Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 645

Chapter 645 - Administrator

The Evil Ghost Domain was vast. It was roughly the one-fifth the size of Star-Moon Kingdom. There were also several Shelters within the Domain. Among these Shelters, some were under the control of large Guilds. However, not a single Shelter within the Evil Ghost Domain had been promoted to a Large Shelter until today. One could just imagine how difficult it was to promote a Medium Shelter to a Large Shelter.

When a Medium Shelter became a Large Shelter, its player capacity increased from 30,000 to 100,000. Not only would this increase the Shelters defensive capabilities, but the larger population would also improve collection speed of Soul Crystals by several times.

Most importantly, upon becoming a Large Shelter, a Shelter could have three Specialties, which was two more than a Medium Shelter. Moreover, these Specialties production volumes would increase significantly.

Originally, the 1-star Lions Bar only produced 20 bottles of Hundred Berry Wine per day. After becoming a Large Shelter, the Lions Bars production of 50 bottles a day doubled. In other words, the 2-star Lions Bar could produce 100 bottles of Hundred Berry Wine each day.

The Hundred Berry Wine was a rare tool that could increase a players compatibility rate with their weapons for a short time, allowing players to grasp the feeling and subtlety of improved compatibility rates. It was the best item for cultivating experts. The Hundred Berry Wine was far more effective than the Trial Tower of the Divine Colosseum.

Otherwise, with no Divine Colosseums inside the Dark Den, these players would stagnate and fall far behind players elsewhere.

Half an hour later, the Heavenly Crystal Pillar inside District Ones Shelter released a dazzling red light that shot into the sky. A faint red barrier then began to form around the Shelter. For a time, aside from Shi Feng and the others who were currently inside the Heavenly Crystal Pillar, every player was teleported out of the Shelter.

In the next moment, the Shelter began to expand. At the same time, new buildings began appearing, one after another.

A short while later, the Medium Shelters size had increased by tenfold.

When the Shelter stopped expanding, a system announcement reached out to every player inside the Evil Ghost Domain.

Evil Ghost Domain System Announcement: Congratulations to the Shelter of District One for becoming the first in the Evil Ghost Domain to become a Large Shelter. Rewarding 1,000 Soul Crystals to the Shelter. All players of District One will receive a two-day Protected buff that increases all Attributes by 10%. Production volume of the Shelters Specialties will be increased by 100% for seven days.

The system announcement excited District Ones stunned players.

Our District One is too amazing! We actually became a Large Shelter! We wont have to worry about getting Mounts once we reach Level 40! Everyone celebrated the new achievement.

Currently, the Shelters players were nearing Level 40. It wouldnt be long before they reached that milestone.

However, upgrading a Medium Shelter to a Large Shelter was not achievable in a short amount of time. If they wanted to obtain Mounts, they would have no choice but to travel to other Large Shelters and pay an exorbitant fee to purchase one. Moreover, they had to obtain permission from the ruling parties of said Shelters beforehand. Otherwise, they would not be able to purchase a Mount even if they could afford one.

Now, however, they no longer had to worry about such problems.

They could just buy a Mount at cost price from their own Shelter.


Meanwhile, the various other Shelters in the Evil Ghost Domain were stupefied.

Normally, to promote a Medium Shelter to a Large Shelter, one had to pool the majority of the resources available within a Domain and invest a lot of time. Although District One was one of the strongest Shelters in the Evil Ghost Domain and had annexed several competitors, it should still require a long time before becoming a Large Shelter.

Yet, after only a few days since District One began annexing other Shelters, it had successfully upgraded to a Large Shelter. It was simply inconceivable.

Contact the leader of District Ones First Party, Blue Frost, immediately! Tell him that our District Nine is willing to submit.

How did they manage this so quickly? Wouldnt it be more beneficial to join District One, rather than joining a Guild Force, now? We need to head to District One and discuss an alliance.

Shortly after the system announcement, the top ten parties of many Shelters discussed currying favor with District One.

When a Medium Shelter became a Large Shelter, it could hold 70,000 more players than before. It could easily fit the population of two or three Medium Shelters. If they could obtain a slot for themselves, they would not have to worry about obtaining Mounts in the future. They could also enjoy the various benefits only available in a Large Shelter.


Meanwhile, inside District Ones Heavenly Crystal Pillar, Blue Frost and the others were similarly surprised.

Although they had expected the Shelters promotion, they had never expected their hold over the Shelter to become more powerful.

All along, the Shelter belonged to all of its residents. Meanwhile, they, the Shelters top ten parties, only acted as managers; they were not the owners. The managers were determined through Contribution Shares. If another party possessed more Contribution Shares than they did, they would be replaced immediately. Normally, this rule held fast even after a Shelter was upgraded.

Only, after a Shelters promotion, the top ten ranking parties would receive a massive amount of Contribution Shares, making it more difficult for other parties to compete for the top ten positions. However, while it might be difficult for a Guild Force to take over a powerful Shelter by force, it was not entirely impossible.

However, after Shi Feng used the Chapter of Shelter, the management system had changed.

Shi Feng had become the Shelters Administrator.

An Administrator was far more powerful than the managers. Shi Feng could now arbitrarily delist players from District One, exiling them from the District and the benefits the Shelter offered. No other player possessed this authority.

Of course, this was useless against the Shelters top ten parties. Moreover, there was a limit to the number of players an Administrator could delist each day.

Even so, an Administrators authority was plenty frightening. Now, they had the ability to remove potential threats easily, preventing other Shelters from scheming against their Shelter.

More importantly, an Administrator had the authority to veto a decision.

For example, if the top ten parties wished to construct something, even if all ten parties agreed, the Administrator could voice their refusal, and the matter would end there.

Moreover, the position of Administrator was unrelated to Contribution Shares. In other words, even if someone else accumulated more Contribution Shares than the Administrator, they could not replace the Administrator. The only way to overthrow an Administrator and take over a Shelter was to assault the entire Shelter and destroy it.

However, it was not easy to assault a Large Shelter. In other words, currently, the Shelter of District One was under Zero Wings complete control. Outsiders could not steal it.

So the Chapter of Shelter has such a function as well.

Shi Feng also only learned this after using the Chapter of Shelter. However, with this, he would not have to worry about losing the Shelter to other Guilds. He could rule with an iron fist.

With that out of the way, he could invest more resources in District Ones Shelter, transforming it into an iron fortress.

Following which, Shi Feng left the Shelters management to Blue Frost. He then purchased all of the available bottles of Hundred Berry Wine from the Lions Bar and took the massive batch of Gemstones Blue Frost had prepared before returning to White River City.

As the Shelter had just upgraded to a Large Shelter, its Specialties production had improved. As a result of the 7-day bonus, the Lions Bar could produce up to 200 bottles of Hundred Berry Wine each day. However, as Blue Frost and the others had already purchased 50 bottles, there were only 150 bottles remaining. Even so, Shi Feng was satisfied with this amount.

Even one bottle of Hundred Berry Wine could tempt many experts, not to mention 210 bottles. With this many, he could raise the combat power of Zero Wings core members to a whole new level.

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