeon Boss was slightly weaker than a Field Boss of the same Level and rank, its HP was several times higher. In addition, Dungeon Bosses also possessed some special Skills, making them much harder to take down than Field Bosses. It was especially true for the Final Boss of a Dungeon. These Bosses usually possessed very high intelligence, so they knew how to strike at a teams weak points. Because of this, survival demanded significantly more cooperation between players. To put it simply, the Final Boss of a Dungeon was a test of sorts of a teams ability to work with each other.

If one wished to emerge victorious against such a Boss, there were only two ways to do so. The first was to rely on the composite strength of teamwork; the second was to rely on overwhelming power.

However, to the current players in Gods Domains, both were extremely hard to achieve.

Careful! Dodge the flames! Anyone who has touched the flames, distance yourselves from the group immediately! Fire Dance shouted sternly.

These blue flames were one of the Bluefire Crow Kings team-wipe Skills.

It would have been fine if the sea of fire only prevented players from approaching the High Lord. However, these flames were like a plague. Players who had touched the fire would inflict -2,000 damage to other players within a radius of 10 yards once every three seconds. That amount of damage was more than half of a cloth armor classs HP. Moreover, this plague formed a chain reaction, jumping from player to player as they neared their teammates. If not dealt with properly, the debuff would make quick work of the entire team.

Fortunately, none of the 50 players present were greenhorns. They had already fought the Bluefire Crow King dozens of times, so every one of them was extremely familiar with the High Lords attacks. The moment the Crow King began to spew the blue flames, everyone instantly moved to dodge the attack. However, the flames still struck a few unfortunate players, so they had no choice but to distance themselves from the rest of the team.

After the Bluefire Crow King stopped spewing its fire, it squinted as it focused on one of the healers standing at the rear line. Flapping its wings, it created a storm as it soared into the sky. The Crow King then spread its massive wings, blotting out the sun as it prepared to swoop down towards that healer.

Damn! Its targeting Violet! Fire Dance frowned. Hurriedly, she shouted, Cola, use Iron Will!


Cola, who was as robust as a bear, shouted. In the blink of an eye, his body began to emit a golden glow, making it impossible for others to ignore him. Cola instantly attracted the Crow Kings attention. The Crow Wings steel-like wings then descended on Colas head.

[Iron Will] (Tier 1 Skill)

Forces all nearby enemies to attack user and increases Defense by 70% for 4 seconds. If enemy ignores user, Strength increases by 70%, speed increases by 100%, and damage increases by 100% for 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 2 minutes

A Guardian Knights Strength was already quite high. If Colas Strength increased by another 70% and his damage increased by another 100%, even a Boss of the same Level would find his attacks too much to bear. Hence, the Crow King had no choice but to attack Cola.


The Crow Kings black wings possessed a massive amount of Attack Power. Upon contact, the boss repelled Cola, the Guardian Knight having no choice but to retreat eight steps before he could stabilize himself. Despite having blocked the attack with his shield, Cola still received over -800 damage.

Its Battering Dive really packs a punch. Cola hurriedly used his shield to block the High Lords follow-up attacks. Every collision numbed his arms and forced him to retreat by multiple steps. If his Defense had not been increased by 70%, he would have easily received over a thousand damage. The Crow King would attack more than a dozen times in quick succession when using Battering Dive. If Cola received every single attack, he would die without question.

While Colas HP rapidly decreased, Violet Cloud, who stood at the rear of the team, waved her jade-like hand. Healing spells then landed on Cola, one after another, causing Colas HP to yo-yo. Her heals were very timely. In the end, Violet Cloud managed to stabilize Colas HP above a safe threshold, letting the Guardian Knight avoid the fate of instant death at the hands of the Bluefire Crow King.

Thanks to Violet Clouds precise and powerful healing, the entire team had an easy time dealing with the Bluefire Crow King. Violet Cloud was the only healer responsible for the lead MT. This situation freed the other healers to focus on keeping the other members of the team alive, allowing the team to avoid losing members to one of the Bosss minor Skills.

Meanwhile, the other ranged classes took the opportunity to barrage the High Lord with a stream of attacks.

When Colas Iron Will ended, the Bluefire Crow King shifted its focus back to Violet Cloud. However, just as the Crow King was about to deal with the Astromancer, the female Guardian Knight, Turtledove, similarly activated Iron Will and forced the Crow King to attack her instead.

Turtledove was a Guardian Knight Shi Feng had encountered in White River Citys Teleportation Hall during the incident with the Mechanical Slayer. Back then, she had only been at the standard of an elite player. Now, however, she had become a member of Zero Wings main force. Of Zero Wings Guardian Knights, she was only inferior to Cola and Ye Wumian.

Unfortunately, as her equipment was slightly inferior, she required two healers to maintain her HP above a safe threshold.

While the MTs held the Boss, Fire Dance and the other melee players of the team assaulted the Bluefire Crow King with a continuous stream of attacks.

The Truefire Blades in Fire Dances hands transformed into countless streaks of light. Every one of her attacks dealt over -1,000 damage. The total damage Fire Dance dealt surpassed even Blackie, who wielded an Epic staff.

Meanwhile, among the melee players, one Berserker stood out like a sore thumb. Although this Berserkers weapon was only a Level 25 Fine-Gold greatsword, his total damage ranked 7th in the entire team. He was none other than Shadow Sword, the person who had accompanied Turtledove during the Mechanical Slayer incident. Shadow Sword was almost equally matched with Rampant Blade, one of the Five Demon Generals and the Berserker ranked 6th in terms of total damage within the team. However, unlike Shadow Sword, the weapon Rampant Blade used was a Level 25 Dark-Gold two-handed saber. However, although Rampant Blades weapon possessed significantly higher Attack Power than Shadow Swords Fine-Gold greatsword, the two Berserkers were almost equal in terms of their total damage. One could see clearly just how high Shadow Swords Skill Completion Rate was.

Shadow, youre improving too fast! Your Skill Completion Rate was roughly 78% yesterday, yet, today, its sitting at 80%. It seems that my position as number one Berserker will soon be in danger, Rampant Blade said, depressed.

Thats because youre not working hard enough. Shadow Sword has either been raiding Dungeons or visiting the Divine Colosseum to improve himself, Ye Wumian, who had been the Workshops past leader, said contemptuously.

Alright, enough! Focus on the Boss! Fire Dance reprimanded.

In reality, other than Shadow Sword, many other powerful recruits had joined Zero Wings main force. This allowed the strength of Zero Wings current main force to improve significantly.

At this point in the fight, the Bluefire Crow King only had 50% of its HP remaining.

Die, intruders! the Bluefire Crow King bellowed.

Cola, take care of the Boss! The other MTs and melees will deal with the small mobs! Fire Dance shouted, her expression turning grim.

A moment later, over a dozen three-meter-tall Bluefire Crows descended from the sky. Every one of these Bluefire Crows was a Level 28 Special Elite, each with 300,000 HP. It would be extremely hard difficult with them all.

If players did not dispatch these Bluefire Crows swiftly, these monsters would grow using the only Skill they possessed, Growth.

When the Bluefire Crows used this Skill, they would instantly become Chieftain ranked monsters, their maximum HPs reaching 700,000. If the battle dragged on for too long, they could even become Lords that possessed 1,500,000 HP. Even a more powerful team could not contend with a High Lord in addition to over a dozen Lords.

A few minutes later

A group of players emerged from the Ruins of the Crow Gods resurrection point.

Meanwhile, quite a few teams took this chance to relax around the resurrection point. Among them were the various large Guilds of White River City. The Bluefire Crow King had wiped them all out.

When everyone saw this new group of players appear, they all could not help but gaze at these players with admiration.

This group was none other than Zero Wings main force. They were the team with the best equipment of all the teams in White River City.

Those Bluefire Crows are too difficult to deal with. Our overall DPS is still too low, Blackie stated dispiritedly. It would be awesome if Guild Leader joined us. With his DPS, we can breeze through this Boss.

The other members of Zero Wings main force nodded in agreement.

In their opinion, Shi Feng was no longer a human. He alone could serve as an entire team.

Suddenly, Fire Dance received a call from Aqua Rose. After exchanging a few words, joy appeared on Fire Dances face.

Lets head back to the city and rest for a bit, Fire Dance said through the team chat.

Return? Arent we supposed to try five or six more times today? Blackie asked, surprised.

Didnt you want Guild Leader to raid with us? Fire Dance grinned. Guild Leader has just returned, and hes telling us to head back to the Residence immediately. He says that he has something to tell us and that its related to the Dungeon.

Really?! Everyone was suddenly excited.

Well know once we get back. Saying so, Fire Dance took out a Return Scroll and began chanting.

Everyone else followed her example, one after another.


Look! Zero Wings main force is leaving! Are they giving up on the Dungeon?

Probably. The Final Boss of the Ruins of the Crow God is really too powerful. They mustve guessed that no team will clear it anytime soon, so why bother wasting their time here?

Many teams that had watched Zero Wing carefully before chatting among themselves.

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