Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 630

Chapter 630 - Proof of Strength

White River City, Blueberry Restaurant:

The moment Shi Feng entered the restaurant, he immediately felt several gazes land on him.

Phoenix Rain sure knows how to put on a display.

Shi Feng looked around the restaurant, noticing that the establishments customers were not simple at all. The players sitting around were unanimously Level 30. In the current Gods Domain, they ranked at the very top. Moreover, judging by the feeling these people gave off, it was obvious that they were not virtual gaming experts. Rather, they felt like experts who were proficient in martial arts.

Among these people, some had cold and sinister auras, while others had a violent auras.

However, they all shared a common aspect; they were all independent players. None of them were members of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

After glancing at Shi Feng, these people turned back to their own interests.

Guild Leader Black Flame, please come upstairs, a beautiful, young lady asked softly as she walked down from the restaurants second floor.

Shi Feng also knew this beautiful woman.

She was Phoenix Rains capable assistant, Pure Fragrance. She was also one of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilions top-tier experts and was quite famous. She ranked within the top 600 on the Gods Domain Experts List. Not only did she possessed impressive strength, but she was also quite talented. In the past, she had been a Tier 5 powerhouse during her peak.

Shi Feng simply nodded and followed Pure Fragrance to the second floor.

At this moment, Phoenix Rain was the only other person on the second floor. She sat at a table near the window, quietly overlooking the street outside as she toyed with a black leather book.

Miss Phoenix, may I know what you wish to discuss with me? Shi Feng asked.

In response, Phoenix Rain smiled leisurely as she handed the black leather book to Shi Feng.

Guild Leader Black Flame, please take a look at this, Phoenix Rain said unhurriedly.

The black leather book was not a quest prop or anything similar. Instead, it contained the written records of players. However, after reading through a few pages, Shi Fengs surprise grew as he continued to read.

This black leather book contained information on the Dark Arena. To be precise, the book held information regarding the official members of the many battle teams participating in the Dark Arena. Moreover, the information was extremely detailed, so much so that even the participants life stories had been recorded. There was even a brief introduction to their current equipment.

Beyond that, there was an assessment of ever battle team members combat power. These assessments were also very detailed. These players strengths and weaknesses had been recorded in detail.

Guild Leader Black Flame, how do you feel about this information? Phoenix Rain asked gently, a pleasant smile on her face.

Miss Phoenix, why are you giving me this information? Shi Feng was slightly confused about Phoenix Rains intentions.

Ive heard that your Guild has been in contact with the Glorious Lions Battle Team, so I believe that Guild Leader Black Flame should understand the Dark Arenas value by now. Phoenix Rain smiled sweetly as she collected the leather book from Shi Feng. Unfortunately, ordinary players do not qualify to participate in this game. However, I am, so I hope to establish a battle team myself to have some fun in the Dark Arena.

Initially, I intended to seek cooperation with Pantheons Guild Leader, but I suddenly changed my mind. Now, I wish to cooperate with Guild Leader Black Flame instead. May I know if you are interested in cooperating with this young lady?

Miss Phoenix must be joking. How could Zero Wing possibly hope to compare with a Super Guild? Wouldnt working with Pantheon be a better choice? Although Shi Feng was so calm on the surface, inwardly, he was stunned.

He had not expected Phoenix Rain to be capable of obtaining the participation rights to the Dark Arena.

However, Shi Feng did not believe that Phoenix Rain would hand over such an opportunity so easily.

After all, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had countless experts, not to mention a Super Guild like Pantheon. It would be childs play for Phoenix Rain to gather ten apex experts. Why would she need Zero Wing?

I sought you out precisely because Zero Wing is not very famous. That way, the opposing team will not bother to investigate you in detail. With Guild Leader Black Flames power, it should not be hard to earn some achievements in the Dark Arena, Phoenix Rain said, smiling. After all, it should not be that easy to obtain the First Clear of the Hell Mode Ruins of the Crow God.

Phoenix Rain had personally entered a 50-man Hell Mode Team Dungeon before, so she understood just how difficult raiding one was.

Even a Super Guilds main force had zero chance of raiding a 50-man Hell Mode Team Dungeon successfully, much less the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

Raiding a Dungeon was different from PvP. Successfully raiding a 50-man Hell Mode Team Dungeon was proof of ones strength. Moreover, she had conducted an investigation of Zero Wings experts. Not to mention Hell Mode, even clearing Hard Mode would be a challenging endeavor, yet Zero Wing had done just that.

What did this mean?

Black Flame was not as simple as he appeared.

Hence, she had abruptly changed her plans and immediately made her way to White River City.

I presume that Guild Leader Black Flame has already seen the experts downstairs. None of them were professional gamers before Gods Domain launched. They are experts that I have nurtured secretly, and none of the other battle teams have any information on these people. With the element of surprise, we might be able to compete for the top 100 rankings.

As for the remuneration, Guild Leader Black Flame will earn 10% of all of our winnings. If you lead the team into the top 100 spots, Ill give you 20% of the winnings. What do you think?

Phoenix Rains offer was extremely generous. It was much better than Everlasting Wars. Most importantly, there were no restrictions on his freedom. He would only partner with Phoenix Rain. Phoenix Rain would provide the participation qualifications, while he would fight.

The Dark Arenas battles were the fastest method to earn Credits.

Moreover, after he gained fame in the Dark Arena, he could form plenty of influential connections. In the future, he would have a much easier time purchasing S-rank Nutrient Fluids, various training materials, and virtual gaming cabins.

Most importantly, the Dark Arena was the perfect place to improve ones strength. Even the Divine Colosseum could not compare.

After all, the Divine Colosseum was a place for ordinary players to battle each other or the system. Compared to battles against experts, players gained fewer benefits in the Divine Colosseum.

What if I get us into the top 30? Although Shi Feng was already satisfied with the 10% and 20% remuneration Phoenix Rain offered, he instinctively tried to strive for more.

Top 30? Phoenix Rain could not help but chuckle. If Guild Leader Black Flame really manages to get the battle team into the Dark Arenas top 30, then Ill increase the remuneration to 40%.

In Phoenix Rains opinion, entering the top 100 would be extremely difficult, not to mention the top 30. After all, this was a competition between the battle teams that various major international corporations had formed. None of those teams could be underestimated.

Okay, lets see a contract, then. Shi Feng grinned. Although he, too, doubted that they could achieve such a feat, he had not accepted the Epic Guild Quest, Ancient Battlefield. If he could allow the Guilds few top experts to train there for a time, they might have a chance of getting into the top 30.

A moment later, Phoenix Rain and Shi Feng established a contract.

Lets go, then. Ill introduce you to your team members. Phoenix Rain stored the contract and walked downstairs.

The moment Phoenix Rain arrived downstairs, the tens of people sitting seated on the first floor of Blueberry Restaurant stood and greeted her respectfully. None of them displayed the temperament of an expert as they had with Shi Feng.

Even those several experts that had exuded violence had sheathed their auras.

As expected of the woman known as the Demon Queen. She sure knows how to put on a powerful display. Shi Feng was inwardly astonished.

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