Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 644

Chapter 644 - Secret Competition

How rich is Zero Wing? Theyre actually sending so many people to the Trial Tower all at once.

They should be members of the newly-formed Dark Gods Legion. I heard that the benefits they receive are only beneath what Zero Wings main force enjoys.

Being a Guilds core member must be great. They get to enter the Trial Tower every day. On the other hand, independent players like us can only enter once in a long while.

I know, right? Magic Crystals drop rate is simply too low in Party Dungeons. Its only higher in Team Dungeons.

As expected of the number one Guild of White River City. Even Overwhelming Smile can only send 200 members each day, while Heavens Burial only sends 100 members. On the other hand, Zero Wing is sending 300 people in one go. Moreover, they are only members of the Dark Gods Legion.

Everyone was incredibly jealous. Only the members of large Guilds had access to such a large supply of Magic Crystals each day. Independent players had to struggle just to obtain a single crystal. As for small Guilds, although they could also afford to supply their members with Magic Crystals, they could not afford to offer a large amount every day.

One could gage a Guilds financial strength in White River City by the number of members that entered the Trial Tower.

Whats so amazing about Zero Wing? Can its financial strength compare to Overwhelming Smile? the Level 30 Guardian Knight, Lone Tyrant, sneered as he entered the Divine Colosseum.

Ever since the Dark Stars disbandment, Lone Tyrant held firm to his hatred of Zero Wing.

If not for Zero Wing, Dark Star would have been White River Citys ruler, and he would have stood as its emperor.

Due to Zero Wings constant rise, he was now only one of Overwhelming Smiles core members. He was not even the Guilds Chief MT; he was nothing more than cannon fodder.

However, it was also because of this that he was able to experience just how frightening Underworld was.

Particularly, after the third evolution of Gods Domain, Underworld had increased its investment in Gods Domain by several folds, pouring a massive sum of money into the game. Not only did the organization begin recruiting a large number of experts, but it had also collected a large stock of Magic Crystals, which were extremely important to current players. Even a first-rate Guild could not compete with Underworlds financial resources.

Underworlds influence covered a vast expanse of Gods Domain. It could purchase Magic Crystals through several avenues. This was an advantage that many first-rate Guilds did not possess. With all these Magic Crystals, Underworld could quickly nurture plenty of experts through the Divine Colosseum.

Gods Domain was not a game that could be dominated by a single players strength.

Even if Shi Feng were stronger, he could only defend White River City. However, White River City was not the only city in Star-Moon Kingdom, much less Gods Domain.

As far as Lone Tyrant knew, Underworld had yet to give up on the feast that White River City offered. Hence, the organization had once more invested significant funding and Magic Crystals, enough to even put a first-rate Guild to shame.

On the surface, Overwhelming Smile sent only 200 members to the Trial Tower each day. Moreover, every member could only challenge the Trial Tower three times a day. In reality, however, Overwhelming Smile secretly sent a large number of hidden experts to challenge the Trial Tower as well. This group of experts consisted of nearly 400 people, double that of what the Guild sent openly.

In total, Overwhelming Smile sent nearly 600 people to the Trial Tower every day, affording each member three challenges.

The public was already astounded by Heavens Burials financial strength. Unfortunately, compared to Overwhelming Smile, Heavens Burial was nothing. After including the additional resources that War Wolf and his group of top-tier experts had received, Overwhelming Smile was spending nearly 2,000 Magic Crystals every day. What did Heavens Burials expenditure of 500 Magic Crystals amount to?

Lone Tyrant, control your mouth. It is not the time for Overwhelming Smile to display its strength. Let Zero Wing and Heavens Burial bask in the limelight. Watching the Dark Gods Legion enter the Trial Tower, a faint smile appeared on Feng Xuanyangs face. With pride and arrogance, he said, Black Flame, your complacency wont last.

In truth, Feng Xuanyang had not expected Underworld to continue investing in White River City. He had thought that the organization would just let Overwhelming Smile, the Guild he controlled, fend for itself.

Currently, there were extremely few experts who had managed to pass the fourth floor of the Divine Colosseum.

Among them, Zero Wing had the most with a total of 36 people.

Overwhelming Smile came in second. It had 29 people in total.

Next up was Heavens Burial. It had 20 people.

Assassins Alliance stood in fourth place. The Guild only had 14 people.

At fifth place, Cloud Nine had 12 people.

At sixth place, Yin Yang Court had 11 people.

However, Overwhelming Smile had hidden a large fraction of its forces. For example, their 29 experts did not include War Wolf and his team. In reality, the Guild had more than 50 people who had passed the fourth floor. Overwhelming Smile had long since surpassed Zero Wing by leaps and bounds. Moreover, as time passed, that number would only increase. Soon, it would be Overwhelming Smiles turn to rule over White River City.


While the various large Guilds in White River City competed over the First Clear of a 100-man Dungeon and compared their progression in the Divine Colosseum, Shi Feng had used the Bible of Darkness to travel to the Evil Ghost Domain.

After his two-day absence, Shi Feng found that District One had developed rapidly. The Shelter had annexed six other Shelters and invested all of the Soul Crystals they obtained into promoting the Lions Bar, upgrading it to a 2-star Bar.

Now, the Hundred Berry Wines production had increased to 50 bottles per day.

According to Shi Fengs arrangements, 20 bottles would be held for District Ones Shelter, while he would take the remaining 30 with him. Shi Feng had been away for two days now, so he had a stockpile of 60 bottles.

Shi Feng had also brought with him a huge stock of Light Stones for Blue Frost and the others.

The nights in the Dark Den were longer than the days. Hence, Light Stones were far more useful to these players.

Having a Guild is awesome. I never imagined that we would get our hands on an item like this. Even at night, our top ten parties will be able to grind safely. Blue Frost expressed his shock as he stared at the Light Stone in his hand.

Not a single Shelter in the Dark Den had anything like the Light Stones.

Other than grinding and questing, the Light Stones could also be used during monster attacks to weaken the monsters, making it much easier to defend the Shelter.

Right, my main goal in coming here this time is to give this to you, Shi Feng said as he retrieved the Chapter of Shelter from his bag.

The Chapter of Shelter was an item that could promote a Shelter by a single rank, up to a maximum of Large Shelter.

When everyone saw the Chapter of Shelter, they were stupefied.

Up until now, Large Shelters were something that only Guild Forces possessed. Although they had thought of upgrading District Ones Shelter to a Large Shelter countless times before, it was simply too difficult for independent players. They would require at least a month to gather the required manpower and resources. That time might be extended further depending on their progression on the quests involved.

Now, however, with the Chapter of Shelter, they could upgrade District Ones Shelter into a Large Shelter without going through all that trouble. They would then qualify to compete for dominance in the Dark Den.

Zero Wing was astonishing!

Shi Fengs generosity had engraved this notion on Blue Frost and everyone elses hearts.

The many Guild Forces in the Dark Den had spent a ridiculous amount of effort to upgrade a Medium Shelter to a Large Shelter. They had gathered all of the resources from the Shelters under their control and had spent significant time to do so. On the other hand, Shi Feng had completed a similar feat by casually revealing a Chapter of Shelter.

If the other Guild Forces discovered this, they would definitely be dumbfounded.

Lotus, begin the preparations. Were going to upgrade the Shelter, Blue Frost proclaimed, grinning at the Chapter of Shelter in Shi Fengs hand.

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