Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 631

Chapter 631 - Trial of Strength

Every player here was an expert.

And as experts, they all had their own pride and principles they abided to.

It would not be easy to get these experts to submit. Yet, looking into these experts eyes, Shi Feng could see the reverence that filled their hearts, proving that their actions were not due to Phoenix Rains demands.

Miss, all twenty members are present, Pure Fragrance said in a low, but respectful, tone.

Phoenix Rain nodded in response.

Turning to Shi Feng, Phoenix Rain asked, Guild Leader Black Flame, how do you feel about these experts?

Of the twenty players present, all were Level 30. Their equipment also consisted of Level 25 to Level 30 top-tier equipment. In White River City, these players would rank at the very top. Clearly, their skill spoke for itself.

Every one of them was an expert who had experienced the baptism of live combat many times. Noobs like Fire Dance and Zero Wings other core members, who had only gained their strength through arduous training, could not compare to these experts. One could feel the hostility they radiated from far away.

Amazing. You will not find many in Star-Moon Kingdom who can match them, Shi Feng replied truthfully.

However, Shi Fengs words instantly earned the ire of these twenty people. They glared at Shi Feng, killing intent filling their eyes.

They were all experts who Phoenix Rain had carefully nurtured. How could the lowly experts of Star-Moon Kingdom possibly hope to be their equals?

Guild Leader Black Flame, you may not realize this, but despite none of these people having any fame, they are not much weaker than the experts on the Gods Domain Experts List; they are even stronger than some of those experts, Pure Fragrance said contemptuously.

Just how many people in Star-Moon Kingdom ranked on the Gods Domain Experts List?

On the other hand, if the twenty people present displayed their strength, every one of them could definitely rank on the Experts List. One could just imagine how immense their strengths were. They were far beyond Star-Moon Kingdoms top-tier experts.

Shi Feng did not refute Pure Fragrances words.

The Gods Domain Experts List had initially served as an analysis of experts who had publicly displayed their strengths. It did not record every expert within the game. At most, the List could be used as a reference.

However, he also wasnt wrong. Although these people were strong, in White River City alone, there were plenty of experts who were much stronger.

For example, there was War Wolf and Ghost Shadow. There was also no need to mention those unknown experts hidden throughout Star-Moon Kingdom.

While Gods Domain was very large, Star-Moon Kingdom was not small.

How could it possibly be that easy to become one of the top experts in a kingdom?

Fragrance, enough. Have everyone introduce themselves so that Guild Leader Black Flame can establish the battle team more easily, Phoenix Raid softly instructed.

There is no need for all of that. Anyone who can block my sword without using any Skills will be admitted into the battle team. Of course, I wont use any Skills, either, Shi Feng declared, not wanting to waste too much time.

It seems that we are all going to become official members of the battle team today. A thin Assassin in black snorted.

The others similarly revealed annoyed sneers.

Shi Feng actually dared to underestimate them to such a degree.

Initially, Shi Feng had similarly surprised Phoenix Rain. However, she smiled and said, Guild Leader Black Flames suggestion will also work. Lets do as he asks, then.

Following which, everyone left the Blueberry Restaurant and headed towards the Divine Colosseum.

The Divine Colosseum was situated in White River Citys central district. The Divine Colosseum was a massive tower that stood in the citys center.

Although the Divine Colosseum had only recently been constructed, a sea of players flowed to and from the building.

Hahaha! I passed the second floor today! I can finally take part in Zero Wings entrance exam!

Recruiting members for a Level 25 Team Dungeon! Must have Skill Completion Rate of 70% and above! Equipment must be at least Mysterious-Iron rank!

Heavens Burial is recruiting Guild members! Our Guild has already cleared the Hard Mode Ruins of the Crow God! If you wish to join, you must be able to clear the Divine Colosseums first floor before you can take the entrance exam!

In the Divine Colosseums first floor hall, many independent teams shouted, recruiting members.

In the past, these players usually recruited at the Teleportation Hall. Now, however, they had all come to the Divine Colosseum because they could determine a players strength here. That way, they could be more at ease when they raided Dungeons.

Similarly, ever since the Divine Colosseum had emerged, Guilds no longer looked at a players Level and equipment when allowing players to take part in their entrance exams. Instead, they determined the players qualifications through their progress in the Divine Colosseum.

An ordinary players techniques would not even be enough to pass the first floor of the Divine Colosseum.

If one passed the second floor, they would be roughly as strong as an elite player. Meanwhile, one was definitely considered an expert if they could clear the third floor. Hence, it was very easy to determine the exact standard of a player.

Upon arriving at the Divine Colosseum, Pure Fragrance spent 5 Magic Crystals to rent an amphitheater. In the amphitheater, players could fight however they wanted.

The combat inside an amphitheater and the combat in the Underground Arena were different. In an amphitheater, players could set the rules of combat to their liking. For example, they could allow only melee combat, prohibiting the use of Skills or tools. This would make fights much more realistic. On the other hand, such privileges were not available in the Underground Arena.

After setting the rules, Shi Feng and the twenty reserve members entered the amphitheater.

Miss, Black Flame is simply too arrogant. Im going to enjoy watching him embarrass himself, Pure Fragrance gloated as she smirked at Shi Feng.

Fragrance, youre underestimating Black Flame. The fact that he could become the number one expert of Star-Moon Kingdom and remain undefeated is already enough proof of his strength. Dont forget, even Martial Dragon was helpless against him. You will see just how skilled he is, Phoenix Raid said, smiling.

When Pure Fragrance thought about the monster known as Martial Dragon, she could not help but tremble.

An expert who had mastered a Domain was an inhuman existence.

In the entire Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, very few were capable of blocking Martial Dragons attacks.

After the last war between the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Zero Wing, the various large Guilds at the time had investigated Black Flame in detail. After all, a person capable of lasting against Martial Dragon in battle was extremely rare, not to mention someone capable of killing the Berserker. Although Black Flame was not responsible for killing Martial Dragon in the end, the fact that he fought Martial Dragon as an equal was an astounding feat.

However, the investigations results shocked everyone.

Black Flames Basic Attributes were simply tyrannical.

He had relied on pure destructive power to survive against Martial Dragon.

To put it simply, Black Flames equipment was excellent.

Now, however, things were different. Since that battle, the various large Guilds had improved their equipment constantly, strengthening their top-tier experts Basic Attributes.

Martial Dragons Basic Attributes had grown significantly. If he faced Black Flame now, most likely, Black Flame would last only a few exchanges before dying.

Meanwhile, the twenty reserve members present wore top-tier equipment. Their equipment also held Tier 2 Gemstones. Every one of them wore three Intermediate Mana Armor Kits. In terms of Attributes, they had eliminated their weaknesses. On the contrary, one could even say that Attributes were their strong points.

Hence, it was no longer possible for Black Flame to rely on pure destructive force to win his battles.

Just as Pure Fragrance fantasized about the twenty reserve members toying with Shi Feng, a shocking scene suddenly played out before her eyes.

Before anyone realized it

Shi Fengs first opponent fell to the ground, lying there motionlessly.

What happened? Pure Fragrance muttered in disbelief.

She was only distracted for a moment, yet the battle was already over

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