Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 649

Chapter 649 - The Number One Guilds Background

Shortly after Zero Wings main force entered the Trial Tower, both Overwhelming Smile and Heavens Burial simultaneously dispatched a large number of players to challenge the Trial Tower as well.

Due to the competition between these three Guilds, the originally quiet Divine Colosseum suddenly grew lively. Many players who had returned to the city to rest had quickly made their way to the Divine Colosseum, hoping to witness this competitions outcome and watch the exciting battle videos.

Compared to the battle videos of normal PvP battles, these battle videos were far more valuable as references. It was especially true for the battle videos after the fourth floor.

This was because the system would specifically display the fighting styles of the various classes, making the battle videos much more instructive. Normally, Guilds would not release such instructive battle videos to the public, keeping them for their own members.

Some experts would even earn money with their battle videos. Other players would have to pay these experts a fee to watch. Many players who wished to improve themselves usually went for this option. As for those who did not wish to spend money, they would come to the Divine Colosseum to observe the battle videos for free. However, that which one can obtain for free lacked value. One would not learn the truly powerful techniques from a free battle video. As a result, the gap between paying and non-paying players widen, little by little.

Meanwhile, the three great Guilds of White River City occupied themselves with their competition. Although the battle videos these Guilds publicized was limited to the fourth floor, it was enough to excite many players.

I wonder which Guild will obtain first place this time.

Im betting on Heavens Burial. Of the members of Heavens Burial I saw going in to challenge the Trial Tower a moment ago, a few were well-known experts of other virtual reality games.

Heavens Burial really is amazing. It has actually recruited so many experts. It wont be long before they try to claim the seat of White River Citys overlord.

Thats right. Now that Ghost Shadow Workshop has joined Heavens Burial, the Guilds strength has soared by leaps and bounds. Ghost Shadow himself still maintains the highest record in the Trial Tower.

Ghost Shadow indeed deserves to be called one of the virtual gaming worlds top-tier experts. Even now, no one else has reached the seventh floor. Moreover, he even reached the middle stage of the seventh floor. I heard that Star-Moon Citys best record stopped at the sixth floors middle stage.

This is simply madness. Im an elite member of the Assassins Alliance, but even until now, I am still stuck on the third floor. The fourth floor is still out of my reach. It really makes you wonder just how those experts manage to do it.

However, isnt Black Flame Star-Moon Kingdoms number one expert? Did Black Flame fail to reach the seventh floor?

Im not sure. However, Black Flames name isnt on the Trial List. Maybe he hasnt challenged the Trial Tower yet.

Hasnt challenged it yet? He must be afraid of embarrassing himself. If he fails to surpass Ghost Shadow, he will lose his title as Star-Moon Kingdoms number one expert.

Everyone grew excited as they examined the Trial Towers ranking list.

Normally, it was extremely difficult for ordinary players to meet experts like Ghost Shadow. They lived in two completely different worlds. Now, not only did they have the chance to see these experts in person, but they also got to watch these famous experts compete against the main force of White River Citys number one Guild, Zero Wing. How could they not be excited?

Just as everyone chatted about which Guild was stronger and which expert was more powerful, something changed on the Trial List.

Quick! Look! Someone just passed the fourth floor and reached the fifth! A perceptive player quickly discovered the change.

There were two ranking lists posted in the Divine Colosseum. One was the Tournament List, which catered towards PvP battles, while the other was the Trial List. Trial List held the names of the players who managed to clear each floor and the name of the Guild they belonged to. However, only the top 300 players on each floor would be displayed. For those who cleared the same floor, they would be ranked based on their clear time. However, the clear time held no particular meaning, as everyone only paid attention to the players on the highest floors. Nobody would care about how fast a person could clear the first three floors.

Meanwhile, as there had yet to be a total of 300 players in White River City who had reached the fifth floor, it was very easy for players to notice a change to the number of players currently on the fifth floor and identify the person responsible for the change.

War Wolf? Who is that? Why havent I heard of him before? Really though, his clear time sure is short. His clear time for the fourth floor is only longer than Ghost Shadows.

I never thought that Overwhelming Smile would have such a powerful expert. If he has cleared the fourth floor so quickly, he should be able to reach the sixth floor.

Suddenly, the crowd fell into a heated discussion.

In White River City, the players who could reach the sixth floor were as rare as a phoenixs feather. There were less than twenty as of this moment. Moreover, these experts were members of the three great Guilds. Meanwhile, there was only one person who had managed to reach the seventh floor, and that was the famous Ghost Shadow.

Sixth floor? Feng Xuanyang was filled with disdain when he heard the players chattering downstairs. What does the sixth floor amount to? The number one spot on the Trial List will belong to Overwhelming Smile.

A moment later, War Wolf cleared the fifth floor, his name entering the sixth floors list.

The sixth floors list housed very few people, so a new addition was bound to attract attention. At the same time, five more players passed through the fourth floor. Among them, two were members of Heavens Burial, two were Overwhelming Smiles members, and the last person was Zero Wings Blackie, who had once ranked number one on White River Citys Ranking List.

It seems Zero Wing really is crap. Three more experts from Overwhelming Smile have reached the fifth floor, and one has even reached the sixth. As for Heavens Burial, two of their players have passed through the fourth floor as well. On the other hand, despite sending so many people in, only one person from Zero Wing has managed to reach the fifth floor. It seems that Zero Wing is no match for the two other Guilds when it comes to nurturing experts.

Everyone made their own judgments upon seeing the obvious differences between the three Guilds.

Hahaha! Black Flame, do you see now? This is the difference between our Guilds! No matter how amazing you are, do you think a Guild with the support of only one person can surpass a real, large Guild? Feng Xuanyang celebrated as he looked towards the room Shi Feng resided in.

Time slowly passed.

Suddenly, something inconceivable happened.

The seventh floors list, which originally only had one, lonely name on it, suddenly had two.

Who is War Wolf?! He has actually passed through the sixth floor and entered the seventh floor!

This is madness. It would be awesome if he released his battle video.

The main hall suddenly exploded with activity.

To the majority of current players, the seventh floor was a legend. It was a floor they could never reach.

Meanwhile, sitting in one of the rooms on the second floor, Ghost Shadow frowned when he saw this change.

So, theres still such an expert in White River City. A hint of excitement flashed in Ghost Shadows eyes.

It was very lonely being an expert of his caliber. It was extremely difficult to find someone to compete with.

Throughout White River City, there were only two experts who he was interested in. The first was Black Flame, while the second was Flame Blood. Now, one more had caught his interestWar Wolf.

However, while everyone committed War Wolfs name to memory, another name suddenly joined his on the seventh floors list.

Fire Dance!

Everyone knew this name, the Commander of Zero Wings main force. Many of Overwhelming Smiles experts had died at her hands. She had even fought valiantly in the great war with the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, making a name for herself.

Nobody would have thought that she would once more appear in the limelight.

Sure enough, Zero Wing will not be replaced so easily. Ghost Shadow could not help his elation when he saw another person reach the seventh floor.

How is this possible? Feng Xuanyang stared at the name on the seventh floors list in disbelief.

Fire Dance, Assassin, Affiliated Guild: Zero Wing.

No matter how he looked at it, the name belonged to Fire Dance of Zero Wing.

However, a short moment later, another new name appeared on the seventh floors list.

Violet Cloud, Cleric, Affiliated Guild: Zero Wing.

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