Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 628

Chapter 628 - Guild Mount

The moment the Divine Bluefire Shield appeared, hunger burned in the eyes of every MT on the team; even Cola drooled.

The shield was crucial to any MT. It was the equivalent of half of an MTs life. Not a single MT would pass up an excellent shield.

The best shield Zero Wing currently had was a Level 25 Dark-Gold Shield.

However, compared to the Divine Bluefire Shield, it was no more than scrap metal.

Not only did the Divine Bluefire Shield possess extremely high Defense, but it also had a powerful Attack Skill and Berserk Skill. If an MT equipped it, they would no longer be just a meatshield. The damage they could deal would be no less than what a normal DPS classes could do.

This Divine Bluefire Shields Attributes are better than even the current first ranking shield, the Blue Dawn. Aqua Rose was greatly shocked when she examined the red-black buckler. Most likely, this is the best shield currently available throughout Gods Domain.

As the manager of a Guild, Aqua Rose normally collected information on the various large Guilds throughout Gods Domain. For example, she knew which Guilds had been active recently, members of the main force of various large Guilds, experts, and the latest powerful equipment.

Blue Dawn was a Level 30 Dark-Gold shield. However, a Super Guild had obtained this shield through a quest, and it had made many other Super Guilds jealous. Many corporations had even offered an astronomical price of 1,000 Gold for it.

On the other hand, the Divine Bluefire Shield was a Dark-Gold shield that would improve to Level 35. Setting aside its Basic Attributes, just the Passive Skill Bluefire Shield and Active Skill Rising Fire were excellent Skills. The Bluefire Shield was clearly more valuable than the Blue Dawn. Not including Epic Shields, it would not be an exaggeration to call it the most powerful shield currently available in Gods Domain.

However, Aqua Rose very quickly realized something.

If the Divine Bluefire Shield, something that was so important to a Guild, only ranked second among the loot they had obtained

What kind of item ranked first?

Very quickly, the rest of the team reached the same conclusion. Their gazes darted back to Shi Feng, expectation written all over their faces.

Alright, then. Ill unveil the first ranking item. Shi Feng laughed. He then took out a purple-blue crystal necklace. Chances are that every magical class will go crazy over this.

[Bluefire Heart] (Necklace, Dark-Gold Rank)

Equipment Requirement: Intelligence 200

Level 30 - Level 40 (Currently Level 30)

Strength +10, Agility +10, Endurance +10, Intelligence +40, Vitality +35

Casting speed increased by 20%.

Magic damage and healing effects increased by 20%.

Passive Skill-

Mana Heart: Maximum Mana increased by 15% and Mana Recovery Rate increased by 50%

Active Skill 1-

Bluefire Devour: Burn 30% of your Mana in exchange for the Power of Bluefire, increasing all Skill effects by 200% and Mana Consumption Rate by 200% for 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 30 minutes

Active Skill 2-

Bluefire Summon: Summons three Elite ranked Bluefire Crows to battle for you for 30 minutes.

Cooldown: 5 hours

The Bluefire Hearts Basic Attributes were average at best. However, the necklaces Skills increased its value tremendously. The Skills almost made up for all of the weaknesses a magical class possessed and enhanced their firepower.

Most importantly, the Bluefire Heart was a necklace. Ornament-type items were extremely rare in Gods Domain. The value of one was multiple times that of a weapon or other equipment of the same quality and level. In the case of the Bluefire Heart, even a Tier 3 class would continue to use it. Hence, it was significantly more valuable than the Divine Bluefire Shield.

Since you have seen the items for yourselves, you can start bidding for them, Shi Feng said, grinning at everyones dumbfounded expressions. First up is the Bluefire Double-edged Sword. The starting price is 20,000 GCP.

Currently, Zero Wings Contribution Points were worth roughly 30 Copper per point. In other words, 20,000 Contribution Points was around 60 Gold.

However, this price didnt surprise any of them.

For a weapon of the Bluefire Double-edged Swords caliber, this was considerably cheap. If it were on the Auction House, it would sell for at least 200 or 300 Gold.




For a time, the Berserkers and Swordsmen began fervently outbidding each other. As the members of the Guilds main force, they frequently raided Dungeons, especially small-scale Team Dungeons. Furthermore, they were the Guilds frontline when it came to pioneering Team Dungeons. They would exchange most of their unwanted equipment for Guild Contribution Points. In addition, they also completed the various high-level Guild Quests. Hence, they had accumulated quite a lot of Guild Contribution Points.

In the end, however, the Guilds current number one Berserker, Rampant Blade, won the weapon for 40,000 Contribution Points.

Cola won the second item, the Divine Bluefire Shield, for 90,000 Contribution Points. However, this was practically Colas entire fortune. It would be some time before he could compete with others for equipment.

Aqua Rose bought the third item, the Bluefire Heart, using 150,000 Contribution Points. As the Guilds Vice-Leader, Aqua Rose enjoyed certain benefits. In addition, she also frequently participated in Dungeon raids and Guild Quests, so she had accumulated an extraordinarily high number of Guild Contribution Points. Not even the commander of Zero Wings main force, Fire Dance, could hold a candle to Aqua Rose. In Zero Wing, only Shi Feng was a match for the woman.

Everyone on the team envied these three players. These three pieces of equipment were definitely among the best currently available in Gods Domain. Equipping them would significantly boost their combat power.

After all, no other Guild in Gods Domain had managed to clear the Hell Mode of a 50-man Team Dungeon.

Following which, various members of the team purchased other Dark-Gold and Fine-Gold Equipment, increasing the overall strength of the entire team significantly.

As for the other materials, he stored them in the Guild Warehouse.

Everyone, head back to the city and get some rest. Our next goal is to challenge a 100-man Team Dungeon, Shi Feng said slowly. Blackie, Fire Dance, Cola, Violet, and Aqua, stay behind. Ill need you guys to accompany me on a quest.

Quest? Everyone could not help but grow interested.

Shi Feng was the publicly acknowledged number one expert in Star-Moon Kingdom. Just what kind of quest would he need help with?

However, everyone only wondered about it; none of them volunteered to assist. After all, weaklings like them would never survive a quest that even Shi Feng would need help to complete. They needed a certain amount of strength before they could embark on such a quest. Otherwise, Shi Feng would not have called the top ranking experts of the Guild to join him.

After everyone else returned to the city, Blackie, who could no longer hold back his curiosity, asked, Guild Leader, what kind of quest are we doing? Why the need for such secrecy?

Guild Leader, is it an Epic Quest? Ive been wanting to give an Epic Quest a try! Colas eyes glowed.

Epic Quests... No one, other than Shi Feng, in the Guild had taken on an Epic Quest yet. First of all, ignoring how rare an Epic Quest was, they were simply too difficult. Moreover, in the event that one failed an Epic Quest, the consequences would be extremely severe. However, if one completed the Quest, the rewards would be astonishing.

Although I call it a quest, I need help capturing a wild beast. Shi Feng shook his head and laughed.

Capturing a wild beast? Everyone grew confused.

It was possible to capture wild beasts in Gods Domain. However, capture was far more difficult than simply killing it for EXP. Even if one captured a wild beast, there was nothing they could do with it. At most, they could leave it in a corner and look at it. Most importantly, players had to spend a lot of money to capture a wild beast. Hence, at present, nobody was willing to spend their time on something so costly.

Dont you want to capture a wild beast and ride it as a Mount? Shi Feng said, smiling.

Upon hearing these words, a hint of anticipation flashed in everyones eyes.

However, I heard that, in order to capture a wild beast to tame it into a Mount, a Guild first needs a Stable, Aqua Rose stated. Guild Leader, we dont have a Stable. Well have to challenge 100-man Team Dungeons to obtain one.

Shi Feng simply laughed without offering a reply.

Guild Leader, dont tell me that you already have the Design Aqua Rose asked in disbelief, her beautiful eyes widening as she stared at Shi Feng.

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